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  • Antique Slot machines and Trade stimulators fall into the same category as antique classic automobiles. These machines were never meant to be held on to and coveted like a cherished antique but they have become an American icon of sorts, much like Henry Ford’s model T. Would you ask whether to refurbish a 1909 Model-T or classic 1967 mustang if it wasn’t running perfectly or if the paint.
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Some of the services and changes your slot machine endiures while it is with us:
  • Completely strip and polish castings to a mirror shine
  • Paint castings to match original paint scheme(or any scheme you wish)
  • Wood cabinet is disassembled, straitened, reassembled, stained and clear coated to match original
  • Rusty old cabinet bolts replaced with new
  • Complete disassembly, degrease, clean and reassembly of machanism
  • All springs tension tested and replaced if necessary
  • Nuts and bolts rethreaded or replaced where necessary(missing ones too!)
  • Mechanism is then greased, lubed balanced and tuned to play as smoothly as day one.

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Because of the unique nature of these machines the cost of these services can and will only be quoted once a machine is in our shop. Below though you can find a basic outline for restorations, full and partial. Any Mills, Watling or Jennings mechanical slot machine should fit into this pricing scheme. Any other machines please contact us for an estimate. Use our contact form to request service.

Full Overhaul and Restoration (mechanism, cabinet and castings, the entire works!):
Basic price: $795.00 / Roll-a-Top: $850
each additional machine option (ie. future pay mech, mint vender, etc.): add $25.00/slots-games-to-play-on-line-for-free.html.

Old Bally Slot Machine Parts Catalogue

Internal Mechanism Restoration (everything inside the case):
Basic price: $450.00
each additional machine option (ie. Dq11 puerto valor casino red slot machines. future pay mech, etc.): add $25.00

Bally Slots For Sale

Vintage bally slot machine parts

Vintage Bally Slot Machine

External Restoration (case & castings):
Basic price: $475.00 / Roll-aTop $595.00
each additional machine option / extension (ie. horsehead bonus top, external mint vender etc.): add $50.00

Old Bally Slot Machine Parts Lookup

**Replacement of major parts and plating of external parts will be extra and are quoted at time of restoration based upon market prices at the time.**