Borderlands 3 Slot Machine Skins

Trinkets are cosmetic items introduced in Borderlands 3 that are applied to weapons. They appear as keychains which hang off a weapon, and are earned through completion of quests, challenges, or any suitable loot source, with some available only through cosmetic DLC packs or seasonal events. What do the 3 hearts equals a red gun mean for the slot machine on sanctuary lll? It could mean weapon skin.

Learn all about the vending machines in Borderlands 3 here. This includes the different types, what they sell, locations, currency, and more!

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What are Vending Machines?

Borderlands 3 Slot Machine Skins

Buy & Sell Items from Vending Machines

Vending Machines act as shops or traders in Borderlands 3 where you can sell and purchase items. You can find them in multiple locations in the game.

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Sells Different Item Types

Each Vending Machine sells particular products types. For example, you can only buy healing items from Medical Vending Machines and ammo from Ammunitions Vending Machines.

Requires Money & Other Currencies

Vending Machines only accept specific currencies. Spin city casino free slots. Products being sold will have the price in the currency it accepts.

Buy Back Sold Products

If you accidentally sold an item, don't worry because Vending Machines will allow you to buy back your items for the same price. However, sold products will be gone once you exit the Vending Machine.

Purchased Items are Sold at a Fraction

What you have to be really careful about is buying items from the Vending Machines. They'll only be sold at a fraction of the price of when you bought it.

Features an Item for the Day

Item for the Day are limited-time items sold within a time limit. They're often of higher quality than the rest on the Vending Machine so watch out for them.

Legendary Items can be Sold

On some rare chances, Legendary Items can be sold as the Item of the Day. These will cost a lot more money so you might need to farm for them.

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All Vending Machine Types

Weapon Vending Machine

ProductsAll Weapons Types

Weapon Ammunition Vending Machines are your go to for buying new weapons! They carry all weapon types and weapon manufacturers.

Ammunition Vending Machine

Grenade Mods

From Pistol ammo to Rocket Launcher ammo, Ammunition Vending Machines are your one-stop shop for ammo! It also sells a number of Grenade Mods at a time.

Medical Vending Machine

ProductsHealing Items
Class Mods

Dr. Zed's Medical Vending Machines carry healing items along with a few equipments. Shields and Class Mods are exclusively sold here.

Veteran Rewards Vending Machine

ProductsAnointed Weapons
Cosmetic Items

Crazy Earl's special Veteran Rewards Vending Machine only accepts Eridium in exchange for its products. It's the only place where you buy Anointed Weapons and cosmetic items!

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Only Found in Sanctuary III

Unlike other vending machines that are littered across the map, there is only one Crazy Earl's Veteran Rewards Vending Machine and its in Sanctuary III. You can find it next to Crazy Earl's room.

Borderlands 3 Slot Machine Guide

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