Is Slot Machine A Proper Noun

Hard rock slot machines. No matter what level you play, there are a variety of options for everyone.

Slot machine noun. Step machine noun. Time machine noun. Wave machine noun. Answering machine noun. Change machine noun. Coffee machine noun. Franking machine noun. Machine language noun. More dictionary definitions. British English: slot machine / slɒt məˈʃiːn / NOUN A slot machine is a machine from which you can get food or cigarettes or on which you can gamble. You make it work by putting coins into a slot.

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Nouns And Proper Nouns

a piece of equipment with moving parts that does work when it is given power from electricity, gasoline, etc.
  • Do you know how to operate/use/run this machine?
  • The machine is broken.
  • machine-sorted mail [=mail that is sorted by using a machine]
  • a coffee/soda/ice/cash machine [=a machine from which you can get coffee/soda/ice/cash]
often used to refer informally to a specific type of machine
  • Are there any new messages on the machine? [=on the answering machine]
  • I have a load of laundry in the machine. [=in the washing machine]
  • I'm having software problems on my machine. [=computer]
see also answering machine, flying machine, rowing machine, sewing machine, slot machine, time machine, vending machine, voting machine, washing machine
informal:a vehicle (such as a car or motorcycle)
3 a :a person or group that does something efficiently, quickly, or repeatedly like a machine
  • My younger brother is an eating machine.
b :a powerful and well-organized group
  • a politician who dared to challenge the local party machine
  • Their army is a well-oiled machine.
Is Slot Machine A Proper Noun:with a machine
  • The mail used to be sorted by hand but is sorted now by machine.

— machinelike

/məˈʃiːnˌlaɪk/Machineadjective[more machinelike; most machinelike]


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(pluralslot machines)

  1. Any machine operated by placing a coin or token into a slot.
  2. A gambling machine so operated; a fruit machine or one-armed bandit.
  3. A vending machine.

A List Of Proper Nouns


  • 2005 Benjamin Crowell - The Modern Revolution in Physics
    As an illustration of a general technique for calculating odds, suppose you are playing a 25-cent slot machine.
  • 1998 Eva Hemmungs Wirtén - Global Infatuation: explorations in transnational publishing and texts
    The paperback selling slot-machine was only one resourceful trade invention, . . .


  • fruit machine (UK)
  • poker machine (US, Australia, New Zealand)
  • pokie machine (Australia, New Zealand)

Derived terms[edit]


Is Slot Machine A Proper Noun Sentences

  • Armenian: սլոտ-մեքենա(slot-mekʿena)
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 角子機, 角子机(jiǎozijī), 老虎機(zh), 老虎机(zh)(lǎohǔjī)
  • Dutch: automaat(nl)m
  • Finnish: kolikkoautomaatti(fi), kolikkopeli(fi)
  • French: machine à sous(fr)f
  • German: Münzautomatm
  • Greek: κουλοχέρης(el)m(koulochéris)
  • Hungarian: játékgép
  • Irish: meaisín sliotáinm
  • Japanese: スロットマシン(surotto mashin)
  • Korean: 슬롯머신(seullonmeosin)
  • Russian: слот-маши́на(ru)f(slot-mašína), автома́т(ru)m(avtomát)

A Proper Noun Is

  • Armenian: սլոտ-մեքենա(slot-mekʿena)
  • Chinese:
    Cantonese: 老虎機, 老虎机(lou5 fu2 gei1)
    Mandarin: 遊戲機(zh), 游戏机(zh)(yóuxìjī), 老虎機(zh), 老虎机(zh)(lǎohǔjī)
  • Dutch: speelautomaat(nl)m, fruitautomaat(nl)m, gokautomaat(nl)m, gokkast(nl)c
  • Finnish: peliautomaatti, hedelmäpeli(fi), kolikkopeli(fi)
  • French: machine à sous(fr)f
  • German: Spielautomat(de)m
  • Hungarian: félkarú rabló
  • Japanese: スロットマシン(surotto mashin)
  • Korean: 슬롯머신(seullonmeosin)
  • Russian: игрово́й автома́тm(igrovój avtomát), игра́льный автома́тm(igrálʹnyj avtomát)
  • Spanish: tragamonedasf(Latin America), tragaperrasf(Spain)
  • Swedish: enarmad bandit(sv)c
  • Finnish: seiskakolmosetpl
  • Hungarian: hetes drill


Is Slot Machine A Proper Noun Words

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