Barbados Casino Slot Machines

If, while you are in the area for a certain period of time, you would like to visit some Barbados casinos, then allow us to give you a list of the venues that you could go to. There are only two locations where you can indulge in gambling across the whole of Barbados, but since it is such a small area that really is quite enough. You can explore both of these facilities at your will as they are not too far from one another, so you might wish to add both of them to your itinerary when you are thinking about how to spend your time – especially since they have such different characters from one another.

  1. Barbados Casino Slot Machines Jackpot

In Barbados, you can open halls with slot machines, bet on sports and even visit virtual casinos. But there is one limitation: board games are prohibited (not in online casinos). Thanks to this policy and the absence of taxation, the gambling industry in Barbados has reached a new level.

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The Garrison Savannah is the first of the Barbados casinos that you could visit, though in all accuracy it is actually a racino. Located in the area of St Michael, this is a six furlong horse track with plenty of opportunities for betting on races, and it is run by the Barbados Turf Club. Racing in the area dates back to 1845, so there is plenty of history in this race track and this is something that you can also explore while you are there. The seasons run from January to April, then from May to August, and finally from October to December, meaning that you can come here just about all year round, and the most important event of the year is the Sandy Lane Gold Cup on the first Saturday in March. You will also find events such as The 5000 in February, the Bank Guineas in March, the United Barbados Derby in August, and the Heineken Stakes on Boxing Day. This is certainly a great place to have fun no matter when you visit, so be sure to look it up while you are here.

The second destination on your list is the D’Fast Lime in Christchurch, which certainly fulfils the need for a real casino in this area. Set up mostly for the attraction of tourists, it works its magic in that area with a selection of twenty five different slot machines and video poker machines for you to choose from, with the venue open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. You will certainly be able to entertain yourself here as well, and you are sure to find live entertainment, dining opportunities, and nightlife very close at hand while you are playing.

Barbados Casino Slot Machines Jackpot

If neither of the two Barbados casinos really seem to take your fancy, then it does not mean that you will have to go without for the whole time that you are here. You will instead be able to take part in some gambling over the internet, through the online casinos which offer all kinds of games whenever you want to play them. There are no limits here and no closing times either, and the best part is that you do not even have to leave your hotel room to visit them.