How To Make Diy Slot Machine Arduino

This slot machine is unlike any slot machine you’ve ever encountered. This slot machine isn’t going to try to cheat you out of your money.

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CNC Routers are the CNC machines of choice for woodworkers, and they make an amazing addition to any woodworking shop. A typical DIY CNC Router has fairly loose tolerances compared to a milling machine or lathe, but is capable of much tighter tolerances than most other woodworking. How to make a Mini Casino Slot Machine game DIY. This video presents you how to make a slot machine game from cardboard. An addictive multiplayer cycling gam. I am a newbie to Arduino and electronics, but I have some knowledge of visual basic and c programming. What I wish to do is make a japanese slot machine with skill stop function. I am thinking of using: - 1 x Arduino Mega 2560 - 3 x Bi directional stepper motor 12V, 0,33A for the slot machine wheels - 3 x SN754410ne H-Bridge. Making the Bed and Y Axis. The bed (Y axis) is comprised of two 500mm or 800mm V-slot rails arranged in parallel. There are four plastic pieces that hold two wheels each, allowing for easy travel of the bed along the rails. I also ran a timing belt across the Y axis under the bed, so that when the Y axis stepper rotates the belt moves.

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Components and supplies

About this project

What is this slot machine?

early testing

This slot machine is unlike any slot machine you’ve ever encountered and it won't try to cheat you out of your money. It does not require any real money to play. The flashing lights, tempting sounds, and animations; this slot machine is meant to be a fun piece of interactive art.

How does this slot machine differ from a traditional real one?

  • Each reel is exactly the same having 7 different symbols. Most slot machines have reels that do not have the same number of symbols ( >11-21 different symbols ) and, more often than not, include empty spaces.
  • The cherry bomb will win when it stops on any reel. More credits for two, and all three will trigger the animation.
  • Each symbol has an associated animation and accompanying audio which is triggered when all three reels stop on the same symbol.

The cabinet portion of the slot machine is painted wood. The handle is aluminum tubing with a heavy plastic ball attached to the player’s end. The handle functionality works using an interior door handle assembly for a closet door. Three (3) x LED Matrices (8 x 8) resolution make the reels and an 8 digit 7-segment display module for the credits. The red button activates the spin, same as the handle switch, and the reels change for a moment stopping one-by-one. The black button increases the credits. Acrylic sheet plastic is used for the screen and upper display. Sound effects and flashing lights have been incorporated into the project and programmed to enhance the experience. Power to the Arduino Nano expansion board directly can be either USB or the standard 9-12v DC adapter.

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Cory Potter
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May 17, 2016
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Diy Arduino Board

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How To Make Diy Slot Machine Arduino Projects

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Introduction: Arduino Slot Machine

One of my earlier Instructables details a small slot machine that I built to entertain my grandkids. I used my favorite PIC microcontroller to run it but lately I’ve been on an Arduino kick so I thought I would make a version for the few people who may not be PIC microcontroller/assembly language fans. Ok, so maybe it’s more than a few.

I won’t rehash the details as to the components and physical build of the slot machine. You can see those pictures and details in my previous Instructable. In essence, everything is the same except that the Arduino takes the place of the PIC.

Step 1: Hardware

The schematic is shown above. Again, it is the same as the original PIC version except for the swap of the Arduino for the PIC. I also deleted the external pull-up resistor on the switch input because the Arduino internal pull-up is used. I use a large character 1601 display but the software works just fine with a standard 1602. Can you win playing slot machines.

How To Make Diy Slot Machine Arduino Step By Step

Step 2: Software

The software is pretty much a direct translation of the PIC assembly routines into C++/Arduino commands. The main routine just loops continuously until the button on the coin switch is pressed. While the main routine is looping, it is incrementing the variable “Random”. It will simply overflow back to zero the cycle after it hits 255. When the “Spin” routine is called it just goes through a list of checks on the value in “Random” to determine if a winner has occurred. The odds are set at 8:1 but it can be easily changed by modifying the winning values in “Spin”. If a matching value is not found, then the “Loser” routine displays digits loosely based on the value of “Random”. A test is done to ensure that an accidental match of digits doesn’t occur.

As in the original PIC software, the “Clickit” routine simulates the sound of the wheels turning. If a winning value is found, then the LEDs alternately flash and a trigger pulse is sent to the ISD1820 Sound Module. You can record whatever short message you want to play. Mine says “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”. The grandkids are young enough that they actually think that’s funny.

Part way through the LED flashing and message playing the trap door will be opened. It is controlled by a simple 12-volt solenoid latch that is driven by a generic power N-FET transistor. The coin door must be manually pushed back up to latch it again. That’s it for this post. Check out my other Instructables. If you are interested in PIC projects take a look at my website:

How To Build An Arduino

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