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Keno – The Chinese Lottery Game

All About the Game

Is this the game that launched a thousand ships? Not quite, but legend says it did help raise funds to save an ancient city and build the Great Wall of China. Impressive! However, this is not the first time a gambling game has saved a city. King Charles III of Monaco’s personalised Roulette wheel at the Monte Carlo saved his kingdom from financial ruin. Keno is an exciting lottery type game based on luck, which originates from China. Similar to Bingo, in this game you pick a number or numbers and hope that they are drawn. Nowadays, Keno is played all over the world, particularly in America, South America, Europe, East Asia as well as Australia. These nationalities love playing lottery games with stakes rising high into the millions on a weekly basis. Although, as with all games of luck, the odds are pretty poor and the house edge is quite high, making it a game aimed at a distinct type of gambler. If Keno isn’t your cup of tea, you can try some other games with a lower house edge and more favourable odds like Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat and Three Card Poker.

Why play Keno?

  • It’s a lottery game based on pure chance
  • Clear and easy to follow rules
  • Huge jackpot and large payouts

The History of Keno

The game is said to have first appeared in Ancient China approximately 3000 years ago. It was first introduced as ‘White Pigeon Game’ by the ruler named Cheung Leung during the Han Dynasty in an attempt to raise money to save his city and his struggling army. The story goes that he overtaxed his people and depleted the city’s funds due to the ongoing long and hard war going on at the time. He came up with the innovative idea of a lottery to raise money and finally end the war for good. As aforementioned, the same method was supposedly used to aid in the construction of the Great Wall of China. Who knows whether there is truth behind these stories? The game originally consisted of a set of 120 Chinese characters that formed part of an ancient poem. It was brought over by Chinese immigrants during the late 1800s. At this point, it was being played with 80 Chinese characters which were then replaced by the same number of Arabic numerals as American gamblers weren’t versed in Chinese. It began being played in US casinos in the 1930s during a time when lotteries had been banned from casinos, therefore casino owners had to get creative to bypass the law. Thus, ‘Horse Race Keno’ was created as each number was accompanied by the name of a racehorse and remained so for years until new laws were put into place on off-track races. Only then did Keno go back to its original name. Today, many casinos still call each game a ‘race’ and most casinos even have the option of purchasing a multi-race ticket (but more on this type of ticket later).

Playing Keno Online

Out of all the gambling games available online, Keno must be the simplest to play, which you can do so for free above. After the game loads, you will see a large grid consisting of 80 different numbers. Usually, there is a minimum and maximum amount of numbers which you can choose from, normally between 1 and 20. Note that you cannot change your numbers once they’ve been selected. Online, the figures are selected using a random number generator. Your next step is to place a wager on your chosen lucky numbers which can range from an all-time low of 0.01 credits to 10 credits. Not only is it easy to play, but it doesn’t cost much either (especially if you’re playing for free)! Pressing ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five’ will activate the draw and you’ll be able to see whether your numbers have been selected and, if so, how much you’ve won. ‘Play One’ means that the numbers drawn will only be valid for one game, whereas, in ‘Play Five’ the numbers, as well as the bets you’ve placed on each number, will be valid for five consecutive games. In a game of Keno, a total of 20 out of 80 numbers are randomly drawn. When the game chooses one of the numbers you picked, it’s called a ‘catch’ and you’re paid according to the number of balls you catch. For example, if you choose one number and that number is a catch, you might win 3:1 odds. If you select six numbers, you need at least half of them to come up so as to get a decent payout, and if you marked 15, you’ll need to land a minimum of 6 numbers. The more numbers you hit, the larger your payout will be. On the unlikely occasion that all your numbers match, you will receive 332:1. It’s important to know that the payouts on this game don’t include the return on your initial bet.

Below is a table to give you an idea of what the odds are of winning at Keno:

2 pick2 of 201 in 13
3 pick3 of 201 in 48
4 pick4 of 201 in 189
5 pick5 of 20
4 of 20
1 in 781
1 in 50
6 pick6 of 20
5 of 20
1 in 3,383
1 in 169
7 pick7 of 20
6 of 20
5 of 20
1 in 15,464
1 in 619
1 in 63
8 pick8 of 20
7 of 20
6 of 20
1 in 74,941
1 in 2,436
1 in 199
9 pick9 of 20
8 of 20
7 of 20
1 in 387,197
1 in 10,325
1 in 685
1 in 86
10 pick10 of 20
9 of 20
8 of 20
7 of 20
0 of 20
1 in 2,147,181
1 in 47,238
1 in 2,571
1 in 261
1 in 39

Beginners’ Tips

Now you know how the game works, here’s some additional insight to help you with your approach to the game and perhaps come up with a Keno strategy which works for you.

  • Contrary to popular belief, every ball has a 1 in 80 chance of being drawn every game.
  • Playing for free before you play for real money is a good way of testing the Keno waters and seeing what works and doesn’t work for you. You can play around with the different bet sizes and practise your strategy.
  • Find a casino which has a great maximum payout.
  • Choose an online casino with an inviting welcome bonus.
  • Don’t select too many numbers but at the same time don’t get too caught up in what numbers to pick, remember that the outcome is completely random. But if selecting a couple of numbers is too much for you, you can hit the ‘Quick Pick’ button which will do the job for you. Can’t get easier than this!
  • Don’t stick to the same numbers all the time, change it up.
  • The probability of hitting five numbers is one in four, making this the most likely result for Keno players.
  • You should make use of multi-race cards once the majority of casinos offer them, where players can choose numbers just once over a series of games. These cards save you time as you won’t need to come up with a different set of numbers for every game.
  • In a lottery type game, you should take the odds into consideration and place your bets wisely. It’s not recommended to select the maximum amount of numbers at your disposal, as the likelihood of hitting them all is pretty slim. As a matter of fact, the odds of hitting all 20 numbers are 1 in 3.5 quintillion, which is practically impossible. So, don’t waste your credits or money on massive odds.
  • In a lottery type game, you should take the odds into consideration and place your bets wisely. It’s not recommended to select the maximum amount of numbers at your disposal, as the likelihood of hitting them all is pretty slim. As a matter of fact, the odds of hitting all 20 numbers are 1 in 3.5 quintillion, which is practically impossible. So, don’t waste your credits or money on massive odds.
  • The house edge in Keno is very high, approximately 25% to 40% as it varies from casino to casino. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to manage your bankroll in a clever way by placing small bets rather than large ones.

Variations of Keno

To make the game more interesting, several variants of Keno have been made which also don’t require any skill and may be found in many online casinos. Be sure to check which you are playing as the rules of each game may differ slightly.

Way Tickets/Bets: In this type of play you use one Keno ticket to mark two or more sets of numbers on the same ticket. Basically, it’s like playing three one-way tickets and marking numbers on each individual ticket. Nothing else really changes, that is, your chances of winnings, the odds and even the payouts remain the same. There is an advantage to this type of game, that being that the table minimum is divided over three bets so you can wager lower amounts than the table minimum. The following are some of the most common Way bets:

3x3x3: Three sets of three numbers that you can win on. All there is to do is circle or mark your chosen groups of numbers.

2x3x4: Here you can choose different amounts of numbers for each set, and numbers can even be shared, which means that you can bet on the same number twice.

Free 3d Slots Keeno Lotto Winning

10x10x10x10: This is a very popular bet which gives you four games of ten numbers. Some people like to choose all ten numbers in single a line as it’s a simple bet and easy to follow.

4x4x8: This is one of the more complex wagers in Keno (but doesn’t get more complicated than this) which comprises of two sets of four numbers and one set of eight which combines the two sets of four. This type of bet gives some pretty good payouts.

Split Tickets: This is two or more straight or standard tickets played on the same ticket, having a group of numbers that are either circled or separated by a line. Each group must have its own unique set of numbers and cannot be shared with other groups. Sadly, there is no advantage to buying in on a split ticket, it simply lets you play two or more games on the same ticket.

Free 3d Slots Keeno Lotto Jackpot

Combination Tickets: With this type of ticket you are combining the separate groups of numbers on one ticket in various ways, wherein you place a one credit bet per combination. For example, you can bet on three sets of four numbers each and then add to that by betting 3 ways by making a 6, combining two of the groups.

King Tickets: In this type of ticket you have a single chosen number which can be used in combination with other groups of numbers. In other variations of this sort, you can divide your ticket in different ways. For example, you can play Top or Bottom, Left or Right, which means you can pick which of the numbers in those sections to bet on. To win this bet, 13 numbers must fall in the half you selected to win. In an alternate version, you can bet on the numbers on the four edges. However, the casino decides how many numbers you must match to win.

Free 3d Slots Keeno Lotto Real Money

Power Keno: In this variant of the lottery game, your winnings are quadrupled if you catch the last (20th) ball drawn. There is a similar version called Fire Power Keno or Super Keno (the latter is the video variation) within which your prize is multiplied fourscore if the first ball is a catch instead of the last one.

Caveman Keno: This game is the same as standard Keno with the difference being that the software chooses the numbers before the draw. If you catch a minimum of two numbers, you will win a multiplier. Caveman Keno Plus adds the possibility of multipliers as well as extra balls.

Playing for Real Money

Free 3d Slots Keeno Lotto

After you’ve had your fill of playing for free and are in the search for some more action and excitement, you should check out some of our trusted casinos listed at the top of the page for a secure place for your deposit. There’s no other rush than the one you get after your numbers catch! If you’re new to this lottery game you can start off with a small down payment to see how lucky you are. Make sure to look for the casino with the best paytable. In fact, online casinos have a much better return to player at 86.64% (which is quite average) than live casinos which is between 65% to 80%.


Is there a strategy I could use to win at Keno?

Being a game of luck there is no proven way in which you can win at Keno or manipulate the results due to the use of a random number generator. That said, there are some tips you can follow in order to augment your chances of winning and obtain some decent wins. Refer to the Beginners’ Tips section for more information on this. Furthermore, some casinos offer a progressive jackpot which can work in your favour if the reward gets exceptionally high.

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