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Here is Scarab & it’s a machine that is starting to find itself in more & more casinos nationwide. Scarab is another IGT slot machine that offers advantage play opportunities for observant gamblers. To the untrained eye, Scarab looks & plays like most other slot machines. It’s a 5-reel, 4 row machine & pays left to right. However, Scarab has a unique feature which is stated on the right side of the top screen called “Wild stays, charges than pays.” What this means is that as someone plays, scarab symbols will appear on the screen from time to time. When they do they are locked into place & on every 10th spin they turn wild. As a result the payback of this machine is heavily weighted on spin #10. It’s easy to know how many spins are left until scarabs turn wild because there is a meter on the bottom right side of the screen.

Magic Wilds Feature The Magic Wilds feature returns in this version; in it, when a bubble is in the same position on the reels as where an Ocean Magic symbol lands, it and the spaces in all directions around it turn wild. This can quickly set up some sizable line hits, as this 25x hit shows above.

So where’s the advantage & how do I “beat” Scarab?/777-online-lobby-casino.html.

No.deposit bonus re stag casino. The advantage lies in other players abandoning the machine with an abundance of locked scarabs that are due to turn wild within the next couple of spins. While tempting to play, a screen with very few locked scarabs is an easy pass no matter how close you are to the 10th spin. Do not spin again after the scarabs turn wild on the 10th spin. The advantage is gone.


Remember this is a left to right paying machine so locked scarabs on the left reels are more valuable than those on the right. Be sure to touch each of the different bet levels as each bet presents a different game screen. You may find multiple advantage play opportunities doing this. Some Scarab machines are available in multi-denomination form. If you find one, make sure that you go through all denoms as well.

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Ocean magic slot machine advantage play slots

Ocean Magic Slot Machine Advantage Players

Overall Scarab provides a very solid advantage play for slot hustlers. In addition to being a good paying machine, this game is incredibly stress-free for hustlers in the sense that you know exactly how much money you will be investing on any given play. For example, if you have find a $3 play on spin 8 of 10 you know that you only have to invest a total of $6 to get your reward. Also because the bulk of hits on this machine happens every 10 games you’d be wise to check on it regularly. Every once in a while someone will inexplicably leave a loaded screen & you can collect a nice hit like this one here…