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This is a Sega.Mad Money. Vintage coin operated slot machine. This item is used but is in excellent condition given its age. Item is in full working order and is ready for restoration or can be used as is. Item is for pickup only!!! Please E-MAIL me with any questions you may have and I. So now one 0.005' deep pass takes 10 seconds and your slot takes 2 1/2 minutes to rough. Unless you're driving around corners or running on an angle so both axis feed motors need to keep up, you can just go balls out, and nothing bad will happen.

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Sega Slots Apk

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Sega Continental Bonus w-g.p. Animation wiring diagram

Sega Sammy Slot Machines

This Manual is in a PDF format. This is a one page wiring diagram which is for the Sega Continental listed. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $9.95

Sega Slot Machine 1950s

This Manual is in a PDF format. Color, one of the hardest manuals to find that I have ever looked for. This is it, for those Sega Continental slot machines. About 25 pages of the information called the instruction manual that you could never find, until today! These Sega manuals cost me a lot but I found them. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $24.95
This Manual is in a PDF format. 13 pages.This is a very detailed parts manual for the Sega Continental slot machine, These Sega parts manuals are the best in the industry, the detail is amazing. These pages scanned in gray scale. Instant download after purchase.
Price: $14.95
PDF files, contained in a zipped file for all three Sega Manuals Listed just above this., save some money, and order all three items listed just above, the Instruction Manual, Parts manual, wiring diagram and all these were made for the same model Sega continental slot machine. Single price would cost 49.85. Instant download after purchase.

Sega Slot Machine Parts

Price: $35.95

Sega Mad Money Slot Machine

This Manual is in a PDF format. This original manual is scanned in color, it 58 pages of great Sega slot machine information. The manual is dated The Sega's were made in Japan, but using original Mills dies and tools. Mills had three sets of dies, one was hardly used and Sega bought this set when Mills went out. Most Sega's were made in the 60's, nice mechanisms and Sega chrome plated their parts where Mills had their parts, cadmium plated. Most Sega's are on foreign coin amounts. This catalog covers a Sega Diamond Star Cabinet 1961, Bell Cabinet types, 1959 model, model that looks just like the Mills high top, and it also has other models like the 4 reel model, lighting system Sega Star, even one with a payout control unit, in it and different export parts like English 6d, English 1d, Panamanian 250, Hong Kong 10 cent-50cent-50 cent 4 reel, dollar, Malayan 20 cent. also covers Sega Star cabinet, 21 bell cabinet and other stuff. A very neat original manual in English. I had three original sales flyers and there included also: Bonanza Star & the later Sega Playboy. Instant download after purchase.

Slot Machines For Sale

Price: $22.95