Game Of Thrones Slots Casino Free Coins Hack

Zynga has been a popular social game developer within and outside the mobile gaming industry. Home of several wholesome and family-friendly games, Zynga is no stranger to chart-topping hits on both Android and iOS platforms. CSR Racing 2, Farmville 2: Country Escape and Words With Friends 2 are some of the company’s most popular games.

  1. Game Of Thrones Slots Casino Free Coins Hacked
  2. Game Of Thrones Slots Casino Free Coins Hack Free

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With several games banking over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and each one maintaining largely positive reviews along with respectable spots in various top ten lists of mobile games, chances are that every person who has played any mobile game before has played one of Zynga’s games.

Game of Thrones Slots Casino is Zynga’s latest mobile game on iOS and Android platforms. As odd as the combination may sound, Zynga’s take on the popular Game of Thrones franchise along with its infusion into the casino genre of games actually makes the entire game twice as interesting. With over a million downloads earned since its launch, any newcomer to the game will not be surprised as to how Game of Thrones Slots Casino has kept more and more players hooked into playing it. If you enjoy games of chance and luck, then this just might be the perfect game for you.

There are numerous other casino games on the mobile gaming market but Game of Thrones Slots Casino certainly takes the cake as far as features and game modes are concerned. Some of its appeal actually come from the game backgrounds that take you back into the most memorable scenes in the series. There is hardly any need for tutorials as everything is as easy as one click. In truth, anyone can easily pick up and play the game without much worry for over-complex mechanics.

Even if you are not a fan of casinos in real-life, you can find joy and excitement in what the game has to offer. If you constantly find yourself losing your earnings and going bankrupt quickly, then that is where our Game of Thrones Slots Casino guide can help you. There won’t be any gambling tips or tricks involved in this guide, instead we will provide simple tips and strategies to ensure that you earn more coins and maximize your winnings in the game!

1. Initially Play For XP

Starting off with 100 thousand coins and set up ready to spin the slots as you dive into Game of Thrones Slots Casino leave little for you to think about as you get reeled easily into continuously spinning and watching the slots as you win some and lose some on the initial slot. Naturally, you will keep on playing as you reach new levels, unlock more features and game modes, and even earn a bigger maximum bet cap with each new level.

Regardless of how much you spend, each spin you make earns you experience points and, initially, this should be your priority. Do not mind the earnings so much as long as you can continue to play as reaching new levels will unlock more features and game modes that can boost your overall earnings and progression. While bigger bets do earn you more XP, the safer yet slower approach should be taken until after you are comfortable enough with the rate of wins and losses you will experience with every spin.

Every new level you reach earns you coins, but it may not be that much to take you through all the way to the next level. As such, learn to bet more modestly and try to go for long plays. The 100 thousand coins you will initially have, as well as some winnings and bonuses along the way may seem like a huge allowance, but at the pace your max bet can grow with each level up, you may not be able to keep playing if you lose big fast. Having an increase in the amount of your maximum bet is intrinsically designed to lull you into going big and while we do not necessarily discourage you from doing so, it is best taken on a little later in the game and when you have enough earnings to spare.

2. Set A Playing Budget

Relative to going for a more modest approach towards playing Game of Thrones Slots Casino, it is always important to consider establishing a means of managing the money you will allow yourself to spend on each casino run, yes, even in real life. This same concept applies to every virtual casino game and works well in playing Game of Thrones Slots Casino.

As we mentioned earlier, there are no tips or tricks of any sort to outsmart the roll of luck within each spin. Regardless of whether you spin one at a time or continuously, no skill can help you bank a surefire winning spin as the slots do not work in favor of more skillful eyes or hands as far as stopping the spin goes. Every spin you make on any slot is a game of chance, and truthfully enough, there will always be a bigger chance of losing than winning.

There are also no concrete tips or guides on how you should manage your coins and earnings, that should be entirely up to you, in relation to how often you play and claim the occasional freebies. The idea is to ensure that you have an allowance within the coins you have earned as savings that can be used for circumstances when you really need to have spending capital. On a more important note, practicing this strategy limits how much you lose in the event that you are just down on your luck.

Suppose you have 100 thousand coins. You can set 50 thousand as your playing budget for the session. This would mean that regardless of what happens, so long as that 50 thousand is lost, you will stop your run and continue on at a later time. When it is time again to play later, you should consider doing so at the next instance when you can claim free coins and set a new playing budget that will still leave you some coins.

3. Consider A Target Winning Amount

Relative to the strategy above, what often comes as a bigger challenge is knowing when to quit, especially when winning streaks continue to earn you more and more coins. Having a budget well within the amount of coins you already have may take some time to get used to but doing so out of habit is easier to establish. On the other hand, having your 50 thousand budget grow into twice that amount or even more, often comes with a strong temptation to continue pushing further ahead, and perhaps even more aggressively.

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Before you even begin to spin those slots, have a clear mindset of how much you are targeting to earn with each session. Suppose you want to go for a 500 thousand earnings, you do not necessarily have to stop playing when you reach that goal. Instead, if you are fortunate enough to play with 50 thousand and wound up with 550 thousand some time later, then consider banking the winnings aside and set your mind with a new amount for both playing budget and target winning amount.

4. Join A House As Soon As You Can

While there are plenty of reasons for you to play and enjoy Game of Thrones Slots Casino all on your own, there is an underlying reason why Zynga is popular for its games. That reason is the social aspect that has become an intrinsic element of its most successful titles and in Game of Thrones Slots Casino, this is partly attributable to the “House” system.

The “House” feature will be unlocked easily more or less within the first hour of gameplay and you can either build your own house or join one. There are so many existing houses to choose from when you join in on the game now and in as much as it will be a challenge to check which ones are the most active, a house with a lot of members would be a fine choice for starters.

Simply being a member of any house already has its outright rewards. Every epic win of any team member grants bonus coins to every other member so be sure to regularly visit your house as you play to claim rewards. A house with numerous active members can earn points faster so be sure to do your share and actively play once you are accepted into any house.

Spinning on any slot machine and playing Control the Keeps earns you points that contribute to your house’s chance for promotion. House ranks are per season and if your house is active enough and reach new divisions, rewards each member earns increase exponentially.

5. Add As Many Friends As You Can

In addition to people you can play with via your house in Game of Thrones Slots Casino, you can further boost earnings and further add to the fun of spinning with some friends. As soon as you are able to explore freely on the main page, be sure to click on the friends button at the bottom of the screen. You can either share your friend code via multiple social apps and earn huge amounts of coins as referral bonus or send friend requests to other players.

Having friends or even housemates join you in a session can yield better results. Whenever you take on a particular slot machine, you can freely send invites to both friends and housemates to join in. In any case, there are no downsides to having more than enough friends in the game so add as many as you can and do not shy away either from accepting friend requests.

Game Of Thrones Slots Casino Free Coins Hack

6. Complete Quests For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate earnings and rewards you receive off of spins and level ups, Game of Thrones Slots Casino provides additional means for you to even earn more coins. These can be seen through the quests available as you play the game. Unlike in most games, though, quests are only available within a certain period of time and completing all objectives earns you huge rewards.

Typically, completing a set of quests unlocks a more challenging one that offer even better rewards but on the plus side, the objectives set on these quests all relate to the usual activities you will engage in as you play the game. Just the same, be sure to always check for available quests and take note of each objective. If you can, focus on completing the quest objectives and push forward to completing as many levels as you can.

7. Collect And Upgrade As Many Cards As You Can

Another unique feature of Game of Thrones Slots Casino that sets it apart from all other casino games comes from the card collection element that you can revel in while spinning different slots. Some rewards you can earn from spinning comes in the form of chests that contain cards. Each level up of these cards earns you tons of coins and being able to collect enough to upgrade all the available cards can net you the grand prize.

And that sums up everything we have for you as far as our Game of Thrones Slots Casino beginner’s guide is concerned. We certainly hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you goes a long way to help you towards conquering all of Westeros and finding your way to sit on the iron throne. Again, always plan ahead in terms of ceiling and floor limits as far as spending coins go as you can spin away all your winnings as fast as or even faster than you earned them.

The smarter approach towards maximizing your winnings comes with patience and control, as well as quick intermittent check-ins on the game to claim free chests and bonuses from housemates regularly. If you have some tips and strategies in mind to add to what we have already discussed, we would love to hear them from you so do not hesitate to share them with us!
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Game Of Thrones Slots Casino Free Coins Hacked

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