Fruit Bonus 96 Slot Machine Cheats

Welcome to the special slot machine strategies series called Slot Machine Cheats. Here we offer players insight into the wonderful world of casinos, casino games and gambling in a broader sense, focussing on ways in which you can beat the system and walk away with some life-changing rewards. We provide you will some sensational fruit machine cheat codes, fruit machine tricks, and tips on how to cheat on casino slot machines. While some of the methods discussed are straightforward and readily available, others require some thorough research and a certain amount of risk.

Keeping it strictly old school, this 5 reel, 5 payline slot from German makers Bally Wulff is a modern twist on a vintage classic - the fruit machine. With above average volatility at 96.12% and medium volatility for a mix of base game wins and bonus payouts, this game is a fun way to get your five a day! Fruit Shop slot is a 5-reel and 15-payline video game developed by NetEnt. There are quite a number of features on this video slot, and one of them is Free Spins Feature that is triggered using bonus symbols. Fruit Shop slot machine as a game has a wide betting option with the minimum bet being €0.15 and maximum bet as €150.

Pub Machine Cheats 2018. Pub Machine Cheats for £100 jackpot fruit machines. Deal or No Deal Golden Game and Perfect Deal are pretty similar, except Golden Game has the annoying base reels which force you to collect wins, meaning feature entries will cost more as the percentage is levelled off slightly from all of the small wins.

The topic we will be tackling in this article is a holding trick for fruit machines called the slot machine hold strategy. These tricks, strategies and slot machines tips, when used with other responsible slot machine strategies, will help you win more and get even with slot machines. Oldest online casinos paypal. Please note that while the cheats discussed in this article are completely legal, it is still advised to use with the utmost caution.

Slot Machine Cheat – 3 Hold Rule

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You may be wondering exactly how to cheat on casino slot machines. One of the legal ways is the three hold rule. This rule applies when a player spins two matching symbols on the reels and can use the hold feature on the next game. The slot machine hold strategy allows players to hold certain reels in place for the next round of spins. All you have to do is press the hold button located under the symbols you wish to hold before pressing the start button to continue with your next spin. All reels that were not held will now spin again while the held reel will remain in place and motionless. The aim here is to spin a third matching symbol.

You may think that this isn’t much of a strategy since there is still a chance that the third symbol does not match. The goal of this feature is not to guarantee a win, but to increase your chances of winning, as it is easier to match one symbol than it is to match two. The three hold hidden feature will come into play once you have held two matching symbols for three spins. You will now be guaranteed the third matching symbol once you have held both matching symbols three times. Several slot machine manufacturers have implemented this cheat into their slot machines, so it will help to look around and do some research before attempting this cheat on any old slot machine. Armed with this knowledge, you next slot machine experience will surely be a rewarding one.

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Slot Machine Cheat – Hold after a Nudge

Fruit Bonus 96 Download

Holding after a nudge is another one of those legal fruit machine tricks that can be used during gameplay to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. This trick isn’t fairly well known, but once you learn and understand how it works, it can be highly lucrative. Many slot machines offer random nudge features that assist you in winning a game. This feature allows players to move reels up or down in an attempt to land matching symbols. This movement takes place one symbol at a time, with the player being able to nudge in a winning combination from what was originally a losing spin.

Sometimes, in the case of this feature, players are often not awarded enough nudges, and since these nudges are awarded at random, it cannot be used successfully. This has caused some slot machine designers to incorporate a hold function to be used after a nudge. Here experienced players can gain an added advantage when using the nudge feature.

While this all sounds well and good, how exactly does the hold function work? When a player realises that you haven’t been awarded enough nudges to complete three matching symbols, you can nudge in two matching symbols then refuse a hold on the next spin. The player will then be awarded a three of a kind win, which will be the value of the two nudged symbols. This means that whatever two symbols were nudged, the slot machine will spin in three of these symbols on the next spin, guaranteeing a win. In this way, experienced players can gain an edge over the slot machine and walk away with some impressive wins.

Fruit Bonus 96 Slot Machine Cheats

Remember; do NOT share you slot machine strategies with others. Doing so would increase the number of people beating the slots, and the slot machine developers will stop providing these features. So keep the casinos and other slot machine providers happy and do not give the cheat away.

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