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Positive & Negative Reviews: my KONAMI Slots - Free Vegas Casino Slot Machines - 9 Similar Apps, 6 Review Highlights & 527,588 Reviews. Relax at home with Fun Casino games for FREE! Play Social Casino Slots. Top five Konami slot games. Players looking to try out some of Konami’s hottest offerings can keep an eye out for the following games. 1 Dragon’s Law Twin Fever: A fun, Chinese dragon-themed slot machine, featuring five reels and 30 paylines. Konami is targeting about 12 percent of the slot-machine market in Japan casinos, in line with its current share in the U.S., Sakamoto said. He predicts there could be about 10,000 machines with.

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Konami slots have been celebrated for years due to their
creativity and payout percentages, and they’ve firmly staked
their claim to a significant portion of the casino gaming
market. Whether you’re a longtime fan of these games or only
discovering them for the first time, this article is designed to
teach you more about the company’s history, their catalogue of
products, and some of the inherent advantages to playing their

About Konami

In 1969, Kagemasa Kozuki started a company in Osaka, Japan,
to repair and rent jukeboxes. It had grown substantially by
1973, which is the year when Konami Industry Co., Ltd.
officially came into existence. The name Konami was arrived at
by taking the first two letters of Kozuki’s name, as well as
those of colleagues Yoshinobu Nakama, and Tatsuo Miyasako.

The company then shifted their focus to creating games for
arcades, and 1978 saw their first release. They were exporting
to the United States by the following year, and they would enjoy
great success with arcade classics such as Frogger.

Konami was involved in the creation of PC games by 1982, and
their first offices opened in American the same year. They
designed a number of titles for the Japanese-created Famicom
home gaming system, and this marriage paid huge dividends when
it was marketed in the United States as the Nintendo
Entertainment System. Some of Konami’s top selling games for
this system included Metal Gear and the horror-themed
Castlevania franchise.

The company experienced massive growth during the 1990s,
which included expanding operations around the globe, getting
into the development of slot machines, and further adding to
their portfolio of games with the creation of Dance Dance
Revolution. By 2003, they had been listed on the stock exchanges
in London, Tokyo, and New York (although they would delist
themselves from the latter in 2015 following the cancellation of
the video game Silent Hills).

When it comes to their slot machine operations, Konami has
two primary locations. Their 120,000 square foot facility in Las
Vegas is situated next to McCarran International Airport and
provides games to North America, Latin America, Europe,
Singapore, and Macau. Their other offices, located in Botany,
New South Wales, services clients in Australia, New Zealand,
Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and South Africa.

The company is currently known as Konami Holdings
Corporation, a name alteration that came about in October 2015.
As of this writing, founder Kagemasa Kozuki remains the chairman
of the organization.

From their humble beginnings as a jukebox repair and rental
operation, Konami has grown to become one of the top names in
the world of video games and slot machines. Their products are
consistently on the cutting edge, whether it involves
technological innovations or consumer needs. While their slots
are currently enjoyed in most parts of the world, perhaps their
greatest fame came as game designers for the NES system.

Types of Konami Slots

Konami is known throughout the gaming industry for their
versatility and willingness to meet the ever-changing demands of
customers. They accomplish this by creating slots for every
possible demographic, and the following list provides numerous
examples of the games types currently offered.

  • Advantage 3 High Denomination
  • Advantage 5
  • Advantage Revolution
  • Advantage+ 27 Ways
  • Advantage+ 5 Lines
  • KonXion
  • KonXion 4-5-4-5-4
  • Monument
  • Multiple Lines 15 Reels
  • Multiple Lines 4-5-5-5-4
  • Rapid Revolver
  • ReEleven
  • Roku Reels
  • ScatterReels
  • Stand Alone Progressive
  • Standard 5 Reel
  • Twin Play
  • Ultra Reels

In addition to these impressive-sounding game types, most
slots from Konami also come with various features built into
their machines. Some notable examples include the following.

Action Stacked Symbols

Appearing randomly at the beginning of a spin, this feature
allows one of the game’s 10 primary symbols to replace the icons
on multiple reel spots. The result is a concentration of winning
symbols, activating free games and increased combo payouts.

Balance of Fortune

When the player hits three to five symbols of a certain type,
they receive either 5, 10, or 15 free spins. Wins are doubled
during this phase, and the feature can be re-triggered during
the bonus spins.

Mirror Reels

This feature shows up randomly in participating games,
allowing one to five reels on the machine to mirror each

Multi Mystery Xtra Reward

This feature allows the following to occur individually or in
conjunction with one another: XL wild reels, mystery wild reels,
and free reels.

Secret Power Symbols

The chosen reel lights up in red, and all blank spaces are
transformed into wilds.

Xtra Reward

Requires an additional ante wager to be made, but getting the
correct symbols leads to an even larger payout.

Konami has never been content with the status quo, which is
why their gaming division is always creating new and innovative
features. Over 15 categories of slots are available to casinos,
and most of these have one or more special features to set them
apart from the competition.

/mystic-lake-slot-machines.html. Slots Grab some friends or meet new ones when you sit down at one of the hottest machines around, or a classic favorite. Try your luck at traditional single game slots, multi-game machines, touch-screen, or even progressive jackpots.

Konami Online Casinos Slots

Konami slots started popping up at online casinos in 2014,
and they’ve already begun to establish themselves as a growing
force in the virtual casino business. A number of leading
Internet gaming establishments now feature their products
alongside competitors such as Microgaming, and the Japanese
company’s reputation continues to be among the best in the
industry. Some of their more popular titles include China
Shores, Treasure Voyage, and Ancient Dragon.

While they’re relatively new to the online gaming scene when
compared to the competition, Konami has managed to make serious
inroads thanks to a number of advantages. First, they’ve been a
leading force in the progressive jackpot market for years, and
this has proven to be a surefire way to bring in players. The
second reason comes down to selection, as Konami has hundreds of
land-based games that can easily be converted for online play.

Konami Slot Machine Apps

If you prefer to stay away from online casinos and limit your
gaming to mobile apps, then you’ll be delighted to know that
Konami has entered into a number of partnerships to make their
leading slots available for iPhone and Android users.


Here are a couple of the leading examples, both of which are
available from the Google Play store.

Konami Slots

Developed by PlayStudios and updated regularly, this mobile
app includes authentic land-based slots from Konami, such as
Lion Festival and China Mystery. The game is free to download,
but in-app products can be purchased from $0.99 to $99.99 per
item. New slots are added all the time, and a number of
progressive jackpots are always waiting to increase your virtual
bankroll. Free bonus chips are made available throughout the
day, and frequent players can rack up loyalty points to spend on
meals, shows, cruises, and even VIP access to the hottest

Foxwoods Slots

Mobile phone and tablet users can recreate the thrill of
playing at the famous Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. No matter
what time of the day, you can try your luck at virtual versions
of slot classics such as China Shores and Starry Night. It’s
free to download and play, and you’ll receive $5,000 in
complimentary credits just for signing up. Follow your progress
on the leaderboards, get free credits just for logging in, and
get points added to your Foxwoods Rewards Card. If you want to
improve your chances of winning, in-app purchases can be made
from $1.99 to $199.99 per item.

Konami Slot Machine Music

Keep in mind that almost all the slot apps you’ll come across
are free to download and play. The designers make their money on
the in-game items that you’re tempted to buy in order to improve
your level of success, and some of these can be surprisingly
expensive. While you won’t receive any cash for success on the
reels, you may be able to earn points that can be redeemed at
restaurants, clubs, or land-based casinos.

While Konami is famous for land-based slot machines, they
also provide titles for online casinos and mobile apps. Their
selection may not be as massive as a rival such as Aristocrat,
but their pedigree in the gaming industry can’t be denied. Apps
featuring Konami slots are normally free to download, although
there’s often a strong temptation for players to purchase
in-game packages in order to improve their standing.


Konami Executive Team

Every Konami slot machine starts with a great idea, and it’s
up to the executive team to ensure that these concepts make a
smooth transition from the drawing board to the assembly line.
While being familiar with the company’s head honchos won’t
result in more jackpots, at least you’ll know who to blame after
a decidedly unprofitable session.

Satoshi Sakamoto

The CEO and President of Konami
Gaming Inc., Mr. Sakamoto oversees all facets of the
American and Australian companies. Since these two branches
manufacture all slots for the company, every game that winds
up on a casino floor has been personally approved by him.

Steve Sutherland

Employed by Konami since 2000, Mr.
Sutherland is responsible for marketing, sales, and research
and development for Europe, South America, and North
America. Prior to working for other firms in the industry,
he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College.

Ryoichi Kimura

After earning a Bachelor of Economics
and working with an international company for 28 years, Mr.
Kimura joined the Konami team in 2006. His responsibilities
include accounting, supply chain management, budgeting,
corporate planning, and human resources.

Thomas A. Jingoli

In addition to looking like a
character in a Martin Scorsese mob movie, Mr. Jingoli serves
as the Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer.
With degrees in economics and hotel administration, he
ensures that all gambling laws and licensing deals are
adhered to. While his current position began in 2010, he
initially started with Konami in 2003 and worked his way up
the corporate ladder by serving as Director of Compliance
and then Senior Director of Compliance and Legal

Slot Machines from Konami

According to their online catalog, Konami currently offers
hundreds of slot machines to casino owners around the globe. If
you plan on taking a gambling excursion in the near future,
here’s a list of some of the company’s most popular games.

Year of Best Wishes

Available in fixed configurations
of 20, 30, and 40 lines, with an additional forced extra
bet. Players may win up to 100 complimentary spins, and
triggering the free game feature allows the player to choose
from a pair of options. Nudging wilds appear in free games,
while fixed stacked wilds are present on all reels
throughout the game. Available in the United State and

Flaming Red Diamonds

Available in the American,
Canadian, and Asian markets, this is a 30-payline slot
machine allowing players to wager up to 1,500 credits (as
well as a 15-credit extra bet). The free game rewards up to
30 bonus spins, and from one to four progressive jackpots
can be hit during the Rolling for Riches feature.

Dungeons & Dragons

Based on the popular tabletop roleplaying game, this slot offers
up to 20 free games, 20 to 30 paylines, up to four jackpots,
action stacked symbols that can appear on three or more
reels. The Dungeon Bonus Feature allows the player to win
credits while exploring uncharted areas, and the Monster
Battle Feature stays true to the game’s roots by allowing a
20-sided die to be rolled while combating foul creatures.
Only available in Canada and the United States.

China Shores

This highly volatile slot is available in
markets ranging from the Caribbean to Asia, and both 50 and
100-payline versions are available. Each credit wagered
activates a pair of paylines, and the Balance of Fortune
feature allows up to 15 free games to be won per payline. As
an added bonus, all free spins play on the maximum number of
lines with double winnings.

Aztec Kingdom

Offered in Canada, the United States,
and Asia, this low volatility slot has five paylines and a
maximum wager of 250 credits. During basic gameplay, up to
30 free spins can be won.

Mayan Carnival

Canadian and U.S. customers can enjoy
50 and 100-payline versions of this colorful slot, and up to
eight free games can be won during any single spin. Up to
three extra bonus games can be activated during the free
spin phase. During free and bonus games, a reel with a wild
symbol is nudged until all icons on that reel have been
converted into wilds.

Rock Around the Clock

This game comes
with a forced extra bet and is available in 20, 30, or
40-payline configurations. A medium volatility game with up
to 20 free spin available per turn, it also features a
randomly triggered two-level mystery progressive. During
free games, the Full Reels Wilds Xtra Reward Feature is
active, and the base game also includes scatter symbols on
the top screen reel that randomly activate to trigger bonus
rewards. Available in Canada and the United States.

Eleven Pearls

Available in Asia, Canada, and the
United States, this medium to low volatility slot offers up
to 25 free spins per turn and a minimum bet of 40 credits.
There are no confusing paylines to keep track of, and the
4-5-4-5-4 reel design offers additional winning

Pirate’s Loot

A four-level linked progressive machine
that transports players to the days of buried treasure and
colorful pirates. The feature game is randomly triggered,
and the player must pick one of twelve ships to reveal the
hidden prize. There’s also a chance of winning each time the
player gets three or more of the same symbol from any
progressive level. Available in Canada, the United States,
South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Asian-style slots or
licensed products based on games like Dungeons & Dragons, Konami
has a little something for everyone. Almost all of their
products include bonus features and the chance to multiply
winnings, and this has been reflected in their overall success
in the casino industry.

More Konami Casino Slots

Whether you’re gaming in Berlin or Baton Rouge, there’s a
reasonable chance that you’ll encounter several banks of Konami
slot machines. Their success has allowed them to penetrate most
major markets on the globe, and they’ve been consistently lauded
for their variety. Below are some of their most popular games,
although serious gamers should always keep their eyes open for
new releases.

Norse Warrior

Fight and plunder in the frozen wastes
of ancient Norway thanks to this atmospheric Konami product.
This slot is rated at a medium to high rate of volatility,
and casinos have the options to install versions ranging
from 10 to 30 paylines. High denomination machines are also
available, and these include a minimum bet of $0.25. Each
spin also gives the player a chance to win free games, and
these bonus spins pay double the usual amount.

Wealthy Dragon

Only available in
Canada and the United States, this Asian-themed slot
features high volatility and 40 levels of betting. Reels two
through four contain Action Stacked Symbols, while a Phoenix
Wild is included on the first reel and a Dragon Wild symbol
on the fifth reel. Get wild symbols on the first and fifth
reels to trigger the re-spin feature, and there’s a chance
that reels two through four meld together to offer one
massive spin.

Egyptian Eyes

Konami Slot Machine Music Downloads

Available in all regions where Konami
does business, this medium to low volatility slot is
available in 20 or 30-payline configurations. Any single
spin can reward up to 20 free games, each with a double pay
multiplier. An additional ante bet can be placed for a
chance at the optional Xtra Reward feature, and select
symbols that appear on all reels can randomly transform into

Jade Dynasty

A medium to high volatility slot machine,
Jade Dynasty offers a fixed bet configuration with a
wagering requirement of at least 25 credits. There are no
confusing paylines to keep track of, and each spin provides
the possibility of winning up to 25 free games with a
doubling multiplier.

Rawhide: Marshal’s Bounty

Step back into the Old West
with this slot machine that’s available in casinos from Asia
to Canada. Considered a medium volatility game, it’s
available at different establishment in configurations
ranging from 10 to 30 paylines. Each spin holds the
possibility of awarding free games, and all complimentary
spin pay double the usual amount.

Tailgate party free slots. This line combines popular game themes with a recognizable cabinet to be an attractive draw for players on your casino floor.

Wild Lion

A medium to high volatility game, this slot
give players the chance of winning 100 free spin with a 2x
pay. Various paylines are available to match the needs of
the casino, and these include 10, 20, 25, and 30 options.
For high rollers, a larger denomination game is available
costing $0.25 and up, and these come in 5, 10, or 15-payline

Konami Slot Machine Music Maker

Challenge of Perseus

Ancient mythology comes alive in
this high volatility slot available across every country
where Konami operates. Paylines range from 10 to 25 lines,
and any given spin of the reels can lead to five free spins
with a triple multiplier. The Mirror Reels feature is also a
nice touch, creating identical symbols that lead to
additional free spins.

Lion Festival Celebration

Konami Slot Machine Music Maker

If you enjoy Konami
games such as China Shores and Mayan Chief, then there’s a
strong possibility that you’ll love this slot. The game
comes in 20 or 30-payline configurations, and its tendency
towards big payouts makes it a high volatility machine. An
additional ante wager can be placed for a chance to unlock
the Xtra Reward feature, and the Balance of Fortune feature
allows up to 15 free spins to be won on each active payline.

Konami Slot Machine Games

Konami Slots: A Summary

Free Slots No Download Konami

Every year, the slots division of Konami Gaming releases new
machines for customers and casino operators to enjoy. Most of
these games are original creations, as Konami prefers to avoid
licensed machines that can quickly become outdated. Whether you
live in Asian or the United States, you can enjoy slots with
such diverse themes as Ancient China, the Old West, and
marauding pirates.

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