Game King Slot Machine Says Main Battery Low
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Recently one of our blog readers raised this question that there are some errors when buying a used slot machine. Though his query was related to his IGT Double Diamond model 96435800 reel slot machine which he had bought but here we are catering to some of the most common errors buyers face when they buy a real slot machine specially a refurbished ones. You can try to fix these errors by doing the following actions as given against each error. Also there are many superb videos online that teach you how to fix these errors.


EEPROM Device Error

Game King Slot Machine Says Main Battery Low Windows 2000 Laptop

EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) is user-modifiable read-only memory (ROM) that can be erased and reprogrammed (written to) repeatedly through the application of higher than normal electrical voltage. Unlike EPROM chips, EEPROMs do not need to be removed from the computer to be modified. However, an EEPROM chip has to be erased and reprogrammed in its entirety, not selectively. It also has a limited life – that is, the number of times it can be reprogrammed is limited to tens or hundreds of thousands of times. In an EEPROM that is frequently reprogrammed while the computer is in use, the life of the EEPROM can be an important design consideration.

A special form of EEPROM is flash memory, which uses normal PC voltages for erasure and reprogramming.

Here is the video how to fix this error

Error on door of slot machine

Many times when the display on the door indicates an error condition, open and close the door to reset the game and clear the error. Open the main door which clears the current game information and a “0” appears in the Coins Played window. Closing the door resets the game and the reels will spin and stop in their last valid position. The error code should clear and the digital display returns to normal game play.

Error Code 12 Battery Voltage

To fix this error turn power off and then turn power on if the battery voltage has dropped below 2.9 V. Also replace ASAP due to possible RAM (Memory) corruption. Open / close door to clear and also Replace 3.6 V Lithium battery on CPU board.

Coin Errors

For coin errors see that comparitor is seated in all four acceptor clips and that acceptor does not have coin(s) jammed or the coin optics below comparitor is not blocked You can ensure toggle power switch is in activated position if installed.

Coin Out Tilt Hopper

Check for and clear any jammed coins in the coin out channel. Also see that the coins are not jammed behind hopper knife or see that the coin out optic sensor is not blocked by dust. If so you can replace hopper coin out optic.

Error in Extra Coin Out Hopper

To fix this see that the hopper motor brake functions properly. Check the coin wiper/ knife for jams and if so adjust them if necessary.

Hopper Empty Error

Game King Slot Machine Says Main Battery Lowest

This is the most common error that new slot machine owners will have because the cash out button was pushed and the number of coins in the hopper is less than the total credits to be paid out. You can open the main door and check the hopper for coin level (your hopper will not dispense all of the coins), refill and close the main door. You may have to do this several times for all of the credits to be paid out.

Reel Tilt Errors

You will find that there are reel tilt errors and for this see that whether the designated reel is misaligned or malfunctioning. Also check if the reel is not unplugged. You can switch connectors from one reel to another, determine if error follows change of connectors. Try replacing reel assembly or optics if error stays with bad reel. Also clear Ram and see if it works again.

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Error Codes and Fixes

During the process of clearing error codes, you may encounter multiple 6x series errors. Here are few common ones and their fixes

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This means Bad (or cleared) CMOS RAM data You can Press test button 3 seconds Error code 61-1 should now be displayed. Now close door, turn and release reset key once. Same for game data reset.

Bad Game EPROM or Data EPROM Error

Check circuit board and replace Game EPROM. For Data EPROM error check circuit board and replace Reel EPROM

Game King Slot Machine Says Main Battery Lowering

Bad EPROM Device or Bad EPROM Data or Game Type Mismatch

Press self test switch for 3 seconds If error will not clear replace EPROM Also if the processor could not read or write to the named chip Press test button for 3 seconds Error code clears from display.

Most of the errors can be resolved with little help but many need technical knowledge. Remember that if you are on a warranty or not the place or online site where you purchased a used slot machine is there to assist you with trouble shooting and repairs. They can guide you over the phone or send some mechanical and technical person to do so.