Ted Slot Machine Bonus

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Ted, the cute and cuddly, beer swilling, smoking, swearing teddy bear has now got a slot of his own! We really liked this slot due to the quirky and outright hilarious way it plays. The game is linked to 3 Wheel of fortune type spinners, and should you get the bonus by spinning in three of the scatter symbols, one of the wheels will spin to award you your prize.

  • The online slot machine inspired by this popular movie is absolutely stuffed with bonus features - 11 different games in total - and filled with funny references to the film. Ted loves beer, girls and four-letter words, so expect crudeness and adult references throughout the game!
  • The other features of this slot machine bonus sitegame include: Thunder Buddies Bonus- The game is heavily inspired by the movie where the man and the teddy bear both were scared of thunder and became thunder buddies.

The game has 40 lines, and a massive amount of stacked wilds, not to mention plenty of randomly triggered hidden features.

You’ll pleased to know that all wagers are customizable on the Ted slot, so regardless of how healthy your playing budget is, you’ll be able to afford some play time on the game.

Although the big wins aren’t exactly the most frequent we’ve seen, we can tell you that plenty of smaller wins do spin in making this quite a good slot to play if you want to play for a while.

The game doesn’t have a level up feature, which is a blessing because there’s so much going on, it would have been one feature too many. The jackpot is generous and because the wheels offer some pretty good prizes, don’t expect the bonus every other spin!

There are also clips from the movie and the sound quality is brilliant, so if you want to immerse yourself in a game for a while, be sure to give Ted a shot, we’re sure you’ll love it, and the comedy is hysterical!

Playing the Ted Slot

When we first saw the Ted Slot game it immediately lured us into playing it, and we are more than confident when you do see it sitting on a land based casinos gaming floor you are going to want to give it as much play time a you possibly can do!

The bonus games are what really do make this slot machine one of the most fun to play and exciting slots currently found in many different casinos, and we would urge you to watch the above video slot see how the bonus games play off and just how much you could end up winning if you do play it and trigger those bonus games yourself!

Frequently Asked Ted Slot Questions

If you are going to get stuck into playing the Ted slot at any Las Vegas casino then we think you are going to be in for a great slot playing session, so actively hunt down this new slot as you will find plenty of casinos with it on their gaming floors. /lil-debbie-slot-machine.html. However, much like when you come across a slot you haven’t seen or played before there may be a few more questions you have about how it plays and pays so do read on.

When you do decide to play the Ted slot you are going to find it a great slot to play, however keep in mind that the company that designed and launched the Ted slot is Aristocrat Gaming and as such you are going to find it comes with lots of settings in regards to not only the stake levels that you can play it for but also audio settings too, so make sure you play this slot with the volume set as loud as you can do to enhance your gaming session!
BestWhen we first set about playing the Ted slot we did get the impression that it could be a low variance slot meaning it is likely to award a lot of low valued winning payout to players, however it turned out to be a medium variance slot!

With that in mind if you are seeking to such a slot then the Ted slot game will be a perfect one to play for by having fewer very low winning payouts spinning in you should get the chance of winnings some of the much higher valued ones available from its base game and/or bonus game!

If you would like to play the Ted slot for real money in a land based casino when you are visiting Las Vegas, then there are of course lots of casinos that do have this slot game on offer. The Bally’s Casino would be a great venue in which to play this slot and that casino is located at 3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South. This casino for reference is owned by Caesars Entertainment.

Remember, that by playing this slot for real money you will earn comp points if you join up to the casino comp club, and if you do make sure you always insert your card into the comp card slot so your comp points will be added to you comp club account.

The one thing to keep in mind is that for you to get a fair amount of play time from your allocated bankroll when you are playing land based slot machines such as the Ted Slot you will need to equate your stake levels to your bankroll, so always try and get at least one hundred spins from your bankroll by configuring the stake levels accordingly!
The coin value settings available on the brand new Ted Slot are set at 0.01, but as with many of the brand new slot machines you will come across in land based casinos you do have to play a certain number of coins per spin so try not to play it for too high a stake level to make your money stretch further when playing it!

The movies have always been a major source of inspiration for game developers, and casino games are no exception. These days, movie fans can find many slot games based on their favourite big-screen features. From timeless classics to modern franchises, there are slot games that cover almost every genre imaginable. Official branded slots usually contain clips and dialogue from the movies, along with incredible graphics and soundtrack. Read on to find some of the best slot games based on movies in 2020.

Play Movie Slots at New Slot Sites

One of the best ways to find the latest slot releases, including all the movie-based titles, is to visit a new slots site. These brand new sites have a number of advantages over some that have been around for longer. They tend to employ the latest technology for a seamless experience, and usually offer the fastest and most competitive withdrawal times. You can check a reputable website to find out more about what makes new slot sites so great, including where to find ones that are safe and trustworthy.

Suicide Squad (Playtech)

Know one is that lucky not even myself. Unregulated slot machines in mo. I’ve often found this to be the case every 30-40 spins. Just don’t expect to hit a jackpot or something every time you log in.

Many DC fans felt a bit let down by the 2016 Suicide Squad movie, but the slot that was released the following year exceeded expectations. The design of the game is eye-catching and meticulous – no superfluous symbols here. Five members of the squad are featured, including Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker. Making better use of the supervillain than the movie managed, Enchantress Mode is a chance to make some big wins. Despite bad reviews, the Suicide Squad franchise survives, and is due for a reboot in 2021. The Harley Quinn stand-alone movie Birds of Prey was well-received, so we have hope for the next instalment.

Jurassic Park (Microgaming)

Based on the original iconic movie from 1994, the Jurassic Park slot game is commendable for its excellent graphics and gameplay. Join Jeff Golblum and friends for a thrilling game, with fearsome dinosaurs representing some special features. If the T-Rex drops, you can be almost guaranteed a win. In fact, in this 243-payline game, there is the potential to make some very tidy sums. The appeal of Jurassic Park has endured over the decades, and the franchise has made a comeback for the new generation with the Jurassic World series.

Scarface (NetEnt)

Ted Slot Machine Bonus Play

Back to 1983 now, with a slot based on the suspenseful and explosive crime drama Scarface. Set in Miami, the story follows Tony Montana and his right hand man Manny as they build their empire. The gritty and violent movie was controversial on its release, but has remained an enduring classic of the genre. The slot game has beautiful graphics, strongly evocative of the 1980s aesthetic while echoing the noir elements of the film. The bonus game takes place within the famous shootout finale, where you can collect as many points as possible by shooting at targets.

Ted Megaways (Blueprint Gaming)

Possibly an unlikely candidate for a slot machine, the teddy bear for grownups makes a surprisingly enjoyable game. It’s packed with bonus features, and can win you up to 50,000x your stake. All the features are in keeping with the humour of the movie, for example with the Beer Streak where Ted sprays the reels with beer so that the symbols shuffle around and make new combinations. If you loved the movie, then you’ll be sure to love this slot. Be warned if you’re not familiar with the Ted movies, though – the humour doesn’t hold back!

Planet of the Apes (NetEnt)

For Planet of the Apes NetEnt have created a dual slot game, with two sets of reels side by side. Each set represents a movie in the franchise, namely Dawn and Rise, and features characters and symbols from each. It’s an innovative approach that makes for a new type of slot experience – not something that comes along very often. Free spins rounds are generous and lucrative, taking place on one of the two sets of reels. Gameplay is interspersed with high-definition clips from the movies, creating a fun and immersive experience from the start.

Terminator 2 (Microgaming)

Slot Machine Bonus Wins

Terminator 2 was famously the first sequel to be significantly better than the original, so the slot creators at Microgaming passed on part one as well. This game is worth it for the clips and graphics alone, and the very special bonus feature that allows you to have T-1000 vision. When this is randomly triggered, scan the reels for targets like John Connor or the Terminator himself, for bonus wins and free spins rounds.

Ted Slot Machine Bonus Games

Of course, there are many more movie slots available at casino sites. Playtech have a whole collection of slots with DC Comics characters, ranging from classic 1960s Batman right up to the latest Justice League. Also from Playtech are branded slots based on nostalgic hits like Top Gun and Dirty Dancing. Look out for NetEnt’s Universal Studios collaborations, with horror and monster titles like the Invisible Man and Frankenstein.