Stage C Riddler Trophy Slot Machine

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  1. Stage C Riddler Trophy Slot Machines
  2. Stage C Riddler Trophy Slot Machine
is the fifth area you’ll explore in Batman: Arkham Knight. As expected, it is home to several riddles – puzzles in verse which reward you with bits of lore and character backgrounds when you solve them.In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations and solutions to

21 – Trophy 12 Approach the slots machine found in the north-eastern corner of stage C. You must start using the remote hacking device here on four controls of the slot machine. The objective of this puzzle is that all icons from a single row must be of the same type so it's about stopping them in.

Panessa Studios Riddles
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, as well as the names of the stories they unlock.
To solve them, you need to approach the right place or object, then press and hold the button you use to enter detective mode. If you’ve missed some riddles in the previous areas, take a look at one of our detailed guides:

Shrine Riddle

She and her love are no longer together, she’ll keep the flames burning forever and ever.
Solving this one give you the Power Play story. When you’re in front of the entrance to Stage A, go left. Use the voice synthesizer to open the door, and investigate the shrine.

Stage C Riddler Trophy Slot Machines

Poster Riddle

A visual artist with burning ambition: prove he made movies before his ignition.
Unlocks a story called Burn Notice. When you go into the Stage A area, turn right into the small room. You’ll see a poster on the wall. Investigate it.Machine

Stage C Riddler Trophy Slot Machine