Online Us Casinos That Accept Visa Gift Cards

People can use Visa gift cards to play the pokies. Believe it or not, when you receive gift cards from relatives at Christmas or on your birthday, you can use those funds for gambling online. In fact, few other payment options are going to give punters more deposit options than Visa gift cards. Visa is the world’s most widespread credit card. You might not know how the Visa association works, but the company is actually owned by over 20,000 associated financial institutions worldwide. The card represents a vast consortium of companies worldwide.

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When it comes time to gamble, you’ll be able to turn your birthday and holiday presents into casino money in moments. Visa is accepted at over 2,500 online gambling websites worldwide, including 1,362 gaming sites which accept Australians and 1,475 websites which accept players from New Zealand. A prepaid gift card is going to be accepted anywhere a standard credit card issued by VISA is accepted, so you’ll have hundreds of online casinos available for deposits. Keep in mind it’s a gift card, so unless otherwise stated, you won’t be able to reload the card or make withdrawals using this option (unlike the Visa credit card).

How to Use a Visa Gift Card for Pokies

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Card holders should also verify with the casino whether it accepts payments done through the type of Visa Gift Card they have. Many casinos do not accept Visa cards that have “fastcard” printed on them. Online casino enthusiasts can use their Visa Gift Cards at any online casino that accepts Visa as a payment option. Fortunately, the. Most online casinos accept Visa gift cards as a deposit method. In fact, you can almost count on the fact that any casino that accepts Visa cards as a payment method, will also take your Visa gift card. These prepaid cards are extremely convenient for online gambling and are the preferred way of depositing funds for many regular online casino players. Oh, I guess we forgot to mention that they accept Visa gift cards for deposits as well; Lock Poker also gives a 110% instant bonus on your first deposit. The tournament play at this website is about the best you’ll find anywhere (including at local casinos) and their stakes tables are seriously ripe for the picking.

All the card types also have a prepaid version, and there is a vast majority of online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards. How to Apply for It? For example, seeing Visa debit cards in stores is a regular thing in the US and lots of the European countries. But such an option does not exist in most of the Middle East and Asian countries.

Since many people wanting to use a Visa gift card might be online gambling newbies, here’s a quick guide for playing the pokies online. When you want to play the pokies, you’ll need to choose a gaming website first. Online poker machines are found both at online casinos and mobile casinos. Online casinos cater to people who use a desktop computer or laptop notebook for gaming. Punters can download the casino software when using a Microsoft operating system, or use a no-download Flash game when using a Microsoft OS, Mac OS, or Linux OS.

When you get to a website’s homepage, simply find the links which say “Download” for the downloadable version or “Instant” or “Flash Casino” for the non-download games. When you get to virtual casino lobby, you’ll want to click on the link which says either pokies or, more likely, “slots” (the American name for pokies). On rare occasions, you’ll see pokies referred to as “fruit games”, the UK name for poker machines.

Mobile casinos cater to players who use an Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad tablet computer. While the Android OS and the Apple iOS are the most common downloadable apps for gamblers, some mobile casinos offer Blackberry OS applications and Windows Phone OS.

Visa Gift Card: An Example

To further illustrate how you might use a gift card to gamble, I’ll discuss a sample online casino signup. I’ll use Spin Palace Casino as my example. Spin Palace is owned by Wagershare and powered by Microgaming casino software, so you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of Microgaming pokies. Spin Palace is licensed in Malta and is based in Camden Town (or simple Camden), a district of Inner London.

Spin Palace supports 18 languages and 14 currencies, including the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar. Players have 24 deposit options and 19 different withdrawal methods. Players can use Visa credit, Visa debit, or Visa Electron (prepaid) for deposits and withdrawals. That means you can use a Visa gift card to play the pokies on the Spin Palace Casino, though you won’t be able to use the gift card as a cashout option.

By my informal account, Spin Palace offers 402 online pokies titles for play. This includes classic 3-reels, progressive pokies, and all the famous licensed Microgaming pokies. SpinPalace Casino offers one of the largest selections of online poker machines of any casino in the Australian and New Zealand markets–and everything can be paid with a Visa gift card.

Visa Facebook

The Visa Facebook page is the best place to find the most deals online. While this site is unlikely to have a lot of additional information for casino gambling, most Visa card users choose the company because it offer flexibility for their gambling hobby and their non-gambling purchases. The site has constant updates about promotions and bargains worldwide, while a community of over 14 million people post their own links to the best deals on the Internet. Another way to network for the sake of learning about online deals is to go to Facebook Gift Card, which is a more general forum for using gift cards online. While it’s not Visa-specific, a section exists specifically for Visa gift card transactions.

Let me warn about Facebook scammers, though. Any successful online company is going to have scam artists traveling in its wake. Companies like Visa and MasterCard have more than most, due to the nature of their business. One infamous promotion going around Facebook for a time had a picture of a Visa card and the caption “Get a Free $1,000 Visa Gift Card”. When you click on this supposed ad, it takes you to a non-Visa landing page which suggests you have a chance to win a thousand-dollar gift card by making a few purchases. The scam is you have to make a dozen or more purchases to see if you win–which you won’t. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Once again, Visa has over 14,500,000 likes on Facebook, so if you go to a (supposed) Visa page with anything less, it’s not the official webpage.

What Are Visa Check Cards?


Online Us Casinos That Accept Visa Gift Cards Offer

A Visa check card is the same thing as a Visa debit card. The different names simply derive from various regions, so you’ll see them identified either way. These are Visa debit cards issued by banks and other financial institutions, which connect to your checking account. Check cards are different from standard gift cards, though both work on the debit concept. People pre-pay for these cards, which then can be used to pay for online goods and services. One of those services is the online casino, so you can use them to fund your online pokies gambling.

Visa Gift Cards Where To Buy


Contrary to popular belief, Visa is not a credit card system but an electronic banking process that enables money to flow between financial institutions, markets, and customers in the form of liquid transactions. In other words, it is a payment processor. It is established in 1958 under the name “Bank America Card”. Back then, it was a debit card and some sort of membership system that was exclusive to Bank America customers. After several other banks had allied to offer a rival card, which was called MasterCard, Bank America decided to take a bold step. In 1960, it signed international agreements with global financial institutions and formed a separate company to issue new cards. That’s how the brand was born.

The new company decided to stand out of the current banking system. It was not another bank. Instead, Visa started to act like a payment processor, especially for global transactions. Back in those days, sending money abroad was a hard thing to do, and the payment processor company established all the necessary electronic infrastructure. Their offer to banks was simple: Let us handle your global financial transactions and pay us a little fee in return. Instead of issuing their own networks, banks from all over the world decided to accept this offer. To this date, it still operates like that.

Visa Is not a Bank

It is not a bank, and it cannot see your financial records. If your bank is part of the Visa program, it can issue debit or credit cards that have the payment processor’s logo on them. This means those cards can be used anywhere - ATMs, POS machines, online payments, online casino transactions… Once you start a deposit or a withdrawal process, the network requests your bank for the information whether you have enough money in your customer’s balance to complete this transaction? Once more, a payment processor cannot see your financial records. If your bank answers this question positively, the transaction completes. All of these happen in mere seconds. As the end-customer, you don’t pay additional fees to benefit from the Visa network. The required fees are paid by your bank. However, the banks also present this fee to their clients by asking for other fees, such as annual account management fee.

Therefore, such credit card is not issued by a payment processor, but it is still issued by your local bank. Same goes for the debit and prepaid cards. But you get the right to use its global network to make payments anywhere you want, including online casinos.

How to Select the Best Visa Online Casinos?

There are lots of casinos accepting visa, so supporting this payment method is not a key criterion for the users to verify the casino. It is an important factor, but also it is a very common one and does not determine the quality and reliability of a casino. Therefore, the following criteria are to be checked while evaluating and selecting the best casinos:

  • The License. The security and reliability of an online casino depend on its license. There are several institutions that issue an electronic gambling license, but only a couple of them are noteworthy. Check if the casino is a licensee of the following institutions: the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gambling Authority, the Curacao eGaming.
  • Audition and Fairness. A license does not guarantee that you will get fair games by itself. The fairness level of the games must be audited by an independent agency on a constant basis, such as eCOGRA and iTechLabs. Moreover, these agencies should publicly announce the RTP rates of the casinos. This is an important criterion for the gamblers, and it is always recommended for the casinos to be audited.
  • Game Collection and Provider. The quality and number of games you will get depends on the provider. Only the top-notch providers can offer you first-class games. It is important to check the game provider of the casino and opt for the prestigious ones, such as Microgaming, Netent, Novomatic, and Betsoft.
  • Customer Support. The customer support must be professional, responsive, and helpful. The customers should be able to reach them via several methods, such as live chat, email, and most importantly, phone. The quality and efficiency of resolution services are important to crucial.
  • Payment Methods. An online casino should be able to offer several methods for payments. These are global gambling places, and the payments should be done with global methods too. In addition to credit card and banking support, check e-wallet and crypto-currency support too.

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Advantages of Using

  • Speed. This is a very fast-operating and instantaneous network. All transactions are completed within mere seconds.
  • Free of Charge. End-users do not pay any fees in order to access and use the network.
  • A Global Payment Method. It is the world’s second-largest payment processor and accepted across the world. It is also accepted in almost all of the online casinos.
  • Security. Each second 30.000 transactions happen within the scope of the network. Every one of them is protected by applying top-notch cybersecurity algorithms.
Online Us Casinos That Accept Visa Gift Cards

Types of Cards

Take out your branded card and take a look. It will have one of the following logos on it:

  • VISA. This means you are holding a credit card. You can use it at all online casinos.
  • VISA Debit. This means you are holding a debit card. You will be able to use it in all online casinos.
  • VISA Electron. This means you are holding an ATM card, which also can be used on physical POS machines. This type of cards is (usually) not supported by online casinos.

All the card types also have a prepaid version, and there is a vast majority of online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards.

How to Apply for It?

The procedure of applying for a card differs according to its type.

  • Getting a VISA Debit. Debit cards can exist without a bank account. This is because they do not require a current balance – each debit card is “empty” when you first purchase them. We use the word “purchasing” literally, and you can get debit cards even in the stores. Cards don’t have any initials on them, just numbers. You can top-up these cards with various methods and create your own balance. They cannot be used as a credit card. If your balance has no money, you can’t use them. Credit cards, however, can be used even with a zero balance- the bank gives you a loan with interest.
  • Getting a VISA Credit. Credit cards can only be issued by banks. Therefore, you need to open a bank account first to get a credit card. This is because your credit balance will be issued and determined by the bank itself. After opening an account, apply to your bank to get a credit card. If your bank is part of the program (which probably is) and accepts your application, you will get it.

Please note that these are general information. The country you reside in may have different financial procedures. For example, seeing Visa debit cards in stores is a regular thing in the US and lots of the European countries. But such an option does not exist in most of the Middle East and Asian countries.

Customer Service

As a customer, you can get direct support from Visa itself. The company offers travel insurance, emergency services, and security services. You can access the customer support from the company’s official website. The fastest way to reach them is to give a call to the support service. US customers can call 1-800-847-2911. International customers should call 1-303-967-1096.

However, note that this support for end-users will be limited. Once more, they cannot see your financial balance. Most of the payment problems will still be solved at your local bank. The customer support is mostly for emergency issues, such as stolen cards and/or travel problems.


Can I use Visa cards at online casinos? If so, how?


Yes, you can. Credit and debit cards can be used for online gambling. In fact, they are probably the most popular payment methods at online casinos. These websites accept card payment like any other online merchant. In short, you can make a deposit or a withdrawal to/from an online casino with your card. This type of websites also known as “Visa casinos”.

Do online casinos ask for additional fees for VISA payments?

No. The majority of online casinos do not ask for a fee if the customer decides to use a credit/debit card. However, there are still some exceptions. Check the “payments” page of online casinos accepting visa and check yourself.

How long does it take to withdraw with VISA?

Depends on the casino. Usually, it lasts 24 hours. However, it may last to three business days too. Again, check the payments page of your casino and contact your bank.