Do Slot Machines Have Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has arrived in the Scientific Games’ Las Vegas showroom. Chief product officer Tim Bucher walks up to a baccarat table with two iPad-sized screens attached at the ends. The displays show the title of the game and easily blend into the background amid the lights and sounds of slot machines. But with the press of a button, live camera footage of Bucher appears on the screen, with digital blue dots lining his mouth, eyes and face.

Do slot machines have facial recognition work

Below him is a line of text: Existing user found. Male. Over 21.

“You wouldn’t see this,” Bucher said, pointing to a small, dark camera on the screen. “The design needs to provide the players a frictionless experience that integrates with the rest of what is on the casino floor.” Several slot manufacturers, including Scientific Games, are set to show off object recongnition technology at next month’s Global Gaming Expo. Experts say the technology could be a game-changer in the industry, allowing operators to collect more data on more players than ever before.

Do Slot Machines Have Facial Recognition Machines

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Do Slot Machines Have Facial Recognition Device


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