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Casino Restorations is a premiere company for antique slot machine repair and restoration Wisconsin, we work with Mills, Superior, Lucky, Reel Amusement, Jennings, Watling, Callie antique coin operated device. If your thinking about having your antique slot machine repaired or fully restored? you have come to the right place!

Antique Slot Machine Repair and Restoration Wisconsin

I’ve seen plenty of ads for loose slot machines when driving on the interstate. These billboards suggest that a given casino features slots with high RTP or frequent payouts. However, “loose” is a broad term that doesn’t really mean anything. State gaming laws don’t put parameters on what constitutes a loose game. Slotjunkies has a full list of high variance slot games available to play online with videos of each one and details of where they can be played. Determining Variance Typically, a high variance game can be identified using the paytable: in slots terms, high payouts for the 4/5 of a kinds and almost negligible payouts for the 2/3 of a kind.

Casino Restorations are experts in repair and restoration antique slot machines. Our central location allows our customers to stop by as they are traveling with ease. It also allows us to ship machines around the country without long wait times.

Casino Restorations Antique Slot Machine Repair and Restoration Wisconsin performs repairs and restoration of antique slot machines for individuals, companies and museums in all of North America. Regardless of your location, we have a very easy method of transporting your machine to our shop in Saint Paul, MN.

Antique Slot Machine Repair and Restoration Wisconsin Knowledge

There are very few people in the United States remaining that have the knowledge and skill to properly work on vintage slot machines. There are even fewer companies that do it professionally on a daily basis. Out of those tiny handful of companies, none are corporations that fully insure your machine while in their shop and in transit, handle daily the national transport of antique slot machines or have a full time staff working ONLY ON ANTIQUE SLOT MACHINES; except for Casino Restorations.

With the ever increasing value of antique slot machines, having them worked on by a company with trained staff that have years of experience and will stand behind their work is very important. Also, having a company that knows how to properly restore vintage slots in a factory original way is vital to preserving not only the integrity of the machine, but it’s current and future value.

Here are some of the machines we work with…
Mills Blue Front
Mills Punch a Bag
Watling Scale
Mills Novelty Dewey

Antique Slot Machine Restoration

Antique slot machine restoration is what Casino Restorations does best! We feel that we are the worlds best at doing this very specific and exacting job. If your slot machine was made from the late 19th Century up to 1951, then you want to talk to us! Casino Restoration offers a wide range of slot machine restoration services and options.

Antique Slot Machine Repair

List Of High Variance Slot Machines Wisconsin

In many cases antique slot machines do not require a full restoration, but just an internal tune-up and repair. Like old automobiles, antique slot machines also need to be lubricated properly with other parts cleaned for the machine to work correctly. This service is very popular and will get your machine back up and running correctly for many years to come.

Silk Screening

We silk screen Mills and Caille machines the original way. We DO NOT use stencils.

Introduction to Wisconsin Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

Wisconsin slot machine casino gambling consists of 24 tribal casinos. Illegal video gambling machines exist in bars and taverns throughout Wisconsin.

Tribal-state gaming compacts have minimum and maximum theoretical payout limits. Annual return statistics are publicly available for all tribal casinos.

This post continues my weekly State-By-State Slot Machine Casino Gambling Series, an online resource dedicated to guiding slot machine casino gambler to success. Now in its third year, each weekly post reviews slots gambling in a single U.S. state, territory, or federal district.

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Relevant Legal Statutes on Gambling in Wisconsin*

The minimum legal gambling age in Wisconsin depends upon the gambling activity:

  • Land-Based Casinos: 21
  • Poker Rooms: 18
  • Bingo: 18
  • Lottery: 18
  • Pari-Mutuel Wagering: 18

Tribal casinos in Wisconsin have negotiated tribal-state gaming compacts. However, each city or county must agree to both the development of a local tribal casino as well as the games offered at its site.

Further, many bars and taverns in Wisconsin have illegal video gaming machines. Having up to five machines results in civil forfeiture without legal repercussion while more than five machines are, instead, a criminal offense.

Anyone playing pay-to-play, bar-based slot machines must be at least 21. Otherwise, owners break a different law, this one having severe legal consequences for their business.

Electronic gaming machines in bars and taverns which are free to play with no prizes of any value are not illegal under Wisconsin’s gaming regulations.

*The purpose of this section is to inform the public of state gambling laws and how the laws might apply to various forms of gaming. It is not legal advice.

Slot Machine Private Ownership in Wisconsin

It is legal to own a slot machine privately in Wisconsin if it is 25 years old or older.

Gaming Control Board in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Gaming Division has gaming regulatory responsibilities including:

  • Licensing procedures
  • Background investigations
  • Regulatory enforcement activities

The Division’s area of focus for tribal gaming is the Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance created by tribal-state gaming compacts. The Office’s purpose is to ensure regulation of Class III games at casinos operated by Wisconsin’s eleven tribes.

Casinos in Wisconsin

There are 24 American Indian tribal casinos in Wisconsin.

The largest casino in Wisconsin is Potawatomi Hotel & Casino with over 2,500 slot machines.

The second-largest casino is Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells with 2,200 slot machines.

Commercial Casinos in Wisconsin

There are no commercial casinos in Wisconsin.

Tribal Casinos in Wisconsin

There are 24 tribal casinos in Wisconsin: Casino sign in bonus no deposit.

  1. Bad River Lodge Casino in Odanah, 45 miles east of Duluth.
  2. Grindstone Creek Casino in Hayward, 140 miles northeast of Minneapolis.
  3. Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls, 110 miles northwest of Madison.
  4. Ho-Chunk Gaming Nekoosa, 50 miles north of Wausau.
  5. Ho-Chunk Gaming Tomah, 81 miles north of Madison.
  6. Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells in Baraboo, 40 miles northwest of Madison.
  7. Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg, 30 miles east of Wausau.
  8. Lake of the Torches Resort Casino in Lac du Flambeau, 225 miles north of Green Bay.
  9. Legendary Waters Resort & Casino in Red Cliff, 80 miles east of Duluth, Minnesota.
  10. Menominee Casino Resort in Keshena, 40 miles northwest of Green Bay.
  11. Mole Lake Casino & Lodge in Mole Lake, 100 miles northwest of Green Bay.
  12. North Star Mohican Casino Resort in Bowler, 55 miles northwest of Green Bay.
  13. Oneida Casino – Irene Moore Activity Center (IMAC) in Green Bay.
  14. Oneida Casino – Main-Airport in Green Bay.
  15. Oneida Casino – One-Stop Packerland in Green Bay.
  16. Oneida Casino – Travel Center in Pulaski, 12 northwest of Green Bay.
  17. Oneida Casino – W. Mason in Green Bay.
  18. Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee
  19. Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel in Wabeno, 85 miles north of Green Bay.
  20. Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge & Convention Center in Hayward, 75 miles southeast of Duluth, Minnesota.
  21. St. Croix Casino – Danbury, 62 miles south of Duluth near the border to Minnesota
  22. St. Croix Casino – Hertel in Webster, 83 miles south of Duluth near the border to Minnesota.
  23. St. Croix Casino – Turtle Lake, 76 miles northeast of Minneapolis near the border to Minnesota.

Other Gambling Establishments

As an alternative to enjoying Wisconsin slot machine casino gambling, consider exploring casino options in a nearby state. Bordering Wisconsin is:

  • North: Michigan Slots
  • East: Lake Michigan
  • South: Illinois Slots
  • West: Iowa Slots and Minnesota Slots

Each of the links above will take you to my blog for that neighboring U.S. state to Wisconsin.

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Payout Returns in Wisconsin

Written into Wisconsin’s tribal-state gaming compacts are minimum and maximum theoretical payout limits. These limits apply over the expected lifetime of the game.

Each tribal-state compact has set minimum and maximum payout limits. However, there are two sets of limits, both of which apply over the expected lifetime of the game:

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  • Games-of-chance (slot machines): 80% and 100%
  • Games-of-skill video games (poker, blackjack, etc.): 83% and 103%

For each machine, tribal casinos report to the state both its theoretical payout and actual return statistics. However, this valuable information is not available to the public.

List Of High Variance Slot Machines Wisconsin State

An annual return statistic is publicly available for all tribal casinos combined in Wisconsin, although casino hold% comes from dividing Tribal Net Win by Handle Data. Player win% is from subtracting hold% from 100%.

List Of High Variance Slot Machines Wisconsin Dells

In 2019, the most recent year available, the annual return statistic was 92.76%. This player win% is up from 2017’s 92.48% and 2018’s 92.61%.

Summary of Wisconsin Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

Wisconsin slot machine casino gambling consists of 24 tribal casinos. Illegal gaming machines exist at many bars and taverns, but only five or more machines results in a criminal offense.

Tribal-state gaming compacts have established two sets of theoretical payout limits, including minimum and maximums. For games-of-chance such as slot machines, these limits are 80% and 100%. The 2019 return statistic was 92.76%.

List of low variance slot machines

Annual Progress in Wisconsin Slot Machine Casino Gambling

In the last year, there has been no significant changes to the slots gaming industry in Wisconsin.

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