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Over the years, the endorphin triggering sound of coins hitting a metal tray has disappeared from casino floors across Las Vegas. It won’t surprise you that coin dispensing slots, with their million moving parts, require a significant amount of maintenance. In addition to maintenance, backfilling machines with coinage, and the requirement to handle all those coins is burdensome for the casino. Gameplay is also much faster when players use modern Ticket-in Ticket-out (TITO) technology vs. inserting and taking payment with coins and tokens.

As such, most casinos have moved to convert their coin slot machines and video poker to TITO operation because it is easier for the house, and less expensive.

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For long time gamblers though, a slip of paper just doesn’t have the same allure or vintage feel that a bucket full of metal tokens does. Many of us still crave that metallic ting that has gone quiet on so many gaming floors.

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With that in mind, we wanted to cover which Las Vegas casinos still offer coin-operated slots and video poker so that you can hunt them down!

Circus Circus offers one of the more extensive selections of token slots, about 20 machines, that dispense $1 tokens near the front entry.

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Slots a Fun has about 8 quarter machines near the front of the casino that take and dispense real coins. Circus Circus and Slots a Fun are the only spot on the Strip to find coin slots at this time.

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Main Street Station also doesn’t offer coin slot machines, however, it does have 15-20 quarter denomination video poker games that accept and dispense quarters.

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Plaza has historically offered a number of coin-operated dollar slot machines, however, we’ve been informed that the last 2 coin-operated slot machines will be removed by November of 2019. Plaza will continue to offer several denominations of coin in/out video poker.

El Cortez features one of the more extensive collection of coin-operated machines with an assortment of over 200 video poker variants. Only one well-marked bank of dollar slots that accept and dispense tokens has survived, however, near Naked City Pizza.

The D has replaced nearly all of their coin-operated slots with TITO technology. They are, however, the last property in Las Vegas to offer the coin-operated Sigma Derby horse racing game. Make stopping over a priority as Sigma is notoriously challenging to maintain. MGM Grand recently removed the second to last unit in operation from their casino floor.

Realistically, coin and token-operated machines will continue to ride off into the sunset as parts becoming more scarce over time. At the 2019 Global Gaming Expo, a platform for gaming manufacturers to show off their new machines, there (not surprisingly) wasn’t a coin-operated unit to be found.

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