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How to check RAM slots available on Windows 10. To confirm the number of memory slots available on your computer or laptop, use these steps on Windows 10. Open Start.; Search for Task Manager. I will take Acer Predator Helios 300 for explaining, In image 1 below RAM and HDD back covers are open. In image 2 below you can clearly see there are two RAMs inserted, hence there are only two RAM slots in Helios 300. Empty RAM slots. Open the Task Manager and go to the Performance tab. Select ‘Memory’ and under the memory graph, look for the Slots used field. It will tell you how many of the total slots are currently in use. In the screenshot below, the system has a total of 2 slots, and one of them is in use.

But the system won't boot. I did this mod and get all the LED's to light. Would it be advisable to jump one of the reds to this orange to bring it to 5 volts?Does anyone know where the orange +5 is supposed to come from and why it may not be working?Thanks.Logged. Eleco slot machine power supply pinout. Boards were tested in another machine and are good.Here's what I just found, when testing the voltages coming out of the old williams supply - everything works according to cfh's guidelines, but the orange cable, which is supposed to be 5v from the old supply is reading 0 volts.

Can i play online casino with prepaid card. You can open a prepaid card by arranging a paycheck to be deposited directly to the card. After this, you can now transfer money or funds from your checking account.

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Lil Red Riches slot machine game that is powered by WMS is a groundbreaking 10-reel video slot, which impresses gambling fans with delicate nature, pictorial symbols, and satisfactory rates of return. Being designed by WMS, which is a gigantic casino software provider, the developers of which transformed Lil Red Riches online casino slot game into an aspiring experience. Circulating over the theme of fairy tales and notions of witches, Lil Red Riches online slot is a wild adventure; so let’s find out some technical information on the game.

Tech Information:

  • Software: WMS
  • Type: Video Slots
  • Theme: Fairy Tale
  • Number of Reels: 10
  • Number of Pay Lines: 100

Special Features:

  • Free Spins
  • Wild Symbol
  • Multipliers
  • Autoplay
  • Scatters

Game Features:

As for the main features of Lil Red Riches casino slot for real money, one may underline the 100-pay line essence of the WMS’ unique adventure. Try pressing a Spin button and dive into a unique structure of reels, which include both Main and Colossal sets. This particular division of reels stands out as the main difference between Free Lil Red Riches slot game and other video slots. The total pay win is generally reflected on the paytable with the bet configuration, which range from 0.10 to 500. The game shares various symbols, including a charming girl, grandma, daisies, card suits, and basket. All of the mentioned symbols pay different monetary wins for you. Wild Symbol is probably the most exciting part of the entire gameplay process. It is considered to be wild for all symbols except for the Feature type of icons. This Feature symbol grants gambling fans with free spins, whereas the place on the reels happen in both Main and Colossal sets. If you managed to land Feature symbol on the first, third, and fifth reel, you are expected to get from eight up to twenty free spins with different multipliers. Lil Red Riches flee slot stands out as the preferable video slot for the high-risk and high-reward style of gameplay.

Game Plot

Most of the attention dedicated to this particular WMS’ game relates to the title. The story about Little Red Riding Hood is genuinely a sinister narrative, but you shouldn’t be that scared of those evil Lil Red Riches. The graphics, design, and animation are soft and intuitive, whereas the wicked wolf will help you to secure some lovely winning combinations. The theme is definitely a captivating one if you are aware of the classic story; however, a Lil Red Riches slot review may expand the narrative even more. By creating a field for your imagination, the graphical touches and unique sound effects will relocate you in the marvelous story of Little Red Riding Hood.


So what’s the entire Lil Red Riches slot game is about? WMS, as usual, created one of the most memorable experiences throughout the merger of unique atmosphere, vibrant graphics, and generous multipliers at our recommended Android minimum deposit casinos. The stacked wilds on the separate Colossal reel set is a unique addition, which may keep the players intrigued by such a brave addition.

IGT is known for its high-quality video slot machines that use different themes, and Texas Tea slots is no exception. Do not let the name fool you though: This is not your 'ordinary' tea: In Texas, people drink petrol as a hot beverage 🙂 And this is what Texas Tea slots game is all about – oil wells, big cars, armadillos, and for some reason, bulls. In other words, everything that comes to mind when someone says 'Texas'.

Free Texas Tea Slots Review

In this review, we will take a closer look at this beautiful video slot game, explain its rules & how to play it, and give you some tips that will help you to score more winnings. Let’s start: Those oil wells won’t dig themselves!

Feature List of Free Texas Tea Slots

Let’s start by listing the common features of Texas Tea slots:

  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 9
  • Theme: America, Wild West, Desert
  • Symbol Count: 9 normal, 2 special
  • Bonus Symbols: Yes, 2 in total
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes, 2 in total
  • Minimum Bet: 1.00 (per line)
  • Maximum Bet: 300 (per line)
  • Automatic Spin: Yes, up to 50
  • RTP: 96.20%
  • Maximum Payout: 100 X Total Bet
  • Mobile Compatibility: Limited

We will explain all of these features in detail below. For now, know that this is a classic video slot machine that has a simple ruleset. It can be played both by beginners and professionals. Even if you haven’t played a video slot before, you can learn everything you need to know in 5 minutes. Speaking of which, here is how you can start playing Texas Tea slots.

How to Play Texas Tea

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the interface. All of the buttons we need to press are located either at the top or at the bottom. Texas Tea has a unique interface: Paytable and help buttons are located on the top, and all other buttons are at the very bottom. These are the most important buttons at the top you should know about:

  • Pays: This one opens the paytable of the game. Paytables are important in all slot machines, as they contain the symbol payouts and explain the rules of the game. We highly recommend taking a look at the paytable of the Texas Tea slot before starting to play. It will explain how you can trigger the bonus rounds too.
  • Help: This button is shown with a question mark. It opens a new page/tab which shows a longer version of the paytable. All rules and important things you should know are located on this page. Take a look at this one too.

And now, we can start explaining the buttons at the bottom.

  • Lines: Texas Tea slot game has 9 pay lines, and you can change the number of these lines from here. It is even possible to play with only 1 line if you choose to do so. Lowering the number of lines has some advantages but also some disadvantages – we will mention these in the tips & tricks section. For now, leave this one at 9.
  • Line Bet: This shows how many coins you bet on per line.
  • Total Bet: This shows your total bet amount per spin. Know that 'line bet' and 'total bet' are different from each other but related. If you are playing with 9 pay lines and bet coin one each line, the total cost per spin will be 9 coins, for example (1 x 9). This one shows the true cost of spinning the reels.
  • Win: This box shows how much you win.
  • Balance: Your total for the game. In the demo version, you get a fixed amount of 2.000 coins. In the real money version, your balance is set by you and according to your budget. If this figure reaches zero, you won’t be able to spin the reels.
  • Auto Spin: If you think spinning the reels manually is boring, you can click here and make them turn by their own. It is possible to spin the reels 50 times automatically.
  • Options: Shown with a wrench button, this one opens a small menu which you can change graphics quality. Unless you are playing on a potato-level PC, you can choose the 'best' graphics setting. If you experience any lags, lower the quality.

And of course, we have a yellow round button at the middle, which we will use to start the game and spin the reels. Let’s click on them and start playing free Texas Tea slots, shall we?

How to Win in Free Texas Tea Slots

As it is the case for all video slot machines, your goal in Texas Tea is to land at least two same symbols next to each other on a pay line. This is actually an advantage because most of the video slots will require landing at least three symbols. Texas Tea, on the other hand, gives you a prize for less.

Before we continue, we should explain what pay lines are. These are actual lines that connect both sides of the reels. They are not straight lines and look like a “zig-zag” – each line passes on one spot on each of the reels. This is where you need to place the symbols, and only the ones that are placed left to right will count. Texas Tea has 9 of these lines, so there are a lot of combinations you can use to score a winning.

Click on the yellow round button to start, the reels will start to spin. When they stop, all of the symbols will land in random places. And if the same symbols land on a pay line, you will get paid according to the paytable. Each symbol set has a different prize. If you score a winning, you can see what the pay lines look like too. And this is the only thing you need to know about playing Texas Tea slots: Press on the yellow round button, see if you have scored a winning, and keep pressing the same button. This will only change when you trigger a bonus round, which we will explain below.

Texas Tea Slots Symbol List & Payouts

We mentioned that each symbol set pays a different amount. So, what are they? What kind of prizes can you expect? Texas Tea has 9 symbols in total, each one is related to the theme. Unlike many other video slots, there are no play card signs in this game (K, Q, J, 10, etc.) which is a plus because this type of signs always pays less. Let’s take a look at the symbol payouts, then we will explain what they mean.

Texas Tea (logo)101001.00010.000
Yellow Flower1025100
Blue Flower1025100
Orange Flower1025100

Here is what you need to understand from this table:

  • The logo of the game is the most valued symbol. It even pays a prize for landing 1: You get 2 coins for a single logo. And if you manage to land 5 of them, you hit the jackpot.
  • The flower symbols do not pay for landing 2. You must land at least three of them to qualify for a prize.
  • These payout rates do not change according to your bet amount. This is actually a huge advantage, which we will explain in detail below.

Texas Tea does not have a wild symbol. In other words, you don’t get a symbol that can substitute others. But this is not a bad thing because, in exchange, you get two bonus symbols which you can use to trigger bonus rounds. And one of them is a scatter, which pays a prize no matter where it lands on the reels. Let’s take a look at these special symbols and their effects.

Texas Tea Bonus Rounds

There are two special symbols in Texas Tea slots. One of them is a scatter and the other one is a bonus symbol. Scatter is very useful because it is the only sign that does not need to be placed on a pay line. That’s right: No matter where they land on the reels, scatter symbols still give you a prize. And the scatter symbol of Texas Tea pays in multipliers, which is a huge advantage. This means that as soon as you see the scatter on reels, you can be sure that you will get a huge reward, whether it has landed on a pay line or not. Let’s explain it first.

Scatter: This symbol is shown with a picture of a cartoon cowboy. You need to land at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to qualify for a prize. The payouts of the symbol are as follows:

  • 3 scatter symbols pay 3x, 8x, 15x, or 25x the total bet
  • 4 scatter symbols pay 8x, 10x, 25x, 40x, or 50x the total bet
  • 5 scatter symbols pay 20x, 30x, 50x, 75x, or 100x the total bet.

This means you can win up to 90.000 coins if you play with the maximum bet amount and land 5 scatter symbols. What kind of multiplier you will get depends on being lucky, but all of the numbers look quite good. Simply put, you get at least 3x or maximum 100x the total bet amount, as soon as you land scatter symbols.

Bonus: and now, let’s explain how the bonus round works. This one gets activated automatically by landing at least three Oil Derrick symbols. Doing so will launch a secondary screen, where you will play a mini-game. You get to pick three drilling locations on a map of America, and once you selected all regions, your oil derricks start to work. The prize amount depends on how successful your derricks are, and it is completely random. It is possible to win up to 1.485 coins during this bonus round. The number of bonus symbols affects your possible cash prize amount too, such as:

  • 3 bonus symbols per line pay 5 to 100 coins per oil derrick
  • 4 bonus symbols per line pay 5 to 200 coins per oil derrick
  • 5 bonus symbols per line pay 5 to 495 coins per oil derrick.

Once you complete the mini-game, you will be taken to the usual screen automatically, and the cash prize you have won will be transferred to your balance. It is possible to trigger this round multiple times. This is the only bonus round you get in Texas Tea slots. Unfortunately, there is no a free spins round in this game. This is not a bad thing actually, the bonus round we explained below is fun and gives satisfying rewards.

RTP Percentage of Texas Tea and What It Means

According to the paytable, the RTP (return to player) percentage of Texas Tea slots is in between 87.50% (minimum) and 96.20% (maximum). RTP is a rate that shows how much money you will be able to win back in the long run. Here is a simple example: if this rate is 95%, and you invested 100 EUR, you can expect to win back 95 EUR of your investment in the long run. In other words, your losses will be limited to 5 EUR.

The same thing applies to free Texas Tea slots too. The RTP rate is 96.20%, which means you will be able to win 96.20 EUR back of every 100 EUR you invest. This is a very good rate because the overall RTP percentage of video slots is 95% on average. Texas Tea offers more than this, so your winning frequency will be quite satisfying.

Tips on Winning Texas Tea Slots: Everything You Need to Know

Nobody can guarantee a winning on slot machines. There are no 'systems' that work, it is as simple as that. The results of all spins are determined by an RNG (random number generator), so it is impossible to predict the outcome. That being said, we still have some tips and tricks that will help you while playing Texas Tea slots:

  • We mentioned that the paytable is fixed and does not change according to the bet amount. This is actually a big advantage because it means you can play Texas Tea with the lowest bet amount and still win the same prizes. If you are on a budget, lower your total wager. However, note that scatter symbols pay in multipliers which are determined according to the total bet amount. In other words, by lowering the bet amount you will be able to play more, but the scatter prizes will be less too.
  • Changing the pay line numbers is possible, as we explained above, and lowering them will lower your total bet amount too. However, we don’t recommend doing so. If you lower the number of pay lines, there will be fewer combinations for the symbols to land. It will negatively affect your winning chance. Instead, just play with the minimum bet amount and do not change the pay line numbers: Always play with 9.
  • Triggering the bonus round and the scatter payout is completely random. You cannot increase your chances in this regard. There is no 'secret' that will allow you to trigger them more often.

I3670-5207blk-pus Free Ram Slots Downloads

Free Texas Tea Slots or the Real Money Version?

This debate is unnecessary, in our opinion. This is because you need to play both. Demo versions of video slot machines are no different than the real money versions in terms of rules and the winning chances. You are still playing the same game. The only thing different is the balance: In demo games, it is virtual. In real money slots, it is real. That’s it: There are no other differences.

This applies to the Texas Tea slot game too, of course. Free Texas Tea slots and the real money version are the same game, and you should start with the demo version in order to learn the game rules. By doing that, you can learn everything that is important without taking any financial risks. More importantly, you can learn whether this game is for you or not. And once you are satisfied, you can switch to the real money version easily. So there is no need to pick only one option. Play both versions of the game. Slotozilla offers you the free version of Texas Tea slots and shows which online casinos are the best to play this game with real money.

Texas Tea Mobile Compatibility

I3670-5207blk-pus Free Ram Slots No Deposit

Texas Tea is one of the early games of IGT, which means it is developed with Flash. Unfortunately, for the same reason, the mobile compatibility of the game is limited. You won’t have a problem with Android devices, but iOS devices may be problematic, due to them not supporting Flash platform.

Practise Free Texas Tea Slots As Long As You Want!

Start your journey with the free Texas Tea slots and play it as long as you want: No download and no registration are needed. And once you played enough, pick one of our recommended online casinos to try your chance with real money. If you liked this game, do not forget to take a look at other IGT slots too: Slotozilla offers you the entire collection of this provider, for free!