4.22 Slot Machine Java Code

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Hi there, as one of my first programs in java, I thought I will do a simple (!) lottery program..needless to say it doesn't compile, and after looking at it for quite awhile trying to unsuccessfully spot the error (I am not sure how to debug in netbeans, any advice on that very welcome too of course) I thought that it is time for some help. here's the program (compiled with netbeans):

  1. Slot Machine Simulation Java Program
  2. Slot Machine Java Program
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  4. Slot Machine Simulation Java

SO the idea behind this is that the computer generates 6 random number in the range of 1 to 49, and store them in an array, the user inputs his own 6 guesses, stores them into an array, then each entry is compared to what the computer has stored and for each right guess the counter is incremented by 1. If the counter is 6 then you win, if not you lose.
Now, netbeans is giving me some strange errors and warnings:
1) with this import java.util.Scanner; it says thatthis doesn't correspond to the specified code style..?!
2)here int randomNums = new Random().next(49) + 1; it tells me that next(Int) has protected access, whatever that means;
3) at the else level it says: 'else' without 'if'..ehm?!
4) at counter+=1;it says variable counter might not have been initialised
5) the last } says 'class, inteface or enum expected'

Any idea what I have done wrong? Typical slot machine odds. Please take in consideration that as I said I am very new to Java

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Javascript slot machine

Initially we create an object for each slot of the slot machine. We pass different values for the max-speed and speed-stepper to the constructor. Var a = new Slot ( '#slot1', 30, 1 ), b = new Slot ( '#slot2', 45, 2 ), c = new Slot ( '#slot3', 70, 3 ). Casinos are a shady business, but I'm even more suspicious of a slot machine that offers me a random prize without displaying the result of the spin. Infrastructure I don't recommend developing a habit of relying on non-standard libraries that don't do very much. I have been given a piece of coursework to do using random numbers. I have decided to do a slot machine for it. I am having trouble and would like help so that the result either adds 2 pound on to there money if they win or takes one off if they lose.

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I found these compilation problems

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Slot Machine Simulation Java Program

There is no problem.
The first value being printed is the user entered value from key board ( which is the the input from user to program).
The second value is from printed from code/program .

Have a look at lines 35 to 37

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Slot Machine Java Program

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Slot Machine Source Code

Slot machine programming code

Slot Machine Simulation Java

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