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Live dealer games let you play your favorite casino table games from the convenience of your home, but in real-time with a real dealer. Live dealer games come in the same types of table games that brick-and-mortar and online casinos traditionally offer. Though not every table game is available in the live format, the most popular are. Natural8 brings you only the best online casino and live dealer games. Available on both desktop and mobile platforms, you can now play Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo and so much more anytime anywhere! Preparation to work at a Online Casino. Math for Table Games Dealers. Online Casino Dealer School 2020. Preparation to work at a Online Casino. Math for Table Games Dealers. Online Casino Dealer School 2020.

Published Friday, Oct. 16, 2020, 9:29 am

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At first glance, a live casino game with online casino dealers does not differ much from the typical online casino games that you are used to playing. Regarding the player, they manage most of the functions through the user interface that includes the chips or credits with which to bet the graphic design of the table games and the buttons to place bets and perform other actions of the game in question.

However, there is one area of ​​the screen that differentiates authentic online casino dealer games from regular online casino games. In that section of the screen, the player will be able to see an actual human being operating the elements of the game live, just as an online casino dealer would in a physical casino.

If you are playing roulette, the online casino dealer will spin the wheel. Whether at blackjack, point and bank or poker, he will deal the cards to you. The dealer will also take note of the actions you request and will act accordingly and live.

In these games, the online casino dealer will actually be in a virtual casino-owned setting, or sometimes a real land-based casino. In any case, keep in mind that both the table and the people and the elements of the game that they will use to decide the results of each bet are all real.

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We should bear it in mind that live casino games are relatively new and, therefore, there are virtual casinos that still do not include them in their repertoire. In Spain, for example, the 2011 online gambling law greatly limited the number of casinos that could operate in our country, and today there are not many licensed operators that offer live games.

If the virtual casino of your choice has online casino dealers, they will make it known prominently on their internet home page, as this is a rare feature that attracts the attention of many players.

The number and variety of games available that have the live version are also more limited. The most common are live casino roulette and online blackjack with online casino dealers. There are live casinos that also offer point and bank games and the Chinese game called sic bo. Let’s take a quick look at the most popular live dealer online games.

How the live casino dealer works?

Working as a live casino dealer is similar to the job of a croupier in a brick-and-mortar casino. /sands-casino-online-gambling.html. However, there are a few big differences. First of all, you don’t have to deal with money and you don’t have to make any calculations. If you are bad at math, you can still work as a live casino dealer. The computer calculates all winnings automatically.

In addition, as a dealer you cannot see the players, but they can see you. You are in a studio and the games you accompany are broadcast via the webcam. The players can communicate with you through the chat and you answer via a microphone. You work at a table and two large screens hang in front of you; one where you can read the chat messages and another where you see the names of the players.

Finally, you must have knowledge of the games you are guiding and follow strict procedures. This is important not only to show the players that the game is played fairly, but also because, in order to maintain a license, the games have to proceed in a certain way.

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Advantages of online casino dealer games

Playing in one of the best online casinos with online casino dealers and for real money games has many incentives for the bettor. In this section we are going to analyze some of these advantages that players take into account when deciding on a live casino instead of a traditional one or even an online casino that does not have authentic dealers.

On the one hand, there are many players who, although they like the convenience offered by a virtual casino, do not end up trusting the methods used by these sites. And, although Random Number Generators (RNGs) guarantee the honesty and reliability of the game, many are left with the feeling that their losing streak is “not normal”, and they prefer that it be a flesh and blood dealer who distributes luck. .

In addition, and although it is rare, with online casino dealers there is a minimal possibility that they will incur some “human error” that can give a small advantage to the player, which will not happen with RNGs.

For example, in Spain the Pelayo family were famous for detecting error patterns in the roulette wheels of land-based casinos. Since live dealer roulette casinos also use authentic roulette tables and roulette wheels, such an error could occur. Unlikely, yes, but tempting.

The biggest advantage of a live casino, however, is the possibility it has to offer the comforts of a virtual casino with the social component of a physical casino. In almost all games with online casino dealers, the player will be able to interact with them, ask them questions and even have a little chat if they prefer.

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Although the degree of socialization allowed will vary from casino to casino, any type of contact with another person in real time is almost impossible if you play against software such as that used by normal online casinos. If you like the atmosphere of a real casino, but you don’t feel like it or you don’t have the possibility to move from home, virtual casinos with online casino dealers are your best option.

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About Online Casino Dealer

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About Online Casino Dealer

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