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  • Big Red slots from Aristocrat is one of the most popular slots from its developer, Aristocrat. It is a high volatility game that is very entertaining and the slot includes free games to see your winning multiply. The higher volatility ensures that you will see some extreme betting that can award you lots of cash or strip you of all your cash!
  • Big Red slots from Aristocrat is one of the most popular slots from its developer, Aristocrat. It is a high volatility game that is very entertaining and the slot includes free games to see your winning multiply. The higher volatility ensures that you will see some extreme betting that can award you lots of cash or strip you of all your cash!
Free ruby red casino slots

The slot machine Red Sands is created specifically for the admirers of nature and in particular desert. When you play this game, you receive the perfect opportunity of getting acquainted with the life of the desert inhabitants and seeing the whole cycle of their existence.

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You are probably reading this review because you love online slots, especially the opportunity to choose from many different games. But be honest. Aren’t there times when you would prefer a game that is less complicated than many of those that are currently being promoted? If so, a very simple slot by IGT called Red White and Blue might be exactly what you’re looking for.

At the turn of the century, who would have guessed that you can not only play your favorite slots today at home or from the convenience of your mobile device, but choose from hundreds of varieties. However, thanks to the marvels of modern slot technology, many of these games are surprisingly intricate. Game manufacturers seem convinced that the more paylines, bonus games, and other extra features an online slot offers, the more fun it will be to play, and sometimes they go overboard.

Not every slot player needs or wants a game with lots of bells and whistles, at least not consistently. And during these unsettling times, when everyone has to make many life adjustments, playing slots that are simple and straightforward with familiar symbols and a minimum of decision making makes a lot of sense.

All about the Red White & Blue slot game

IGT introduced its Red White and Blue online slot game in 2019, so it is fairly new. But, like many other IGT slots, this game was originally developed for land-based casinos long before being later adapted for online and mobile play. Therefore, if you also play in brick and mortar casinos, you might already be familiar with the original land-based version of Red White and Blue, which dates all the way back to 2000.

Secret world legends free character slots. In the land-based version of the game (which is still extremely popular), players have the option to wager 1, 2, or 3 coins at a time. However, regardless of the denomination selected, betting 3 coins at a time is the correct way to play. That way, if you’re lucky enough to win a top payout, you will receive the maximum number of coins possible.

In the online/mobile version of Red White & Blue, your only decision as far as your bet size is concerned is the denomination or coin size. As soon as you pick your coin size, you’re good to go. You can only wager one coin at a time.

Minimum and maximum bets

You can play Red White & Blue online or iOS or Android mobile devices and either in demo mode or for real money.

The minimum and maximum bets might vary depending on where you are playing. However, when betting real money, you should be able to wager any amount from .02 or .05 per spin to as much as $100 or $200 per spin or even more. If you wish to play in demo mode, the minimum bet at some casinos websites might be $1.00 per spin.

Three reels, one fixed payline—Online slots don’t get any simpler than this

Red White & Blue is as basic as online slots get. The game consists of just 3 reels (instead of the usual 5) and only 1 payline.

Furthermore, instead of the reels being filled with a myriad of symbols, as is often the case in modern slots, this game includes only two types of symbols: a 7 and a bar.

Each symbol can be red, white, or blue and can also appear either as a single symbol, a pair, or in triplicate.

What about a wild symbol, scatter symbol, and bonus symbol? There are none!

Is there a bonus round, or can you at least win some extra free spins with a multiplier? No, Red White & Blue doesn’t offer any of those features either.

Obviously, a game with a configuration this simple won’t appeal to everyone. Personally, I would become bored very quickly. There just isn’t enough action and excitement to sustain my interest for more than a few minutes. And having no progressive jackpot to shoot for and a big payday highly unlikely otherwise make it hard to find other reasons to want to play.

Although I am not a high roller, I can’t imagine that many big bettors would gravitate towards a slot like this. But for casual players who are nostalgic for a very easy to play, no frills slot like those that were popular in the good old days, look no further.

Red White & Blue RTP and volatility

According to the manufacturer, Red White & Blue has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 93.98%. This figure represents how you are likely to fare in the long run if you were to play a great many sessions, not necessarily what you should expect after a single session. But even so, the RTP is only mediocre. In fact, it is below average for PA online slot games.

Free Ruby Red Casino Slots

The problem with playing a slot with an average or below average RTP, particularly if you have a limited bankroll, is that you don’t know whether your luck early on will at least equal what the RTP suggests. If not, and you encounter a prolonged losing streak from the outset, depleting a big chunk of your bankroll or even all of it before you ever get a chance for your luck to turn around is a real possibility.

At least with a high RTP slot, payouts that return more than your bet size, so you actually win something, occur more frequently. So even if you’re down initially, your chance of recouping sooner rather than later is much better. On Red White & Blue that is not the case, and the game’s medium high volatility compounds the problem. The longer you play, the greater the likelihood that you will see big swings in your bankroll. Other than cutting your playing session short, there’s no way to prevent them. They’re built into the game.

If you win, great, but lock in your win before you give it back

Of course, you can still get lucky and win and maybe get very lucky and win a huge amount. Just don’t count on it.

My advice for anyone who makes a big hit in this game is to lock in your win and cash out immediately.

For example, when I played in demo mode at $20 per spin, after losing my first three bets, thee blue triple bars all landed on across the reels on the payline simultaneously. This produced a whopping payout of 40 coins. After subtracting the $60 lost on the first three spins from the $800 payout, I had a net win of $740. Even though I hadn’t even played five minutes, I ended the session at once, as should you under similar circumstances.

Don’t press your luck and give the machine a chance to swallow back all of your winnings and more.

Red White & Blue symbols and payouts

Your entire bet, whatever that is, will ride on the single active payline. Winning combinations are formed based on three of a kind of the same symbol, color, or both.

But simply getting a match anywhere on the reels isn’t enough. In order to get a possible winning combination, the horizontal line going across the three reels needs to fall exactly in the middle of all three symbols. It is frustrating to say the least to keep seeing the symbols land either just above or just below where they need to be to produce a payoff.

The following paytable shows the payouts in descending order from highest to lowest for each of the possible winning combinations

Red White & Blue online slot game paytable

SymbolsNo. of Coins
1 Red 7, 1 White 7, & 1 Blue 72,500
3 Red 7s250
3 White 7s200
3 Blue 7s150
3 Any 780
Single red bar, double white bar, triple blue bar50
3 triple blue bars40
3 double white bars25
Any red bar, any white bar, any blue bar, in order20
3 single red bar10
3 any bar, any color5
3 any red symbol (7 or bar)2
3 any white symbol (7 or bar)2
3 any blue symbol (7 or bar)2
3 blanks1

Simply multiply the number of coins shown in the table by the amount of your bet to get the payout.

As you can see from the paytable, the maximum payout possible is 2,500 coins. Even if you’re betting a relatively small amount (i.e., $1.00), that’s a huge payout amounting to $2,500. On the other hand, if the red, white, and blue 7s were to land with a $100 bet, you would receive a whopping $25,000!

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The bottom line

Free Ruby Red Casino Slots

The Red White & Blue slot game is as American as apple pie and the 4th of July. What you see in this classic slot is exactly what you get.

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Red White & Blue hits

  • By the world-renowned casino games manufacturer, IGT
  • Unusually simple gameplay
  • Very similar to the game in land-based casinos

Red White & Blue misses

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  • Only one payline
  • Dated graphics
  • Mediocre RTP
  • No wild symbol, scatter symbol, or bonus features