Choco Loco Dog Slot Machine

I can recommend plenty of slot machines to players but it will all be dependent on what you are seeking as to just which ones you should be playing, but for those of you that like playing for reasonable stakes then read on of the Choco Choco slot is a perfect one to play online. SLOTDOG doesn’t just make your SKINLESS hot dog look amazing, the slots created by the Stainless Steel Blades also help it cook quicker by allowing heat right in to the centre of your hot dog. They even taste better by creating crispy caramelized-edged squares which grab hold of your toppings with a Kung-Fu grip! Thread starter micron; Start date May 16, 2015; May 16, 2015. Thread starter #1 micron New Member. Strain Information: thaiX(chocolopeXhaze) 90/10 sativa.


Neutral Unless Attacked/Pet

Health Points

Wild: 8 () Tamed: 20 ()

Attack Strength

Wild - Easy: 3 () Wild - Normal: 4 ()
Wild - Hard: 6 ()
Tamed: 4 ()


On Pudding, in Sugar Forests, Ice Cream Forests, and Sugar Mountains biomes


Choco-dogs are similar to Minecraft wolves, you'd find them in Sugar Forests, Ice Cream Forests, and Sugar Mountains biomes. They also spawn in packs.

To tame Choco-dogs, right-click them with a Candy Cane in hand. Like Vanilla Minecraft Wolves, they won't take only one treat when trying to tame them, it is advised to have more than one Candy Cane with you.

Choco Loco Dog Slot Machine Jackpots

To heal Choco-dogs, right-click them with a Lollipop in hand.

Choco-dogs in the Ice Cream Forest biome.

Choco-dogs can produce Caramel on their backs. They do it quicker when placed under a caramel tree. (or any tree with caramel leaves) To get the caramel, just right click them with an empty bucket.

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Behavior[editedit source]

  • When presented with a Candy Cane, they will 'beg' the player- sweetly turning their heads and turning up the charm.
  • They are Passive to the player, Aggressive to mobs that attack the player. Killing a Choco-dog will not result in the others attacking you when not tamed. This is unlike Vanilla Minecraft Wolves, because Wolves will attempt to kill you.
  • They attempt to kill Bunnies and Penguins.

Drops[editedit source]

  • Only Experience is dropped. But why would you want to kill such a sweet creature?

Choco Loco Bar

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