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If you have lost your reset key or your reset switch does not work,

installing a reset switch is the least expensive solution. Reset key

and replacement locks are difficult to find and expensive.


Unplug all cables. Each is unique, so no need to worry

about getting them plugged in again when you reinstall.


Power Supplies are usually held on with 1-3 screws. Remove all

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screws and slide out Power Supply.


On some Power Supplies there are side panels which need

to be removed to access the inside.


1. Reset locks are held into place with a single nut. Loosen the

nut with a pair of needlenose pliers.

2. If possibe, unplug the cable that holds the reset lock to the

Power Supply. If you cannot do this, snip the wires as close as

possible to the reset lock and slide the reset lock from

the front of the machine.

3. Strip rubber from the wires that lead to the reset lock.

4. Using a reset switch like the one shown in the video, try pushing

it into the hole left by the old reset lock. If it does not fit, run

the wires through a vent. You may need to splice extra wire to

the reset wires you stripped to give you more wire to work with.

9. Thread the wire through the hole left by the old reset lock or

through the vent, then thread the wire through the terminals on

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the reset switch. Use electrical tape to cover any exposed wire.

10. Reinstall the Power Supply.

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