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Ash Gaming are the software producers of the Viva Las Vegas Classic slot game. It picks the Vegas theme, and the flashy background lights of this pokie are catchy and enjoyable during wagering. The symbols that it uses are chips, a bonus, a wild, and mini-reels. This online machine has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This slot is similar to Fruit Madness.

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How to Gamble Viva Las Vegas Classic Slot?

Classic Vegas Casino Free Slots

To play the Viva Las Vegas classic slot machine game, you don’t require any gambling ingenuity. You select the amount that you are willing to stake, then choose the number of lines that, and then hit the play button to spin.

The stake down and up buttons are used to adjust the stake amount on each pattern. One can also give a try with the free online Viva Las Vegas Classic slot machine which plays in a virtual mode with 100 worth of credit.

Las vegas slot casino

Vegas Classic Slot Machines

The lowest amount that it accepts is 0.05, and the maximum is 10 per pattern. This only means that the minimum amount per one roll is 1.00, and the maximum is 200. The paytable shows different payouts of the symbols, and you can use it to know how the payouts happen.

Bonus and Symbols

  • Wild – this is represented by a neon wild symbol. It substitutes all symbols except the scatter and helps to form a successful combo.
  • Wheel Bonus – this is a cash cow if one selects the right wheel to spin. There are two different types of spin. The cash wheel rewards you with prizes up to 500x. The freewheel pays you 30 free spins with each winning turn having a 10x reward.
  • Slot-In-Slot – this gets active when 3 mini reels appear. This is a 3 reel with one payline that gives extra credits when one wins.
  • Pick Me – this is activated when 3 or more chips appear on the window and rewards you by either chips or credits.
Las vegas slot casino

City Features


The Viva Las Vegas Classic slot machine game has other functionalities that will make the wagering experience fun. They include:

  • Reverse – this function allows to win even when you don’t have winning lines or scatters. This is an excellent tool to utilize when one is losing streak, and he/she has the hunch that the turns aren’t going to reward.
  • Autoplay – this button assists you to choose the number of times that you want to spin automatically. This can be 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 times. To stop this mode, turn the Auto-Play off button or else, when you get rewarded with a bonus, the Auto-Play automatically switches off.
  • Max Bet – this function is named as “select 20 lines,” and this is what you see on the game panel, and it works the same as the max bet. Selecting this icon will make the stake on every line go to the maximum, and you will not need to choose them individually. Pick the maximum for each line or all the 20.