How To Animate A Slot Machine Gif

Well, I think you noticed that I use a lot of animations in my travel videos. For my next video, I work on a slot machine, which I designed in Adobe After Effects, based on a drawing of such machine. So my job is to animate it and to add some features, such as blinking lights and the game itself.

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How To Animate A Slot Machine Gif

Slot Machine Animated Gifs conditions of a given bonus well in advance. Provided you meet a casino’s requirements regarding a particular bonus, you could benefit from extra casino cash, free spins as well as an opportunity to win even bigger prizes. Want this project file? Today we go over a cool and simple slot machine/roulette type design. Super easy to make, and looks awesom.

And this is what it looks like when it’s more or less ready to be used in my video:

It took many hours to create it, because the animation consists of lots of different objects that have to be animated separately using Keyframes. But I think the end result is worth it and it is always a lot of fun to be creative! I believe that all the animations that I use are a good way to set myself apart from other travel Youtubers :-). I think many travel videos lack animations! Most Youtubers simply don’t want to spend a lot of time for that.


Animated Slot Machine Gif

What do you guys think? Do you enjoy animations?

Type names, one per line, and hit 'Save'. Online casino product manager. Empty lines will be ignored.
Names will be save in your browser and will be available next time you open the site.

Double-click the set number to use the names in the Slot Machine.

How to Play Slot Machine

To play slot machine, just click the 'Play' button. After the spinning stopped, the winner will be displayed.

After the winner is displayed, the 'Remove Winner Name' button will appear so you can remove the winner. You can display back all the removed names in the current set of names by clicking the 'Reset Names' button.

To customize the names, just click on the 'Name Sets' button at the top. A pop-up box will appear for you to change the name. Click 'Save' button when you're done. By default, the spinwheel will display the most popular names of both male and female.

How To Animate A Slot Machine Gif Animation