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One of the best places that you should look to buy a slot machine if you are in Las Vegas I sat one of the many slot machine distributors that are available throughout the State, due to them supplying new slot machines to casinos they often have a large number of older slot machines that they have taken away from such venues. Slots welcome las vegas paradise casino free game free download - Paradise Welcome Las Vegas 777 - Game of Casino FREE, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Slots Games - Play Free Casino Deluxe, Hot.

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Las Vegas slot machines are known by a variety of names around the world. Slot machines in Australia are generally referred to as video poker, poker machines or pokies. In Japan it is known as pachisuro. In Britain, they are usually known as Fruit machines, Bandits and AWP (Amusement with Prizes)

Traditional slot machines are coin-operated machines with three or more reels, which spin when a lever on the side of the machine is pulled.

Las Vegas slot machines which are considered modern slot machines are designed to look and feel like the old mechanical models, but they work on a completely different principle. The outcome of each pull is actually controlled by a central computer inside the machine, not by the motion of the reels.

The positions the reels will come to rest on are chosen by a Random Number Generator (RNG) contained in the machine's software. The RNG is constantly generating random numbers, at a rate of hundreds or maybe thousands per second. As soon as the lever is pulled or the 'Play' button is pressed, the most recent random number is used to determine the result. This means that the result varies depending on exactly when the game is played. A fraction of a second earlier or later, and the result would be different.

What does all this mean, you ask? It means,
Las Vegas slot machines have one of the worst House Advantage. That means the odds are always in the slot machine's favor.
There is no reward for playing longer. Each play is an independent event with the same odds of winning or losing as every other play on that game.
Persistence doesn't pay off. The result of your previous play or series of plays doesn't determine what happens on your next play.
There is no way to tell which slots are wining machines. Slots are never 'due for a win' and they don't 'go cold' after a win.
The location of the slot machine, whether it's on the Strip, off the Strip or Downtown affects the outcome of a game.

Now, here is the news you don't to hear. There is really no strategy to out smart the slot machine. However what we can show you are some wining tips on playing slot machines.

One of the questions visitors to Las Vegas ask is, where are the loose slots. Loose slots are Slot machines with above-average pay outs.

It's a fact that Las Vegas Slots differ in their payouts. Generally the odds of wining any prize on Las Vegas Slot Machines are approximately 1 in 5. However the odds to wining a top prize on a red, white and blue slot machine, for example, are only 1 in 373,248.

Some slot games pay smaller prizes more frequently and offer more bonus games (Loose Slots). Other machines pay out more often in the middle and top prize categories. It's important to mention that the chances of winning smaller prizes on slots are greater than the chances of winning top prizes.

Tips for Wining Big on Slot Machines

Use your Player's club card
Play two-coin, three reel, one payline slot machines.
Stay away from three-coin machines unless they are progressive machines.
Don't play more than one machine at a time.
Always play the maximum coins.
Always play machines that show double up symbols.
Don't play nickel slot machines. (check the house advantage here)

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The Slot Expert's Guide to Winning at Slots


The Best Number of Coins to Play in Slots

Type of MachineRules and Reasons
ProgressivesPlay maximum coins.
If you play don't play maximumcoins, you're only increasing the jackpot for someone else with nochance of winning it yourself.
Straight MultipliersPlay one coin at a time.
The payback and hitfrequency are the same regardless of the number of coins you play.
Bonus MultipliersPlay one coin at a time.
The chances of hitting apayout with a bonus are so small, it's not worth the extra risk.
Buy-A-PaysPlay maximum coins.
The increase in payback andhit frequency purchased by the additional coins can turn a terriblemachine into a good one.
HybridsPlay just enough coins to activate all winningcombinations.
Extra coins are rarely worth playing in amultiplier, and hybrids are multipliers when you're in themultiplying section of the paytable.
Hidden Buy-A-PaysPlay maximum coins.
The feature activated byplaying the last coin frequently makes the last coin pay back over100%.
MultilinesPlay one coin or maximum coins.
Play maximum coinsif having winning combinations land on paylines you didn't activatebothers you, otherwise play one coin.
Multicoin/MultilinesPlay one coin each on as many lines as you like.
Play one coin on each line if having winning combinations land onpaylines you didn't activate bothers you, otherwise play one coin.If there's a Hidden Buy-A-Pay, play enough coins to activate it.

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Slots Machines House Advantage and Expected Lose

Welcome To Fabulous Vegas Slots

House AdvantageFor Every $100 bet, the player can expect to lose
Penny Slots8%-12%$8 - $12
Nickel Slots6%-12%$6 - $12
Quarter Slots5%-10%$5 -$10
Dollar Slots2.5%-6%$2.50 -$6

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

Take a different twist on the increasingly popular game of poker and play your favorite video reel games at most Las Vegas Casinos. Choose from the hottest Vegas video reel games and slot machines. You'll find all your favorites, plus progressives and video poker in a wide range of denominations. Video poker provides all the strategy of poker but at your own pace.

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Did you know..
The largest Las Vegas slot machine jackpot ever, was paid on a Megabucks machine at the Excalibur Hotel, for $39,713,982.25 on March 21, 2003. More Las Vegas Facts.

Just click on any red icon to see the name of the casino at that location. Slot machines near my location. If you want more information on that casino, simply click againon the casino’s name and it will direct you to another page with detailed information on that particular casino, including address, phone number, toll-free phone number, room rates, casinosize, dining information, games offered, availability of discounts for seniors, any special features, and a direct link to that casino’s website.History of Gambling in KentuckyWhile many of the horse racing tracks have been in business since 1875, gambling only really began in Kentucky in the 1920s. This is mainly due to the fact that the race tracks did not wantanything to do with gambling for a long time.When pari-mutuel betting debuted in the 1920s, horse racing became extremely popular in the state. Then use the hand icon to drag the map in whichever direction you desire.Each of the red icons on the map is a casino location.

Do you know .. your chances of hitting a winning combination are the same on every spin.