Macy Pachislo Slot Machine

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Macy Pachislo Slot Machine

Macy Pachislo Slot Machine Slot

Macy Pachislo Slot MachinePachislo

Pachislo Slot Machine Overflow Bin 9.25'L x 3-5/8'. RARE 1940's Double Perk Up $ 05 Vending Machines T. PACHISLO Slot Machine Door Lock & Key 3-3/8' Very. Pachislo Slot Machine Power Supply, Reset Key AND. Quarters Tokens 6 Reel 'Fever Queen' Slot Machine. Pachislo Slot Machine Stop Reel Board Part T0947EV. Friends slot machine apps.

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Hello I found this machine at a local Goodwill in very bad shape, its been heavy used and looks beat up, the good thing is thats its all there and just needs a lot of TLC. The one problem it had was that the max bet button was jambing and was the cause of the unit not working properly. I am now doing a major cleaning, I removed the reel bank to replace some bulbs and now want to clean the inside of the reel strips, can anyone suggest the best way to clean them. And when I remove the wheels what precaution must be taken?
Thank you!