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RTG are always going to be an excellent choice when it comes to slots and this is true for anyone looking for 7 reel slot options. Big Shot and I.R.I.S. 3000 are both progressive slots with bonus elements. Given that RTG is one of the biggest and reliable options when it comes to online gaming, choosing from this range is an excellent starting point but the games are very enjoyable too.

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/beat-slot-machine-odds.html. The higher the percentage figure, the better the return. We share in someone else’s joy, if not their new pile of money.While many casual gamers have a hunch about the best slots to play, it’s often just that – a feeling, with no basis of fact. For example, slot machine odds of 97% indicate that, in theory at least, you will get back $97 for every $100 you spend.Of course, you would need to sit at one slot game for weeks on end to prove the math. However, some basic research will tell you that there are indeed some slot machines with the best odds of winning. Slot machines with the best odds of winningWhat you are looking for is a percentage figure known as the RTP, or return to player.

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Farming Future and Lucky 7s are the main 7 reel options available for players playing on WGS casino sites. These are both very popular options and complement the main range of slots very well. One of the most confusing things about the Top Game range of games is the fact they power the 7 Reels casino site but there are no 7 reel slot options to be found on that site! This is not good news at all for players keen to experience the widest range of slots opportunities.

7 reel slots are not always easy to find

Cryptologic are another casino company with a Lucky 7s game and this style of game deserves a lot of credit for taking the slot industry onwards. The game took many players by surprise with regards to how easy it was to get used to the additional reels. Improvements have been made on the screen layout and style but for the first of its kind, this game is definitely a brilliant option and one that remains popular with slots players.

7 Reel Slots Games for US players

With 7 reel slot options considered to be around the cutting edge of casino gaming, it is no surprise to learn that many of the modern and forward thinking US sites are providing 7 reel entertainment. It has to be said that a great number of casino sites, US and non-US friendly alike are struggling to provide enough 7 reel slot action to meet the demand but the software providers are listening to the casino players and moving things forward. There should be enough casino opportunities at the moment to find 7 reel gaming options but if not, don’t panic, as there are more on their way.

It was inevitable when 5 reel slot games became popular that people would be looking to take the next step in their casino playing. To that end, the emergence of 7 reel slots has definitely been a welcome addition to the casino industry. Players love these games because they provide more ways

Introduction ( What Are 7-Reel Slots?)

The very fact of the love of entertainment in online mode already classifies a visitor of virtual gaming establishments to the category of connoisseurs of everything new and unusual. After all, conservatives are hardly able to fully enjoy the exciting feeling of risk and surrender to the mercy of the changeable Fortune, who is an indispensable companion of the gameplay.

It is quite difficult to accept that often the result of playing video slots depends little on the user - however, the element of surprise can make the player jittery in the good sense of the word. It is especially nice if the user sees in the gameplay a way to have wonderful fun, to spend time easily and naturally.

It would seem that a gamer who is interested in online entertainment should have enough information about slots and how they work. Thus, the standard slot machines of modern times have 5 game reels, and the number of pay lines can vary from 5-9 to 243. There are even such video slots that, in principle, deny the existence of gaming lines, giving the user a chance to make combinations on the principle of adjacent cells . However, if the conquerors of gambling tops want to discover new facets of the game and have fun, you should definitely pay attention to the slot machines, which are completely different from the current video slots, which can rightfully claim to be innovative and creative. This article will tell about the wonderful and unusual slot machines that contain not the usual 5, but as many as 7 gaming reels!


All 7 slot machine games that include the ability to win a bonus or get to the bonus level, by definition, are the best. Most often there are slot machines in which bonuses are presented in the form of free spins of reels and multipliers. Free spins in their number can vary from ten to several hundred spins. The number of multipliers for the total bet per spin can also be different depending on the conditions and rules of particular free seven slot games. Among the 7 slot machine games are often found, those who have an additional bonus level with its own plot. They can be of the same type or take place in several stages, gradually increasing the amount of winnings. Such gaming machines are usually the most beautiful with clear graphics, 3D elements and high-quality animation. An interesting storyline present in the 7free slots makes it not only a way to earn extra money, but also to have a good time and rest. A trend has become popular when the main character in the game is some great personality depending on the subject. It may be:

  • commander, navigator, boxer;

  • lion, dragon, little mermaid;

  • fruits endowed with human traits.

Thematic content of the 7 slots free also plays a big role in gambling entertainment. If a player enjoys some kind of sports, adventures and travel, sales and deals, or board games, you can choose a slot that meets its specific requirements among free lucky seven slots.

In order to understand and appreciate the advantages of free slots 7, it should be remembered that for video slots, the concept of drums symbolizes vertically arranged lines of cells in which various symbols fall out. Since the slot machines have been computerized, slots have acquired the status of emulators, so the gameplay copies the work algorithm of real slot machines, however, the drums that the player sees on the computer screen are perfectly created simulators. After the user presses the start key, the game drums of 7 slot machine games begin to rotate — in this process the main point of the game lies. It only remains to ask: why do providers create slot machines with seven reels? The answer is simple: basically the secret lies in quite a reasonable desire to attract a rather large segment of the target audience to your products, for which an increase in the chances of winning and the presence of bonus rounds can serve as an excellent bait. It is worth noting that slot machines containing 7 reels bring wins with almost every spin. No wonder that the seven has long been considered a sacred number, which brings happiness and success in the game!

Some disadvantages of 7 slot machine games with the above parameters should be attributed only to the fact that today they are still quite small, so the user will not be too easy to find them. If a player is a fan of software from RTG or WGS Technologies, then you can say he was lucky - these manufacturers are the authors of innovative slot machines containing seven reels. The gameplay is practically no different from the usual, so the user will surely like non-standard slot machines. Everything happens according to the standard scheme: the number of lines is selected, the size of the bet is determined, the rotation of the reels is activated, after which the player should wait for the resultant combination to be made in order to receive a well-deserved payment.

An interesting nuance of the game is that, often, such slot machines have an identical number of lines for payouts - there are exactly 7 of them. Excellent multiplier values, free spins, bonus mini-games. Therefore, the user will certainly be interested to try out the unusual gameplay. Although there are still very few such video slots, who knows - maybe they will become the next favorites of the risk public?

7-Reel Developers

Microgaming 7 slots online, free are clearly in the first place, since the return of slots is much higher than other manufacturers (for example, NetEnt slots give winning combinations for the removal of eyes or so dust in the eyes. But there are free 7 slots games in which, one can surely get winnings).

Some software manufacturers have a creative approach to creating 7 slots games free. This is how the British Entertainment company Net Entertainment does when developing its free online slots 7. In these slots, the drums do not rotate, as is customary in such machines, and the symbols fall on the line, falling from above. The winning combination, if it falls out, disappears after the payouts and a new set of symbols appears in its place. The gain due to the multiplier up to five times. This non-standard solution of gameplay mechanics allowed developers to attract to their creation a contingent of players who crave original solutions when creating 7 slots games online.


Rules and features

At the sight of such a large number of reels on the screen, any player can be frightened by the confusion in the game. However, there is nothing difficult, moreover, such games are very often easier and more accessible than any other. And all because free slots 7 have a fairly simple pay table. All you need to do to win is to collect any three symbols one at a time. It's really very simple, and the lack of additional symbols and rounds allows you to focus on the game and not be distracted by trivia. As with the 3 and 5 reel slot machines, here you need only three simple steps:

  • Step 1. Place a bet using the corresponding buttons on the screen. As in the 5th reel game, the amount you decide to put on the line will be multiplied by 7 paylines, forming your total bet;
  • Step 2. Select the pay lines you want to activate or bet on all lines by clicking the Bet Max button;
  • Step 3. Press the 'Spin' button and wait for the reels to stop. We hope you will immediately see the winning combination.

That's all you need to do to use the slot machines with 7 reels for gambling entertainment. As with all other types of online games, everything is simple here. Pick your jackpot right now, try your luck at the slots 7 in the online casino.

Where to Find Seven Reel Slots?

Experts say that it is the future of such multi-reel slot machines. They have only 7 winning lines and, as a rule, they do not have high-quality graphics and animation. Their main advantage is that the player with an increase in the number of reels increases the number of winning combinations.

While they meet infrequently, and in real gaming establishments you will not meet them, only in an online casino. But every year 7 slots casino are becoming more popular.

Before making a choice in favor of any from slots 7, you need to pay attention to a few essential facts. In order not to be completely in debt and leave with nothing, in the gambling business you need to be careful and do everything slowly. First, you need to check the gaming establishment on the Internet in which you are going to play. It must be licensed and certified by the letter of the law of the country in the territory that is available. This data can be found on our portal pages. We provide verified information about the most honest online gaming establishments. Secondly, the slots 7 in good quality can be offered only by the time-tested and world-famous manufacturer of gaming equipment, for whom the reputation in this matter ranks first. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to the demand and the rating of the 7 free online slot machines, which you liked. The more people play it, the less a newbie has a chance of being deceived.

Be sure to read the description of the slot and its technical indications. 7 slots free games must have:

  1. high percentage of cash back (it should not be lower than 92% - 95%);

  2. bonus program - additional bonus level, free spins, multiplier, special symbols (tablecloth and wild symbols);

  3. the average variance (thus, the possibility of a large win will be low, but the player will have good chances for several small victories);

  4. intuitive interface (user-friendly, functional control panel, quickly accessible paytable and rulebook).

To test the 7 free slots online for these indicators and start playing for real amounts of money, use the free version for conditional money. The percentage of payments, dispersion indicators, the presence or absence of bonuses and the comfortable design of the game screen can be decisive when choosing the slot machine itself. If the 7 slots free online you like do not have a demo mode, it is better to give up unreasonable risk. At the same time, if you are an experienced player and are faced with the choice of sevens slots play free, trust your intuition. In addition, it is important to know in advance the range of rates, the amount of payments and how you can cash out the money won. After these steps, you can evaluate the free sevens slots games in terms of the plot's fascination, thematic fullness and graphic design.

Why are 7-reel Slots so Rare?


Free seven slots are a fairly new phenomenon for online casinos. And, like any innovation, they did not immediately succeed. Initially this was due to the fact that not all casinos offer such games. But the more 7 drum machines are used on Internet resources, the more popular they become. Naturally, they consist of 7 rotating drums. As well as their predecessors, these slots offer players a huge selection of colorful themes, an incredibly colorful interface and a pleasant soundtrack.

However, unlike the 5-drum counterparts, such video slots for money, as a rule, do not provide for bonus rounds and special characters. But this fact is compensated by two additional reels, which already increase your chances of winning several times.

7 Slots online, free


7 free slots is a new name in the slot machine industry. In the free seven slots, as a rule, there are no bonuses and special characters. In such machines there are few paylines - up to 10 lines in total. The number of symbols on the reels is also smaller compared to the 5-reel slots. It is rather difficult to play 7-drum machines, although the conditions for winning are easier than in classic machines (when all the symbols are paid from left to right). The essence of the game in these slots is practically no different from machines with a smaller number of reels, but before you start the game you should definitely read the paytable. In 7drum slots there are up to 10 paylines, and they are not equipped with special symbols.

Free 7 Reel Slot Machines Heavy Duty

Among the most famous free 7 line slot games can be distinguished positive and bright slot game, which is called Farming Futures. The plot of online 7 slots will provide the user with the opportunity to visit a virtual farm, simultaneously gathering funny animals that are slot chips on the lines of the gaming machine. In our world regularly happens quite a lot of interesting events and discoveries. The latter include the appearance of video slots containing 7 gaming reels, which attract non-standard appearance and additional features - they will be appreciated by players who are able to appreciate everything new and unusual!

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