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Bally Serial Number Information: A Bally Serial number identifies the year the Bally Walk-In was manufactured. This information is useful in determining correct model parts, as many parts have evolved in design over the years. The Serial number is required to determine warranty coverage. BALLY SLOT MACHINES. The oldest slot manufacturing company in the world, Bally was founded in 1932 by Raymond T. It was created as the manufacturing arm of parent company Lions Manufacturing Corporation to develop a small, but highly profitable pinball game called the 'Ballyhoo.'

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Bally Model & Serial Numbers

Bally Model & Serial Number Identification
Bally maintains a history file on all Walk-Ins it sends to the field. These files date back into the 1960's. This information will need to be provided to Bally anytime you require assistance relating to a specific installation. The location of the ID Tag is on the inside door-frame, next to the vapor-proof light fixture. With these numbers, we can accurately identify your particular Walk-In.

1. Bally Serial Number Information

A Bally Serial number identifies the year the Bally Walk-In was manufactured. This information is useful in determining correct model parts, as many parts have evolved in design over the years. The Serial number is required to determine warranty coverage. If you ever need assistance, your Serial number allows the Bally Representative to quickly find information. Serial numbers also help you quickly identify a correct part out of our Parts Manual.

Serial #'s 30000 to 90000 Manufactured: prior to 1970
Letters A - R Manufactured: 1970 - 1984
DX 84 - 90 Manufactured: 1984 - 1990
100000 - 1200000 Manufactured: 1991 - present

2. Bally Model Number Information

A Bally Model number identifies the size and model information related to doors and refrigeration systems. If you ever need assistance, your Model number allows the Bally Representative to quickly find information.

Hinged Door Model Numbers
Manual Slide Door Model Numbers
Electric Sliding Doors

3. Refrigeration Model Numbers

Bally has made several design changes in their refrigeration systems, and each one carries its own unique Model number.

Evaporator Coils
Condensing Units

In 1965, the chief of Chicago's Lion Manufacturing Co. flew to the Bahamas to wrap up a deal supplying slot machines for a new casino.

The trip was significant for two reasons. It showed the increasing reach of Lion, which would grow into Bally Manufacturing Corp. and become the dominant player in the slot machine and health club businesses.

It also highlighted the seamy side of being in the slot business. Bally's CEO, William T. O'Donnell, traveled with the manager of a casino owned by notorious gangster Meyer Lansky. The manager became O'Donnell's Bahamian distributor and was soon banned from the casino business there because of his ties to Lansky, according to public records.

Four decades later, law enforcement agencies are once again interested in Bally, more specifically Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp., the successor of the former conglomerate.


In February, federal prosecutors told the company to preserve its accounting records as part of a criminal investigation.

It's unclear what authorities are looking into, or whether Bally is a target of the investigation. But the request came shortly after Bally accused its former CEO and chief financial officer of fiscal misconduct. Bally is also in the process of restating its earnings from 2000 through 2004.

For a company with a colorful history, replete with mobsters, celebrities and questionable business decisions, the spotlight is nothing new for Bally.

The company's roots stretch back to the Great Depression, when Chicago entrepreneur Ray Moloney started Lion Manufacturing and began making a penny-a-play pinball machine called the Ballyhoo. The company diversified into sewing machines and ballpoint pens before Moloney died in 1958.

The business disintegrated over the next few years until the administrators of Moloney's estate decided to sell the company.

A group of investors, led by Bally employee O'Donnell, bought the company for $1.2 million in 1963. Allegations about the investors and the source of their money would dog the company for decades.


The new owners took advantage of a new Illinois law allowing the manufacture of slot machines. With an electronic design that foiled cheaters, the company was able to dominate Las Vegas in short order, supplying all but 10 percent of the slots used in America's gambling capital.

Lion became Bally Manufacturing Corp. in 1969, according to company history, and for the first time offered its shares to the public.

'The 1960s was a Bally world,' said Christian Marfels, an economics professor at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, who wrote a book on the company. 'They were the dominant firm.'

During the following decade the company expanded into Germany and bought Midway Manufacturing, the maker of arcade games like Galaga and Pac-Man.

And in 1978, the company moved toward casino ownership following the legalization of gambling in New Jersey.

At hearings on the company's proposed Atlantic City casino, state investigators alleged that the original investors group headed by O'Donnell was tainted by links to the mob.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission found that one of the investors was New York-area organized-crime figure Gerardo Catena. Nevada gambling regulators had called him a 'notorious and unsavory' character.

Another was Sam Klein, a Cleveland businessman identified by casino regulators as an acquaintance of Catena's.

In a recent interview, the 91-year-old Klein disputed any connections to mob figures. But he did acknowledge that he arranged for Bally to receive a loan with the help of the late Jackie Presser, former president of the Teamsters and a powerful Ohio labor leader.

'The Presser family and the Klein family grew up together in Cleveland,' Klein said. 'The Presser family said they'd loan to Bally if Sam Klein signed for it.'

Regulators also found that O'Donnell had participated in a scheme to bribe Kentucky lawmakers who were debating a gambling bill.

Notable Chicagoans, including then-Loyola University Chancellor John Reinke, testified on O'Donnell's behalf. But regulators ruled Bally could open a New Jersey casino only if O'Donnell cut his ties to the company.

'That was pretty much the end of him at Bally,' said Anton Valukas, who represented O'Donnell and went on to become the U.S. attorney for Chicago. 'He was really the person who put Bally on the map.'

O'Donnell left and the casino opened in 1979, with baseball legend Willie Mays working as a greeter and public relations man.

Robert Mullane, the new CEO, further diversified the company with a foray into amusement parks when he bought the Six Flags chain. His other acquisitions included a yachting company and Health and Tennis Corp. of America, a fitness club operator that he bought in 1983.

Few of those moves paid off.

Little luck with video poker

Meanwhile, Bally passed on a chance to begin making video-driven gambling machines.

The first video poker machine was developed by Si Redd, a Bally distributor. When Bally refused to market the machine, Redd cut his ties to the company. When he left, Redd negotiated a non-compete clause that kept Bally out of video technology for seven years.

Redd then formed International Game Technology, which quickly became an industry colossus as Bally sat on the sidelines.

'Bally's didn't know what they were doing,' said Bill Thompson, a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who studies gambling.

'They told [Redd] it was a low priority, that they were going into health and fitness. They got away from the knitting, and their slot machines went down the tubes,' Thompson said.

By 1990, the company was defaulting on loans and struggling to turn profits at its casinos. Ripe for a takeover, Bally drew the attention of Arthur Goldberg, a mercurial New Jersey lawyer and businessman who mounted a successful takeover bid.

'Arthur was an entrepreneur,' said Harold Morgan, the company's chief administrative officer. 'He was very tough, very street savvy. He'd get mad at you, but the next day he'd call you up and keep moving along.'

Goldberg ousted Mullane and started trimming Bally's portfolio. He first spun off the game manufacturing division, and in 1996 sold the casino operation to Hilton Hotels Corp. Of the company built by O'Donnell, who died in 1995, only the health clubs remained.

Before Goldberg's death in 2000, the casino operation endured a scandal worthy of the old Bally. The company had hired the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives as a $250,000 consultant while Bally lobbyists were pushing for legalized gambling in the state. Bally received a slap on the wrist from casino regulators, according to public records.

Likewise, the gaming company received a black eye when a federal grand jury indicted a former top official, who eventually pleaded guilty to a felony charge.

Health clubs struggle

Meanwhile, Bally health clubs, headquartered in a nondescript corporate park near O'Hare International Airport, had fallen on hard times.

Bally Manufacturing Corp Slot Machine Key Replacement

Under Lee Hillman, a former Ernst & Young accountant who had assumed control of the company in 1996, Bally sunk deeper into debt as its focus drifted from its core business, midlevel health clubs.

As the company struggled with flat membership numbers, it launched plans to expand in Europe and invested in an online shopping business that eventually failed.

Hillman departed in 2002, replaced by Paul Toback, the former chief operating officer.

Toback began a review of the company's accounting that eventually led Bally to acknowledge that profits reported during much of Hillman's tenure as CEO were, in fact, losses.

Firm may change regimen

The company is also reviewing its operations with an eye toward building on holdings in such key markets as New York, Houston and Chicago, and paring others.

'There are one or two or three brands we could get out of,' said Toback. There has been speculation that Bally will try to unload its Crunch subsidiary, which operates upscale gyms.

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Bally Slot Machines For Sale

Toback is aiming for what he calls 'a total transformation of the company.' For some, the change is not coming fast enough.

Emanuel Pearlman, a former Bally consultant who runs a Los Angeles investment management firm that counts Hillman as a limited partner, has been agitating for a new approach.

He wants the company to split the chairman and CEO roles, sell some assets and explore new sources of capital.

Pearlman, who controls 9 percent of Bally through Liberation Investment Group, expects to run a slate of new directors at the company's annual meeting unless the situation changes significantly before then.

'If they can't maximize shareholder value, then I think we need to see if other people can,' he said.


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