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What are the best banking options for USA online casino players, considering the restrictions imposed by the UIGEA Act? This is a rather important question, considering the fact that banking could practically affect your entire gameplay experience. All the regular credit and debit card options, as well as e-wallets, are available at the few casinos operating legally in select states. There are many new online casinos in the UK opening all the time, so you will not have to look for a long time to find a new site to play at. New Casino Sites No Deposit Bonus With a bonus with no deposit, you could get the opportunity to try a gambling website without making a large deposit to start with.

The global casino industry has seen a growth wave within the few of years, serviced by the increase in the availability of casino software, gambling apps, and social gaming. The casino industry is like a capital that never rests. The bright minds in both business and tech have come collectively to create a fun platform that continually reinvents itself through innovative designs and amazing progresses in technology and software. Every year we’ve seen developments across the whole spectrum of online gaming, and 2019 seems set to take casino software to even greater heights.

In 2019, there’s potential for more significant sync between offline and online casinos. Within the United States alone, the casino industry is price more than 90 billion. Moreover, as of August 2018, 16 of the top 100 grossing iPhone mobile applications were social casino games in the USA. Casino software companies are now concentrating on producing appealing multiplayer online games that can make players happy.

Here we will look at the online casino industry trends of 2019

1. Advanced Security and Technology

Ultimately, we think 2019 will see improvements in technology that will lead to enhanced online security. Login systems, particularly for mobile users, are sure to grow to allow players a quicker way to get to their games, and this could mean that fingerprint or voice recognition will substitute passwords and usernames.

Every year, we view software and technology regularly change and evolve in the online casino industry. For 2019, we believe that strong login tech will continue to be a center for operators. The goal is to enable players to log in with the requirement for regularly inserting username and password.

With mobile software, technology has improved so that a fingerprint solution can be utilized to allow players to log in with security. As we use this technology to open our mobile phones, view to online casinos that use the same technique to allow players access to their gaming account.

And as more online casinos seem on the horizon, the regulatory bodies in charge of licenses and management are sure to up the ante to preserve players from any illegal entities. And the online casinos will put the ever greater store on guarding players from third-party interference. The introduction of new laws in 2019 will make gaming harmless and more reliable.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Though accessible online casinos might be, there is one thing about them that no one likes – they cannot simulate the excitement of land-based casinos. It is only normal for players to need an actual gaming environment, but the online casinos do not provide such a thing.

Fortunately, virtual reality (VR) technology, which has been under progress for many years, will finally reduce the gap between online and offline casino. VR technology will ultimately change the gaming experience, making it more genuine than ever before. True, it is not generally accessible yet, but it will be shortly. Of course, those players who already have VR effects can enjoy the most immersive gaming activity available at one of the VR casinos.

It’s also right that VR technology can make it possible for various other businesses to make use of it. Some surveys hint that by 2020, over 100 million people will use VR technology to assist with online purchasing. With this in mind, you can understand how appealing this technology would be for use in online casinos, for instance. Users would get to experience a thoroughly immersive gaming session with it.

More and more online casino engineers set their eyes on VR, and specialists project the total VR gaming market will amount to approximately $520 billion by 2021. Whereas this is a surprising prediction really, it is especially likely to happen both operators and software providers are working very hard to advance the technology on a broad scale as soon as possible.

Latest Online Casinos 2019Latest Online Casinos 2019

3. Online Casino Software

Online casinos need well-functioning software to offer its players what they are looking for; websites that work efficiently and games that download quick and move from step to next without cracks. There are around four popular providers of casino software that have the largest presence in the online casino industry. These are; Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Aristocrats. Several other promising software providers are working to make a name for themselves, but these four names currently manage the online casino industry.

Modern-day casino online software provides players unbelievable gaming experience. All casino software providers will design games in their style, and maybe even focus in on special games, such as online slots. Others have produced great progressive jackpot games across all their games at various online casinos, and others have financed in developing top-notch live casino games.

The Microgaming already gave information at the introduction of smartwatch technology to the gaming world in 2015. The developer’s Dark Knight Rises slot game was launched to blend into smartwatch technology efficiently, and the company even gave displays of it working on such. Technology will proceed to grow in both popularity and quality, so you can potentially anticipate seeing more gaming software developers make titles that can be seamlessly united into these devices.

4. Cryptocurrency

It’s no mystery that cryptocurrencies are developing through the online world and swiftly gaining fame. The gaming world is already no different to this, with various online platforms accepting deposits, withdrawals, and gameplay in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In the following years, it’s set to rule the view of online gambling, thanks to the ease of use, security, and anonymity of money transaction activities.

In 2018, we observed hundreds of online casinos begin offering Bitcoin as a viable banking option. It occurs with low to zero service fees, direct reporting of both deposits and withdrawals, and that all-important anonymity. As new technologies are set in place, we can also assume to see online casinos providing a wider variety of crypto deposit services. With over 1,500 coins being offered throughout the world, it’s a good risk that as numerous as dozens of other crypto choices will earn attention from the online gaming industry over the next 12 months.

In this year, there could be a boost to the cryptocurrency business – at least, as far as its link with the casino industry is involved. While traditional payment programs will likely remain a possibility at the highest number of online casino sites, cryptocurrencies are supposed to become the top and preferred choice for numerous users. Next year could be the start of kicking this trend into overdrive.

5. Live Casino

The live streaming trend has become popular over the past few years, and many casino software companies have included it to the gaming business. Thanks to live gaming programs, players can now have a true-to-life gaming experience. Live gaming options grow as technology advances, and our specialists have found an emerging trend – the personalization of live experience.

Live casino is an area of gaming that has maybe seen the interesting additions in recent years, and we can see some things in 2019. Every top online casino now covers an extensive collection of live casino games from one of a few top software developers.

So, now we will be able to pick a particular card when playing live table games, play personalized slot games, and much more. Live casino games allow you to perform real table games with the real dealers. You can even speak to the dealer in real time using the chatbox.

Live casino software has developed over recent years with improvements in OCR (Optical Character Recognition). A camera tracks every card that is distributed or roulette wheel that is turned and transformed into information revealed on the player’s screen.

With faster live streams and better HD displays, Live Dealer games offer a more vivid experience than ever. The following of these live games has directed to the growth of advanced live casino studios, with greater importance positioned on camera points, HD supplies, and constant streaming. We believe that players will feel a deeper insight of involvement into the live environment, with more games streamed live from a real casino platform, direct communication with the dealer and other players, and a greater diversity of tables accessible.

6. Online Slots

For a long time, the rise of mobile phones and tablets approached to beat the casino software developers. Thankfully, HTML5 and native app software have enabled slot designers to keep up. You can now get all the big new online slot releases accessible across various devices like smartphone, desktop, laptop, and, tablet.

UK homes now boast many devices under one roof. In 2018, 59% of families owned a tablet, and 79% of adults use a smartphone. People have access to the internet connection everywhere. With multiple devices, it’s necessary that casino players can cut and change as they play. Some developers are now making players stop playing a slot on one device and taking where they left off on a desktop.

We are by now observing customizable online slots where players can keep the instability, their prices and bonuses, and how the game looks. Require more of those kinds of games in 2019.

And with more players gaming on slots online and on the smartphone, expect those progressive jackpots to get even greater. The world record for a progressive jackpot was broken in 2018. There’s no reason why the record won’t be crushed again in 2019.

7. A Huge Amount of Options

The year 2018 has seen the number of gaming options for players rise by a large number, but this is set to remain to leap forward in 2019. Online casino software tends to emphasize more opportunities that can be observed in land-based casinos, which is another reason why the casino industry is rising to greater heights.

For instance, accessing a live casino gaming part at an online program provides you with different live dealer games that you wouldn’t see in brick-and-mortar casinos. /closest-casino-to-bloomington-il.html. Not only that, but the huge number of slots that online casinos can host is far greater than those that can be seen at land-based casinos. The options that players can reach via online sites are particular to continue developing in the preceding year.

The request for content from pop culture has been nearby for some time, but it is anticipated to grow significantly during the year. These days, players can play all kinds of casino games encouraged by popular art, music, and literature. Furthermore, we will consider that not only casino games, but casino marketing is also influenced by the desire for pop culture content drive.

It’s no doubt to say that even more opportunities will become available to play at these online programs. Exceptional games, tricky themes, huge progressive jackpots, and much more are placed to give 2019’s gaming industry a lift.


Seeing how good the mobile industry got in the previous year, it goes without stating that the online casino industry is going to take benefit of the new and enhanced screens, software, processors and battery lives of several mobile devices that were launched in the previous year. So a multiple of these devices are amazingly developed and offer unmatched levels of ease and versatility, which is exactly what the gaming industry needs.

The latest online casino software industry is going to carry on the aim of becoming more successful over the next decade. Soon you will be able to play in digital settings with games that have no house edge which means you have as big a chance of winning as the casino. This can only be good news and will undoubtedly inspire more players to try their luck as the odds have never been so much in a player’s favor before.

To wrap it up, the online casino trends the professionals have recognized for 2019 hope to bring valuable additions to players’ gaming experience. As explained, online gaming will grow more immersive, and casino games will offer better entertainment. And once new legislation is formed, the online casino industry will become more secure and reliable than it has been so far.

It’s not easy being the new kid on the block. There’s a lot of pushing around and when you are a customer looking for a freshly-minted operator, there is a lot of research to be done as well. So why not spare yourself the trouble and let us sort the tedious bits for you?

At we make it possible for you to explore the world of exciting new online casinos without having to spend countless hours hoping for an accidental hit upon something good. We have a keen eye for detail and hear the rumbles when a new player sprouts to life. As a result, we can always point you in the direction of the best new operators with their rich software solutions, bountiful promotions & bonuses and the seal of approval from reputable authorities.

The new kids on the block are often the websites that deserve your attention, and our service will help you:

  • Make sure your data and information are safe
  • Play at a place that’s got a nod from the custodian gaming authorities
  • Can enjoy amazing payout and deposit rates along with extra goodies
  • A new approach to gaming
  • Fresh gaming titles and unique features

Eager to get going? Let’s see what we have in store for you.

New Online Casinos – Good Impressions Last

Impressions are important and when done right – lasting. That’s why we focus on the layout of the newly-minted websites we explore. What are they? Should we fear them? And what really is comfortable browsing all about?

If successful, a company’s design and arrangement of its website reveals quite a bit of useful info. We seek for an easy execution paired with a delightful design, but still – functionality will always be a determining point in our choice of endorsing a casino, along with:

  • Well-arranged overall portal that allows you to easily find the necessary information.
  • Site sections that are ordered so that you can find an easy explanation to key queries, as RTPs, mobile compatibility, and more.
  • Having an intuitive build, allows you to quickly find the essential information you may need from your operator without having to spend time frustrating over secreted bits of info. Instead, the questions answer themselves with a series of light taps and clicks which will get you to your desired content.

    Heftier Promos and Better Bonuses This Year

    Bonuses are often decisive when it comes to stopping at a particular venue. In fact, some gamers hold this to be the single most important aspect a brand-new operator may bring to fore. As a result, it’s quite likely to see tempting and attractive bargains flashing off your screen. Most commonly, new online casinos bank on the matched bonuses & free spins.

    The best casinos offer both!

    And it’s all very common to see both of these tied together in a neat bundle, which enables you to both add to your bankroll, but also get a few freebies underway without any extra hassle.

    A Host of Excellent Promotions

    While the welcome bonus constitutes the most generous and often most in-demand feature, casinos hardly limit themselves to it alone. In laying the groundwork of a new operator, the companies behind them develop a number of captivating freebies or special deals to have you choosing from a rich selection indeed. In specific cases, the newest online casino you will find out there will tinker with great features, such as VIP programs and exclusive multi-tier levelling systems.

    The Latest Games Are One Click Away

    What would a casino be without a rich portfolio of great games? And indeed, the selection of titles is a key driver of interest. Any new venue has the rare opportunity to put themselves in a favorable position on the market. And the fresher a casino is, the better the chances they will benefit from the exclusive new titles developed by studios are.

    Better yet, it’s a bit of a relief that when you arrive at a new casino, you won’t have to waste time on sifting through a dated selection of games. Instead, you may focus on the cutting-edge titles that employ innovation, better paylines, and are available in various modes and settings. Such a game is NetEnt’s excellent Jumanji, which has only hit casinos this year.

    NetEnt’s Jumanji

    It comes with an absolutely brilliant host of features that you won’t find just anywhere. NetEnt have developed a game that employs a fair selection of convenient advantages, such as sticky wilds, a number of scatter and special bonus-triggering symbols, which include Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, and Monkey Mayhem.

    The game has an integrated Mystery Feature and a Wild Stampede special event, which are two distinct features. A mini-board game is also part of the video slot experience.

    Naturally, you can find Jumanji on most new casinos, as they always strive to bring you the latest and most innovative titles.

    Meanwhile, if you covet some space exploration along with funky beats in the backdrop, Starburst is your game:

    Starburst, a trending NetEnt title


    Picking Delightful Developers

    There exist dozens of names in the industry that a fresh operator may pick from. Our posted examples are the handiwork of established companies, such as:

    • NetEnt
    • Playtech
    • Evolution Gaming

    But there are many others in the bright constellations of the iGaming universe. Not many games are developed in-house, though, meaning casinos usually buy the whole suit from one or more developers. This is good news as you will know that you are getting the latest and best paying games available on the market.

    With regards to the specific payouts you can find at new online casinos, don’t just rely on how young or old an operator is. Do your due diligence and check key metrics we have suggested, including but not limited to:

    • Available licensing
    • Reputation
    • Banking facilities
    • Average payout
    • Mobile responsiveness

    Of course, your research can be much broader. If the thought of going through all the minutiae makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry. We have dedicated entire reviews to casinos old and new and you can just refer to one of our comprehensive texts for more information instead.

    Making Gameplay Easy with Mobile Play

    It’s tough to pinpoint the number of mobile-compatible casinos, but the overwhelming majority have a mobile-friendly interface and gaming options. We certainly won’t bother you with an operator that has not met our expectations for mobile play, as the segment is growing and users are interested in being able to play from their smartphones on the go. That’s why our selection of new operators always offer a mobile feature, and therefore your experience is bound to be better.

    New Online Casinos and the Safest Payment Options

    Even though the newest operators should naturally focus on delivering to you the latest and most exciting practices in the industry, we believe that sticking to the age-old and proven payment methods is the best course of action here. You’ll want your money to be safe and transactions to be deftly carried out. It’s all possible as new online casinos employ a mixture of the most common payment methods, such as banking cards.

    Pick what banking option works best for you!

    The top operators do add some extra variety to their offer too, though, so you can enjoy a number of other payment options such as e-wallets, or even cryptocurrencies. Depending on which part of the world you are in, you may even be allowed to use mobile payment options, which are growing in popularity as they are generally considered to add an extra layer of security. Pre-paid vouchers or even placing bets over the phone are also ways for you to fund your account reliably with a fresh operator.

    Of course, not all is roses with new operators, and you will have to decide whether they are worth allocating time, and most importantly – money to. It will take some time until you have established a casino’s credentials. Here’s what to look for:

    • Make sure the casino hasn’t faulted any user, especially when it comes to payout
    • Check whether the bonus conditions have been honored in full and on time
    • Make sure your operator has been licensed or it is audited by third-party inspectors that guarantee fair play. If missing that, reputation will be your only gauge, but it will take time to gather sufficient information.

    New Online Casinos, RNG and Licensing

    When a new casino is serious about launching its operations in a manner that would allow it a good clip of expansion, they usually ask third-party auditors to come and put their offer to a test. Luckily for you, there are many inspectors whose seal of approval carries the utmost weight in determining fair play in the online sector. eCORGA and iTech Labs carry out the technicalities, which means looking into a new casino’s random number generator (RNG).

    Why the RNG you may wonder?

    By auditing the RNG, a third-party such as the ones mentioned above can tell if at any point in the past, the games have been rigged to favor the casino by withholding pays or reducing the stated return-to-player (RTP) rate that has been announced on the website and that users have agreed to.

    It’s an important proviso and one that makes all the difference when picking a place to play at. Additionally, certification from places like MGA and UKGC are also important benchmarks of a casino’s success and accomplishment as well as reliability.

    New Usa Online Casinos 2019

    Be Smart and Play Safely

    Many things determine whether a casino merits your attention. We have outlined a detailed guide that helps you understand how classic casino rates and vets operators. Of course, there is much you can do to follow these steps on your own and reach the same conclusions. If you are too weary to carry out the legwork, that’s also fine – we have gladly compiled awesome lists of reliable new online casinos. But then again, do remember to play safely and gamble responsibly!

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