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Values for JENNINGS CHIEF INDIAN FRONT SLOT MACHINE. Dime slot machine with nickel plated front. Marquee also reads “Tic Tac Toe”. X to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. 1645: Jennings Wild Indian - 10c 1646: Jennings Wild Indian - 10c 1647: Jennings Wild Indian - 10c 1648: Jennings Wild Indian - 10c 1649: Jennings Wild Indian - 10c 1650: Jennings Wild Indian - 5 cent 1651: Jennings Wild Indian - 50c 1652: Jennings Wild Indian - 5c 1653: Jennings Wild Indian - 5c 1654: Jennings Win-A-Pack 1655: Jennings Witch.


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Jennings Slot Machine Big Indiana

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After the purchase of a manual, you will be returned to our web where you will see a link so that you can immediately download your purchase. In addition you will receive an email containing these same links. Take note that the links expire after 72 hours and downloads are limited.

This Manual is in a PDF format. Original Jennings brown cover manual for mechanical slot machines of the Chief Model line like the Sun Chief. A parts and service manual called: Your New Jennings Chief Machine, about 36 pages. This is a copy of a original Jennings Mechanical slot machine owner's manual. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $17.95
Jennings slot machines
Jennings Cig Rola OperatingGuide and Service Manual
This Manual is in a PDF format. Service and Operations manual for the Jennings Cig-Rola slot machine. This manual is very difficult to find. 27 pages of information including instructions, diagrams and troubleshooting tips. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $22.95
This Manual is in a PDF format. Called: JENNINGS Parts Catalog And Service Manual Chief-Type Machines. This is a great manual, and is the manual that came with your new Jennings slot machine. It's about 44 pages and good and clear scan of the original manual. Very helpful, and has some adjustment, and repair information, how to load the jackpot, etc., etc., included in the pages, about 44 pages. Instant download after purchase.

Jennings Slot Machine For Sale

Price: $19.95
This Manual is in a PDF format. 45 pages. I have never found an actual manual for the Jennings Little Duke Mechanical slot machine, so I have put together this package of information, which includes items like adjustments, history, many photo's showing different models, the companies who make reproduction parts for it and what is available in these parts catalogs. I'll keep looking for a duke specific manual but this is all I can find on it and this should be very helpful as it is. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $14.95
This Manual is in a PDF format. This is a very hard manual to get your hands on, and the only one I know of, for the Jennings Model 400 series electronic Jennings slot machine. It's about 72 pages so there is enough information in here to keep you real busy. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $24.95
This Manual is in a PDF format. This is a great Jennings Mechanism Manual for the Victoria Models, it's a green covered manual that reads: Jennings Victoria Mechanism, General Instruction Book, How to make adjustments and replacements, about 39 pages. Instant download after purchase,
Price: $14.95
This Manual is in a PDF format. For The Jennings Chief. Super good scan of the original handbook that came with new machine. This is really a very good manual, the parts and parts numbers are shown by red arrows, very nice! It's about 28 pages and in color. This book is a little different as it also shows the trade token separators on the escalator and associated linkage. I could never find a manual that would detail the type of escalator my Jennings had, and then I found this one. A very nice book for the Jennings machine. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $19.95