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Know your limits and play within your budget. Not setting a gambling budget is perhaps one of the. Stick to machines with small jackpots and fixed payouts. The bigger the jackpot a slot machine. Person playing slot machine jackpot. The first tip that will help you to increase your chances of hitting a jackpot is to time the machines.

  • Plus the vending machines are across the room so you don't waste time running back and forth. I've been at moxxis and had 40 guns and items piled up out side the door! #16 DougeeFresh5454, Sep 26, 2012.
  • So with word circulating of a Borderlands 3 slot machinecheat, it’s only natural that you’d want to learn whether it truly is possible to tip the odds in your favour and glitch the payouts.
  • Michael Friberg John Kane was on a hell of a winning streak. On July 3, 2009, he walked alone into the high-limit room at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat down at a video poker machine.

Oct 10, 2012 A number of years ago a software glitch in some WMS slot machine products that allowed players to cheat the machines created huge waves in the gaming industry. And via a probable glitch, the machine calculates IN-OUT with that game, and pays out. Took me 4 euros last time, to make 300 euros in half an hour. Multi Game Amatic, old series (bad graphics) game called: Bingo Star you need only to play it and NOT to collect the winnings, but to use High/Low gamble chance to collect 4 7's (highest.

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Slot machine
Used forSlots
Base ID000cd348 (black)
000cd349 (red)
000da11a (green)
000d7e47 (blue)
000cd80e (yellow)
00120423 (broken)
00120424 (broken)
0010c948 (Ultra-Luxe)
00162ca1 (5 tables)
00162ca2 (3 tables)
00162ca3 (3 tables)
00162ca4 (4 tables)
00162ca5 (4 tables)
00162ca6 (4 tables)

A slot machine or simply slots is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. Slot machines are also known as one-armed bandits because they were originally operated by a lever on the side of the machine (the one arm) instead of a button on the front panel, and because of their ability to leave the gamer penniless. They appear in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas its add-onDead Money, the Fallout 4add-onVault-Tec Workshop, and Fallout 76 in Vault 51.

Mills castle front slot machine. Castle Front Description Castle Front was produced by Mills Novelty Co. Mills Novelty Co. Released 671 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1896.

  • 1Betting


Bets can range from 1 - 200 chips. Chips must be purchased from the casino cashier being frequented.Note that if you are having trouble finding the cashier look for a person behind a barred counter.


Payouts are calculated by the bet amount and the payout multiplier.

SymbolPayout Multiplier
Bet x 2
Bet x 5
Bet x 10
Bet x 10
Bet x 20
Bet x 30
Bet x 40
Bet x 60
Bet x 100
Hidden/No-Win Symbol

Players should be aware that there is an additional no-win symbol on the reels that is not mentioned by the game. Players not familiar with slot machines may wonder why the symbols do not always line up. This is due to the fact that the divider 'line' in between the mentioned symbols is also a symbol. If one of the 'lines' falls in between the indicator arrows on the slot machine then the only way for a player to win any money is with Cherry symbols.


Slots can only be played at the following locations:

  • Sierra Madre CasinoDead Money


  • Pre patch slots could be the most lucrative method of gambling at the casinos. Winning a large payout could allow you to greatly exceed the limit at which the casinos will ban you from further play. The max bet of 200 caps with a 3x Orange spin would pay out 32,000 caps, several multiples greater than the banning limit at most casinos.
  • As of the version patch, slots payout about the same as roulette when betting 200 caps inside on a single number. The max bet of 75 caps with a 3x Orange spin will pay out 7,500 caps.
  • Normally, as you reach certain thresholds of net winnings in a casino, you will be stopped by the Floor Manager and offered increasing rewards followed by an eventual ban. Winning a large payout, however, may cause you to skip certain rewards, or even be immediately banned. This may prevent you from receiving the High Roller's suite in The Tops.
  • Reloading a save game while in a casino causes a 60-second cool-down on all the gambling stations, preventing their use. The slot machine displays the message 'The machine appears to be taking a minute to reset itself as an anti-cheating measure. Time remaining XX' (XX being the amount of time remaining, starts at 60). This is to discourage players from saving after every win and loading after any loss in order to ensure a monetary gain. On the 360, this cool-down period can be avoided by resetting the clock on the 360 to earlier than when the game was actually saved (will not work if connected to Xbox Live, because this automatically corrects the 360's internal clock).
  • Ultra-Luxe has no slot machines. They are likely considered too noisy and garish for the society's premises.
    • There is a seemingly unused slot machine model in the GECK called 'ULTRASlotMachine05', implying that it might have originally been planned for the Ultra-Luxe to have slot machines. See below for a render of the Ultra-Luxe slot machine.
  • Even though the in-game tip only states that Luck 'slightly' influences the outcome of gambles, it seems that its influence on slots is almost decisive. It will usually only take a dozen spins for a character with 10 Luck to hit a jackpot in any casino.

Behind the scenes

  • James Garcia created the 3D model.[1]


  • Sometimes the game will glitch and won't pay you when it has landed on three oranges. It also might pay you for landing on two and a No-Win symbol close to the other orange.
  • Sometimes when attempting to play slots, an error with occur preventing you from playing. When selecting the slot machine, a Pip-Boy face will give an error stating 'Invalid Chip in CasinoData List!'


  • Blue diamonds variant

  • Green sevens variant

  • Red diamonds variant

  • Yellow sevens variant

  • Sierra Madre slot machine

  • Ultra-Luxe slot machine Cut content


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In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, there are playable slot machines in the Celadon Game Corner. The rules are apparently simple: The player needs to line up the same symbols on horizontal or diagonal lines (the set of available lines depends on the number of coins betted), and the player can stop the reels, one at a time, using the A button. In reality, the game may cause the reels to 'slip' after the A button press either to hinder or to help the player, and the rules for doing so are actually complicated, with many oddities that may or may not be glitches. (Together with the separate building for prize claims, this is comparable to how real life Japanese pachi-slots are played.)
Thanks to the disassembly, the actual behaviors of the slot machines in Generation I are completely understood, although at some places it may still be unclear whether they match the intended behaviors.


For each individual spin, the slot machine can be in one of three modes:Mode bad, which guarantees that the player cannot get any match in the available lines.Mode good, which allows the player to get matches of symbols other than sevens or bars.Mode super, which allows and actively helps the player to get matches of sevens and bars. Mode super is the only mode of the three that will persist between spins. It will only end when the player wins a reward of 100 coins (bars) or 300 coins (sevens), and in the latter case only with a probability of 50% (i.e. it still have a 50% chance to persist).In general, for each spin, the mode is set to mode good or mode super with probability 45/256 (~17.6%), with the probability of mode super further depending on which slot machine the player is playing on (see below). It is set to mode bad with probability 210/256 (~82.0%). There is also a chance of 1/256 (~0.4%) to enter a lucky streak which allows the player to play on mode good (but never mode super) for all the spins after this one, until the player wins 60 times.The function to set the mode, called before each spin

The lucky slot machine

Whenever the player enters the Game Corner, a random number between 0 ~ 31 is generated, and if it is 0, it has a 7/8 chance of becoming 1.More precisely, a random number between 0 ~ 255 is generated, it becomes 8 if it is less than 7, then it is divided by 8, discarding the remainder. See the function to generate the index of the lucky slot machine in the disassembly. Then, whenever the player plays on a slot machine, the number is compared with the index of that slot machine (0 ~ 35) plus one. If it matches, the chance of playing in mode super is set to 5/256 (~2.0%), and otherwise it is set to 2/256 (~0.8%).The function to set the chance of mode super
Effectively, this means that every time the player enters the game corner, there is usually a 'lucky slot machine' among the machines with index 0 ~ 30. The lucky slot machine is most likely (15/256, ~5.9%) to be the one with index 0 (the rightmost, bottommost one), and cannot be the ones with index 31 ~ 35 (the bottom five in the leftmost column). The other ones all have a probability of 1/32 (~3.1%) to be lucky, including the ones occupied by an NPC, or otherwise unplayable ('Out of order', 'Out to lunch', or 'Someone's keys'). Finally, there is a tiny chance (1/256, ~0.4%) that the lucky slot machine is the nonexistent slot machine -1.

Reel stopping

The mode of the slot machine comes into play when the player presses the A button to stop a reel, as the reel may 'slip' after the A press depending on its position. The exact logic for stopping the reel also depends on which reel the player is stopping. Internally, the first two reels are programmed to slip 4 times unless a condition is met earlier, while the third reel can either slip up to 4 times to help the player get a match, or slip any number of times to prevent a match.

First reel

In mode bad or mode good, the condition for the first reel to stop early is that the middle symbol is not a cherry. Since there are no two consecutive cherry symbols (in fact, there are no consecutive same symbols on any reel), that means the first reel will slip at most once.
In mode super, the condition for the first reel to stop early is that any of the three symbols showing is a symbol with an internal value less than that of the seven symbol. Since the seven symbol has the lowest internal value of all symbols, this condition is in fact never satisfied, and the first reel will always slip by 4 positions.

Bd3 Slot Machines Glitch Games

The condition for the first reel to stop early

Second reel

Bd3 Slot Machines Glitch Games

In mode bad or mode good, the condition for the second reel to stop early is that there must be a 'potential match' on the first two reels, i.e. two of the same symbols that may form a line if the third reel stops in a good position. The player's bet is not considered; for example, a diagonal potential match counts even if the player only betted 1 or 2 coins.
In mode super, the condition for the second reel to stop early is that the potential match found is of either sevens or bars, or that there is no potential match and the bottom symbol on the second reel is seven or bar.The condition for the second reel to stop early

Third reel

In mode bad or mode good, the third reel will always slip to prevent a disallowed match, i.e. any match in mode bad, or a match of sevens or bars in mode good. There is no upper limit for the distance the reel has to advance this way; as an extreme example, hacking the game so that the reels contain all sevens will likely cause the game to softlock.The piece of code run after finding a match
In addition, in mode good or mode super, the reel will slip up to 4 times if no match is found. This is not counting the number of slips done to skip disallowed seven or bar matches in mode good, so the total number of slips may exceed 4.The piece of code run after not finding a match
Notice that, due to the design of the reels, there can never be more than one match at any time.


On the spin where the player enters the lucky streak, the actual mode stays as it is on the previous spin, which can be either mode bad or mode good (the mode is initialized to mode bad at the beginning of a sessionAll the memory addresses from $CD3D (wStoppingWhichSlotMachineWheel) to $CD50 (wSlotMachineBet) are zeroed, which included the mode flag at $CD4C.). If the mode happens to be mode good and the player wins, it will still count towards the 60 wins to end the lucky streak. There is a line of code to immediately end the lucky streak if the player wins a reward of 300 coins, but this seems to be impossible, because the lucky streak is mutually exclusive with mode super, and mode good doesn't allow matches of sevens. The probability distribution of the lucky slot machine is weird in multiple aspects. The fact that one machine is more likely to be lucky and some others have no chance might be intended, but the fact that it can be the nonexistent slot machine -1 seems certainly an off-by-one error. The fact that the first reel's early stop condition in mode super is never satisfied is most likely a bug. Presumably, the intention is that the reel should stop if a seven symbol is showing, but the developers mistakenly wrote jr c instead of jr z. The second reel's early stop condition in mode super is weird in two aspects. The 'bottom symbol on the second reel' condition seems like an accidental use of leftover variable, although it may also be intended since there are two instructions specifically making it the bottom symbol
These two dec de instructions make de point to the bottom symbol of the second reel instead of the top symbol, and they seem to serve no other purpose.. The 'sevens or bars' check is only for the first potential match found, in the order of 'bottom-bottom, bottom-middle, middle-middle, top-middle, top-top' (i.e. from bottom to top), which means a potential match of bars may be rerolled if it appears above a potential match of another symbol.

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