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  • MyVegas gives you bucketloads of free chips when you play and we will show you all the ways to get them
  • The rewards can be used not just to play the game but also as real-life offers from your local restaurants and clubs
  • MyVegas boasts a 4.6 rating on the PlayStore thanks to its entertaining gameplay and rewards feature

When a social casino has a rating of 4.6 on Playstore and over 10 million downloads, it gets our attention here at PokerNews.

Reading the players' reviews and digging around the app and the web all pointed to one blaring truth about MyVegas - the reward system is absolutely fantastic, and so is the entertainment offered by MyVegas slots.

Once downloaded, the first thing that raises your adrenalin when you start playing MyVegas is the fanfare invitation that simulates a real Las Vegas experience.

At first glance, you will find that the graphics and the fantastic experience has covered every aspect that you can expect from a modern social casino.

The first thing you do when you join a social casino is looking around for the free chips and rewards you can get when you play.

We at PokerNews are sold. We've decided to turn the web upside down and find every way you can fill up your kitty with free chips on MyVegas.

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And indeed, it was a pleasure to realize that there is a lot more than the welcome bonus regarding free chips MyVegas offers for a player.

So let's look at all the ways MyVegas will treat you!

Psst.. We've also given you ways you can get the most amount of chips.

Free Chips When You Start Playing MyVegas

Before getting into the details of how you can get MyVegas free chips to buy yourself rewards, let's look at what the rewarding system on MyVegas looks like.

When you start playing, you are handed free chips that you can avail at once:

  • Every new player is given 3,000,000 free chips to play a few of the MyVegas slots. Plus, if you choose to make in-app purchases, you get special deals as a newcomer!

  • Click on the bi-hourly bonus icon to get a further 500k in MyVegas free chips

  • Go back to the home screen after connecting to Facebook and get up to 255,000 free chips for your connection

  • Clicking on the 'daily bonus' button inside your profile will give you a further 2,000,000 in MyVegas free chips. You'll get even more benefits as your VIP level increases.

With a coin bank value of over 5,500,000, you have more than you can ever imagine to start playing the MyVegas slots that you have access to as a level 1 VIP member.

VIP levels are amazing to get extras from all the regular ways of receiving free chips MyVegas app offers.

Trust us, you want to be at least a level 3 VIP member, because that's when you become a high roller. Perks like bigger free chips multipliers and early access to new games guaranteed!

Pick one of the free MyVegas slots that are available to you, choose your bet and start spinning.

Within a couple of spins you will notice that three things happen:

  • Your coin bank increases even more
  • Your level increases and you are rewarded free chips when it does
  • Your loyalty points increase for free chips PLUS the increase adds to your VIP level progress
Enjoying MyVegas? Try Scatter Slots!

Get access to exclusive slots and 12,000,000 free coins as a welcome bonus at Scatter Slots - a free social casino app you are bound to love!

MyVegas Free Chips on Facebook

Did you stumble across a Facebook page that claimed to give you free chips for MyVegas mobile slots?

Beware! There are several Facebook pages, youtube channels/videos, twitter accounts and webpages that prey on players.

Offers from unauthorized accounts with the following tags should be avoided like the plague:

  • Free chips links
  • MyVegas codes
  • MyVegas free chips cheats
  • MyVeg Blackjack free chips
  • MyVegas pop slots free chips, etc.

More specifically, here are some of the Facebook Pages that have regular chip links - avoid them:

  • @MyVegasSlotsCodes - Offers unauthorized MyVegas free chips, chip links and bonus games
  • @myvegasguides - Offers fake MyVegas free chips links and phishing code generators
  • @myvegasblackjack - Offers fake codes to play MyVegas Slots with free chips
  • @myvegaschipsandcoupons - Offers chip links to collect MyVegas free chips that don't work

These free chips links often capture your email address and sell your personal information to marketing companies.

Free Chips On Myvegas Slots Click Play


One of the best ways you can get MyVegas free chips is by being a part of the thriving MyVegas free Facebook community.

Follow the links in their numerous posts to get free chips and boost your gameplay.

More than that - the MyVegas slots community is a great place to network with other likeminded players.

You can add friends to your Facebook page and get MyVegas free chips from them and send them some as well.

How Do MyVegas Rewards Work?

Now it's time to talk about what we all love the most at MyVegas - the real-life rewards.

MyVegas pushes the envelope with its rewarding system, and it's a guarantee, you will be impressed.

While you might download the app to stay entertained, you will be pleasantly surprised that there is more.

You get to use your rewards from playing at several selected local venues!

Myvegas Slots Free Coins

Love the coffee at your local restaurant? No problem, with the rewards you get at MyVegas you might be able to buy yourself one in exchange for about thousand loyalty points!

That's unbelievable, isn't it?

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You get to play a social game PLUS you get real freebies.

The key to these rewards lies in the number of loyalty points that you have in your account.

Increasing your loyalty points is possible by doing the following:

  • Spinning your favourite casino slots a few times
  • Coming back every day and every hour to receive your bonuses to keep playing any of the trending casino slots

How to Claim a Reward

If you click on the rewards button at the bottom of your MyVegas app, you will be asked to allow the app to get your location to customize your rewards.

Whether you are based in downtown New York or somewhere in Australia, your rewards are customized accordingly.

Clicking on 'allow' will let MyVegas use your location when you are using the app. You can deny the location request, but you will not get rewards for your location.

Voila! A host of rewards that are available to you in your locality is displayed with the number of loyalty points you need to avail your favourite reward.

Clicking on the reward you wish to purchase will give you a popup to enter your details and click on submit to get your reward added to your wallet.

A confirmation email and in-app notification are also sent to you about the reward you acquired along with instructions on how you can redeem it.

So cool right? We thought so too!

Valuable Tips to Get The Maximum Number of Chips


Many scammers are out to bleed you dry.

The good news is there are a few tips and tricks that will help you get more free chips when you play the MyVegas games:

  • Always collect your daily bonus by visiting every day.
  • You might be surprised to see that many of your friends are already playing MyVegas, but you need to connect to Facebook to know. Exchange free chips with them!
  • You are awarded more generously when you play the MyVegas slots bet at the maximum level and spin only for a couple of times before dropping it.
  • If you don't get enough features, leave the app and come back at a later time. By then you would have unlocked the hourly bonus plus you might feel lucky again.
  • Keep a track over the progressive jackpot that is displayed at the top and make bets accordingly.


How Many MyVegas Rewards Can I Redeem?

You can keep playing and increase your loyalty points as you keep winning to reach a reward-goal. When you claim a reward, it stays in your wallet and stays there till you are ready to use it.

You can claim multiple rewards at the same time and they all stay in the wallet for 90 days for you to use when you want.

How Can I Get Free Chips on MyVegas Mobile?

Free Chips On Myvegas Slots Click Games

You can play My Vegas on your mobile with MyVegas app or through the free MyVegas Facebook game.

There are several ways you can get free chips to play the MyVegas slots:

  • Daily Bonus
  • Hourly Bonus
  • Level up bonus
  • Loyalty increase bonus, and
  • Sending free chips to and receiving them from your connected friends
Are MyVegas slots Free to Play?

All the games that you find on the MyVegas app on your mobile and Facebook are completely free to play. You can choose to buy chips when offers are given to you during gameplay.

Does MyVegas Slots Pay Real Money?

The rewards you get when you play the casino slots at MyVegas are excellent, and players love it. However, the MyVegas chips, loyalty points, rewards, etc. cannot be exchanged for real money.

MyVegas is a social casino and does not deal with real money. More information about this can be read in the MyVegas privacy policy.

Can I Use a Code Generator or Cheat Code to get MyVegas Free Chips?

Be careful about using any code generators and cheat codes that you have managed to acquire from any Facebook page or link. According to MyVegas policy, they handle users who exploit the system harshly, and you can be banned from the game.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.

Using Online Surveys for Free myVegas Chips

As explained on our How to Get Free myVegas Chips page, there are several worthwhile ways to do so. But there are also other methods: on the bottom right of the main myVegas game screen you will see a small icon with the words ‘Get Free Chips’; if you click on that, you will see that you can buy goods and services (such as business cards, movies or memberships) for a relatively low price and, with each purchase you will be rewarded a good number of chips, which varies according to the purchase. So, they are not really ‘free’; however, you will see that you can also fill out online surveys (currently by Ampario) for about 21,000 chips per survey, and that’s totally free; moreover, you could do this daily, theoretically, thus amassing a decent number of chips per week. But does it really work and is it worth it?

Should we Bother to Fill Out Online Surveys to Get Free Chips on myVegas?

First of all, 21,000 chips are not much if you spin high bets; however, if you are spinning low you may well be tempted to invest your time for those free chips. We have done so many times, and we concluded as follows:

Unless you fortuitously happen to carry out the survey whilst they have one available, one which is not riddled with technical glitches, it will be a painful long and fruitless experience. Not worth your time. This is why:

the survey will ask you a few basic questions (age, gender, postal code); if there are no technical problems (the survey site seems to be plagued with them) you will be asked more more and more questions, giving you the impression that you are actually completing a survey. You may invest 10 to 20 minutes, bored but happy to be soon receiving your free 21,000 chips; however, more often than not, you will reach an abrupt ending with either a blank page or a page with the following (or similar) text:

‘thank you for answering those questions; we have no more questions for you today’


‘sorry, we have no surveys available for you today’

At this point you will wonder what on Earth you have been doing for the 10 or even 20 minutes prior to that frustrating message; our guess is that you have been giving information to Ampario without seeing a flicker of reward. We found their system deeply flawed; we don’t know if it’s deliberate or just bad software, but the bottom line is that they should be able to screen us in the first page and tell us immediately if we qualified for a survey or not, rather than making us fill endless pages only to be told we did not qualify for a survey, or to be mysteriously told ‘thank you for answering those questions; we have no more questions for you today’ and not given the promised myVegas chips.

TIPRather than wasting your time with these unrewarding surveys, you are better off accumulating free chips by these better methods and wait until you have enough to play at a quest you like or a quest that’s very generous at the end.

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