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Online Slots in Illinois

The Illinois gambling expansion bill will place slot terminals all throughout the state but unfortunately will not allow online slots for the time being.

Online slots are one of the most popular virtual casino games, largely thanks to their ease of use.

To play, you simply have to select the number of “paylines,” or number of combinations that pay out if they hit, which will determine how much each bet costs. Each payline will cost a certain additional amount based on the game, or you can simply press “bet max” to select all of the available paylines.

That’s it. Pull the lever or press the button and try your luck. Some slot terminals will award free plays or bonus rounds and others have their own unique features.

Some platforms even offer progressive slots, which combine multiple slot terminals into one large jackpot that can grow to the millions of dollars.

How to Play Slot Machines Online

Unfortunately Illinois lawmakers neglected to approve online casino games like slots in their massive bill. It may be some time before casinos are permitted to launch their games online though some “social” casinos have already found a workaround that lets you play slots online for real money.

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These sweepstakes-based casinos do not let you bet real money. Instead, you can buy fake coins and the site will “gift” you cash-equivalent play money you can use to play dozens of slot titles, blackjack, or video poker. You can then redeem that play money for real money when you cash out. Old school slot machine sounds. This legal loophole allows you to get your slot fix without running afoul of any laws.

Social casinos tend to have a small game selection so real slot enthusiasts will likely have to wait for the state to let physical casinos set up online platforms. With six new casinos on their way and online sports betting already approved, it appears that full-scale online gambling legalization is inevitable in Illinois. With online-only operators barred from being licensed until late 2020 or early 2021, lawmakers may use the approval to open the floodgates on online casino games.

Slots draw millions of players every day. They are wildly popular both off and online. Here are the top six reasons why.

Best Illinois Slot Machines To Play Slot Machines

1. Anybody can play

Slot machines are also easy to learn. With games like blackjack and poker, you need time to learn, practice, and perfect your strategy, Slot games, on the other hand, don’t need any of that. There is no strategy to learn, and it is easy to jump right into.

2. Lots of choices

While you may get bored of the same few table games, you won’t get bored of slots. Each slot game has its own unique gameplay experience, with different themes, bonuses, and prizes. Not only are there hundreds of existing slot games, but new ones are constantly being made, all exploring new styles and quirks. When it comes to slots, there is something for everybody.

Best Illinois Slot Machines To Play

3. No competition

While playing slots, the only person you have to worry about is yourself. There are no other players to mess you up, and your mistakes won’t affect anyone else, whether positively or negatively. To make things even sweeter, there are slot games that can be played with multiple people, but ultimately you have control who you play with and whether you play alone or with other people.

4. Jackpot!

With table games, you get out what you put in; the more money you bet, the more money you have the potential to win. There are no big jackpots. On slots, even a small bet might hit a jackpot. Even if the huge mega payouts are extremely rare, there are still many opportunities to win smaller jackpots with just one spin.


5. Slots are fun

Illinois Slot Machines Locations

The bottom line is slots are fun. It’s a fun game that anyone can easily pick up with just a few cents, without needing extensive knowledge on strategy. With all the options out there, you can find your favorite theme and gameplay.