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In this example, we introduce painting in a pixmap to remove flickering.We also add a force control.

  • t10/lcdrange.h contains the LCDRangeclass definition.
  • t10/lcdrange.cpp contains the LCDRangeimplementation.
  • t10/cannon.h contains the CannonField classdefinition.
  • t10/cannon.cpp contains the CannonFieldimplementation.
  • t10/main.cpp contains MyWidget and main.

Line-by-line Walkthrough


The CannonField now has a force value in addition to the angle.

The interface to the force follows the same practice as for the angle.

We have put the definition of the cannon's enclosing rectangle in aseparate function.

The force is stored in the integer f.


We include the QPixmap class definition.

The force (f) is initialized to zero.

We have made a slight change in the setAngle() function. It repaintsonly the portion of the widget that contains the cannon. The FALSEargument indicates that the specified rectangle should not be erasedbefore a paint event is sent to the widget. This speeds up and smoothsthe drawing a little bit.

The implementation of setForce() is quite similar to that ofsetAngle(). The only difference is that because we don't show the forcevalue, we don't need to repaint the widget.

We have now optimized the paint event to repaint only the parts of thewidget that need updating. First we check whether we have to paintanything at all, and we return if we don't.

Then we create a temporary pixmap, which we use for flicker-freepainting. All the painting operations are done into this pixmap, andthen the pixmap is drawn on the screen in a single operation.

This is the essence of flicker-free drawing: Draw on each pixelprecisely once. Less, and you get drawing errors. More, and you getflicker. It doesn't matter much in this example - when the code waswritten there were still machines slow enough for it to flicker, butnot any more. We've kept the code for educational purposes.

We fill the pixmap with the background from this widget.

We paint, as in Chapter 9, but now we paint in the pixmap.

At this point, we have a painter variable and a pixmap that looksprecisely right, but we still haven't painted on the screen.

So we open the painter on the CannonField itself and then draw the pixmap.

That's all. A couple of extra lines at the top and a couple at thebottom, and the code is 100% flicker-free.

This function returns the rectangle enclosing the cannon in widgetcoordinates. First we create a rectangle with the size 50x50 and thenmove it so its bottom left corner is equal to the widget's own bottom-left corner.

Smooth As Silk Slot Machines Vgt

The QWidget::rect() function returns the widget's enclosingrectangle in the widget's own coordinates (where the top left corneris 0, 0).


The constructor is mostly the same, but some new bits have been added.

Smooth as silk shampoo

We add a second LCDRange, which will be used to set the force.

We connect the force widget and the cannonField widget, just likewe did for the angle widget.

In Chapter 9 we put angle in the lower-left cell of the layout.Now we want to have two widgets in that cell, so we make a verticalbox, put the vertical box in the grid cell, and put each of angleand range in the vertical box.

We initialize the force value to 25.

Smooth As Silk Slot Machine Youtube


The flicker has gone and we have a force control.

(See Compiling for how to create amakefile and build the application.)

Smooth As Silk Slot Machine

Smooth as silk slot machines vgt


Make the size of the cannon barrel be dependent on the force.

Smooth As Silk Slot Machines Youtube

Put the cannon in the bottom-right corner.

Smooth As Silk Shampoo

Try adding a better keyboard interface. For example, make + and -increase and decrease the force and enter shoot. Hint: QAccel andnew addStep() and subtractStep() slots in LCDRange, like QSlider::addStep(). If you're bothered by the way the left and rightkeys work (I am!), change that too.

You're now ready for Chapter 11.

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