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What determines the features of iOS Slots nowadays? In the 21st century, the time of a technology boom, it’s very important to be up to date with all innovations. This is valid especially for the companies that develop games and target more users. For such enterprises, it’s very important to provide bingo fans with more and more features, new offers and gaming options and unparalleled security at the same time.

Best iPad Slots. I have spent quite some time recently playing a huge number of different iPad slot games and asking lots of slot players who do enjoy playing such slots, just which ones they enjoy playing the most and much more importantly why that is.

Security, however, is one of the most significant advantages for the iOS users and this is why the developers of iOS slots should take into consideration. Although the iOS devices are well-known and famous among gamblers, there are two main problems we will mention below.

Apple Casinos for your iOS Device

As the second most used operating system, it is obvious that you will be spoilt with choice. However, it might be tougher to find the proper one to gamble with. That is why we have prepared this ranking.

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One of the major points is that there is a large choice of free slots, meanwhile the real money slots are not so many. The reason for this is that Apple smartphones have comparatively small displays, so transforming a desktop game to a mobile one is not very easy.

Another obstacle is that playing with real money slots is not very widespread (especially in the USA) because of Apple’s strict policy. However the iOS users are having the possibility of playing such games, no matter the difficulties we already mentioned.

The developers, however, are trying to make the game easier for the iOS slots fans. Some of the online casinos offer the option of playing without even having to download the game or any other software. All of this is done in the name of convenience and for the purpose of attracting new players. Users just have to create an account, and they can enjoy their favorite games.

NetEnt Touch

If you are keeping yourself updated with the latest casino innovations, you should have heard about NetEnt Touch – a new technology which allows you to play your favourite iPhone slots anytime and anywhere (if they are available at the NetEnt platform). This is an excellent example of how quickly the mobile slots industry is developing because it enables users to play their preferred games and enjoy them while on the go.

In the beginning, the NetEnt Touch was invented and compatible only with iOS devices, but now the users of Windows and Android operating systems can use this platform too.

Real Money iPhone Slots Games

Gambling is a huge industry with massive profits and millions of fans around the globe. Especially in Asia and parts of Northern Europe, where the mobile technology is most developed, these games of luck are taking up a huge part of the online space. In other areas of the world where the technology is not so advanced, like US and Canada for example, the apps and games for iPad and iPhone are making their first, little steps on the market.

There are two major obstacles for the quick invasion of the iPhone slots for iPhones and iPads in the western part of the world. One of them is the lovely small display, compared to personal computers and laptops, which makes creating video poker or blackjack complicated for game developers. Second is the famous strict policy for gambling games that Apple has adopted. According to it, no real-money gambling apps are welcome on the iOS devices.

Despite the difficulties in the American gaming market, real-money slot machine games for iPads and iPhones are available. One option is the browser-based slots, used by casinos to give a chance for playing where Apple’s policy prevent such apps. They are more like instant-play games, built into websites.

Mobile Slots: iPad vs. iPhone

Apple’s iPad is a mix between a multimedia player, laptop, video camera, together with an entertainment library and a portable Internet browser. Because of the increasing sales of both devices – iPhone and iPad, improvements of graphics, audio and video are made all the time.

The casino portal depends on the model of iPad, especially on its size of the screen and the processor. This is one of the greatest advantages of the iPads – the bigger screen, therefore the larger keyboard and the bigger playing area. Last, but not least is the possibility of taking your portable device everywhere, which you cannot do with a traditional laptop.

However, the iPad is still not the perfect device for playing iOS slots, because of the lack of Flash player. That is another challenge for the Internet Casinos, as they have to use different software for the iPhone slots so that users can download and instant-play games, which are already developed for other operating systems. It’s not a big problem yet, as the gamers using iPads are still fewer than those who prefer their laptops. The market for these games is still small, and the portability of iPhone can’t compensate this.

It still is complicated to place a game on the smaller screen of the iPhone, and this fact makes the mobile casino gambling better on the bigger screen of the iPad, where the pictures, graphics, and colors are better.

Another advantage of the Apple iPad is the faster processor and productivity, which can not be compared to any smartphone, iPhone or a different brand. The iPads are very wide-spread in the world – millions of gamblers are using their portable devices to play iOS slots. Choosing iPad for playing is only reasonable if you own both of the iOS devices – iPad and iPhone. However, Apple’s strict policy against gambling apps is still stopping gambling fans to enjoy their favourite games on their Apple devices. Anyway, the iPhone is small, comfortable and easier to take with you so that you can enjoy your favourite iOS slots games anywhere you wish.

Slot Software for iPhones & iPads

Due to the technical progress and the increasing number of slot games, people who own Apple’s products soon will have to have the same or similar possibilities like the users of Android OS for example. According to recent Apple reports more than 100 million iPads have been sold, so more than 100 million new users are likely to start playing iOS slot machines.

The problem is that no online casino uses HTML5 (all of them prefer Flash player) as a primary platform, so software needs to catch up to hardware. Most Mac users can use Flash to enjoy the instant-play slots, but as iPad is not compatible with the Flash animation platform, Apple tablet users cannot play online instant slots.

The limited choice that gamblers have on their Apple devices leads to bigger costs for game developers. They have to make specific slot software especially for the devices, but that doesn’t always create more gaming possibilities. The good news for slot gamers is that since the one-armed bandit is the most popular and winning of all casino bets, the few mobile gambling sites that are compatible with Apple devices have a larger selection of slot games than any other category.

However, let’s take a look at the games that are most popular on iOS devices and the reasons why they have won more followers than the rest.

App Store Slots

Free slot machine games for ipad

If you do not want just another account and password to remember, you can still take advantage of the best slot games available in mobile format. There are a lot of free iOS slot machines in the App Store, so you just have to download them and play wherever you are. You don’t have to invest any money for a deposit or anything like that, but if you want to have more fun and better experience, it would be a good idea to buy some chips, required for unlocking special sections in the games.

However, If you want to have the chance of winning big amount of money and have more fun, your choice should be the real money iOS slot machines before other games. Don’t miss this opportunity if you intend to invest your time in gambling.

Casino Slots

If you are more keen on real money iOS slot machines, you should note that the Apple devices do not support Flash player, but instead, you can use the HTML 5 animation platform, which is becoming more and more popular. On this page, we will make a short list of the most famous Free games and a categorization of the most favorite real money slots, some of which you can play on Android as well.

Free iOS Slots Games

If you don’t want to spend cash to have fun with online slots, then here are the titles you should try:

Alice HD Slot Machine

Alice HD slot is an enjoyable game with unique 3D graphics. Like in the famous book it takes you on an adventurous journey to Wonderland in the company of the popular characters. You can enjoy the various, and generous awards and the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

myVegas Slots

This beautiful app is compatible with iPhone, and you can collect credits while playing. Despite this, you have the chance to feel the atmosphere of the Strip in an online format. If you are a beginner, you have the option to choose a lower level, as there are several slot levels and also to modify the game action.

Pharaoh’s Way

According to its popularity, this game can be considered as one of the funniest iOS slot games. It uses the old-fashioned way for the payouts right/left and left/right, but this does not stop it from being so popular. It is still very beloved and well known among the gamblers “armed” with a mobile phone.

House of Fun

House of Fun is another very popular casino game. Like other similar games, it is quite easy for downloading and installing, but once you get involved in the game, you will be fascinated with the brilliant graphics. It is the favourite game of the more experienced players, as it offers almost a real feeling of the traditional casino hall and also various options for playing.


This iOS slot also offers a real casino atmosphere and great graphics and sound. Players can enjoy the large choice of themes and can have a lot of fun playing Slotmania. All of the reviews of this slot are giving it excellent marks, and each of the themes has its benefits and is highly valued by the players.

Real Money iOS Slot Games

The best choice for real money gamblers who play through iOS devices are the following titles:

Pharaoh’s Fortune

As you can imagine, the theme of Pharaoh’s Fortune iOS Slots takes you to the Ancient Egypt. This iOS slot features 5 reels, 20 pay lines and also a large number of bonuses. The maximum bet which you can make per line is €10, and you can enjoy this game by just downloading the app on your device. The developer of this excellent game is William Hill Casino.

Mega Moolah

The popularity of this mobile slot game is thanks to its fantastic jackpot and the exciting African theme. It is based on 5 reels and 25 pay lines, so each player can make a significant profit when activating the bonus rounds and the free spin feature. This iOS slot is also known for its progressive jackpot which can be won just in a single hit.

Mermaid’s Millions

Take your good mood and dive in the deep ocean together with your coins. You can hit great rewards and make a pretty good profit. This “blue” game features 5 reels, 15 pay lines, a great bonus round and special symbols so you can be sure you will be getting out of the game with full pockets.


Thunderstruck is one of the best casinos which you can play on your iPhone. It runs on the Microgaming platform. It is another 5 reel game offer, and the mobile version is not worse than the desktop one. This is also a very attractive game, and you can use special symbols to have the chance and win better prizes during the game.

Tomb Raider

This is another very popular game among the iOS slot games fans. It is based on the famous movie and gives a chance for playing with 5 reels, 15 pay lines, and special symbols. All of these give you a chance for bigger prizes, while the symbols fit nicely in the atmosphere of the game. It also provides fantastic bonuses and great winnings.

Final Words

In conclusion, we want to wish you good luck with your games of choice! Online casino kostenlos novoline. If you’re an iOS fan and feel the itch to play but have some doubts in your possibilities, don’t fret. Just download one of the recommended games, and you can be playing with free cash for big jackpots within minutes. Take your time and hit the iOS slot games whenever your feeling lucky.

Other devices

If you do not own a device that runs on iOS, check the articles below.

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Free Slots For Ipad Download

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