The Meaning Of Bar On A Slot Machine

The Original Slot. The original slot, the very first of its kind, was built based on different card symbols across five reels. If you made certain poker hands, you would win prizes like a beer or food in the bar the game was installed inside of. Many people find it hard to believe that a five-reel game was the very first slot. Video slot machine synonyms, Video slot machine pronunciation, Video slot machine translation, English dictionary definition of Video slot machine. According to this story, the BAR was an image of a pack of gum, eventually becoming more stylized over the years. However, there are images available that show it was the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum. The slot machine bar meaning is just that you won a piece of chewing gum. Gum was, in fact, a popular prize among gamblers, and the fruity colors would tell players what kind of gum they were about to receive. Modern slot machine makers like VGT have retained the fruit symbol because of its long association.

7 And Bars Slots

Slot machine reelsymbols have been constant features since slot machines were inventedmany years ago. The most common of these symbols are the cherrysymbols and the BAR symbol which have been seen on standard slotmachine reels since 1909 and 1910. Initially, BAR was the companylogo of a particular firm and it was a picture of a bubble gum packthat was eventually redesigned as a BAR. Depending on how many reelsthe machine has, the BAR symbol that secures the win could either besingle or multiple.

History of the BARSymbol in Slot Machines

In 1910, HerbertStephen Mills of Mills Novelty Company rebranded the famous fruitreel symbols by adding the picture of a bubble gum pack. Eventually,it wasn’t just a combination of fruits and chewing gum packs, it wasjust a stylized bar. Some writers believe that the BAR symbol was thelogo of a Bell-Gum Fruit company. Keep in mind that in the early1900s, slot machines were illegal in the United States. At the time,slot machines were not called slot machines. They were calledone-armed bandits and they were known for literally swallowing moneyand hardly paying out.

The bad reputationof slot machines and the ban that was placed on slot machines didn’tdiscourage people from using them at all costs. The government had toput in several measures to make sure people stopped using machinesthat promised users significant cash prizes as the payout. To makethe slot machines more interesting for players who didn’t want tobreak the law, producers eventually added the fruits and bubble gumsymbols to the reels. Rather than getting cash payouts, the machineswere set to pay out noncash prizes.

The Bell-Fruit Gumcompany was among the many companies that started taking advantage ofthis innovation. The company logo was added to almost every slotmachine that was produced at the time and it looked just like a BAR.Rather than serve as a slot machine, these machines were seen asvending machines because the pictures and logos of bubble gumcompanies were added to the side of every machine. There is still alot of controversy regarding the real name of the Bell-Fruit GumCompany but whatever the case may be, it is one of the most commonorigin stories of the BAR symbol.


There is anothertheory that Mills Novelty Company partnered with the Bell-Fruit GumCompany to use their logo on their slot machines. Eventually, theMills Novelty Company started creating slot machines with woodinstead of iron. This company was also responsible for inventing theslot machine jackpot. /mills-qt-slot-machine-manual-pdf.html. When the same symbol appears three times or acertain combination of symbols appear at the same time on the reels,the player would hit the jackpot and win big. All the coins in themachine will be paid out to the player.

What’s TheDifference Between Slot Machine Symbols And Icons?

Every slot machinehas a rich combination of symbols and icons. Both terms are used fortwo different things even if some individuals tend to interchangethem. All slot machines have pay tables and reels. It is on thesereels and pay tables that slot symbols appear. During each spin,different symbols spin around the reels. When the reels stopspinning, the outcome of the game is determined by the last symbolsthat are displayed on the reels. If you want to learn what eachsymbol will fetch you, you should study the paytable. All the detailsabout the symbols are displayed on the paytable. You’ll know whichcombinations you need to hit the jackpot or win any amount at all.

The first-ever gamemachine symbol was created by Charles Fey in 1895 and it was thesymbol of a playing card. The symbol was used for a machine that issimilar to the slot machine but was meant for poker. Different cardsymbols were created for these machines at the time. Many slotmachines today still use card symbols. Fey also created the libertybell symbol and horseshoe symbols.

The icon is the logoof the slot machine. It is usually designed based on the theme andname of the game. For example, if the name of a slot machine is Wheelof Fortune, the icon would be a wheel. If the title of the game isGods of Egypt, the icon can be a picture of Anubis or any othermythical creature in Egypt. The icon usually appears next to the nameof the game. Most games have more than one icon but all of them arebased on the theme of the machine. An icon is to a slot machine whata book cover is to a book. It is the manufacturer’s way of brandingthe slot machine so it can stand out from others in the market.

Types of SlotSymbols

We’ve mentioned afew of the most common slot symbols out there. However, there are somany others and different manufacturers are still coming up withunique slot machine symbols to make the game more interesting toplayers. We can’t talk about every symbol out there but we can talkabout the most common categories of slot symbols. Some of the mostcommon are as follows;

  • Fruit Slot Machine Symbols

After the cardsymbols, the fruit symbols are the oldest slot machine symbols in theUnited States. The most common fruit symbols and the first to becreated were grapes, cherries, melons, lemons, and oranges. Machinesthat displayed these symbols are called fruit slot machines. Some ofthese machines paid people fruit gums instead of cash as statedearlier. When players saw lemons on the slot reels, they will be paidin lemon-flavored gums. If the reels displayed oranges, they would bepaid in orange-flavored gums. The number of gums players got dependedon the combination. The higher the winning combination, the more gumsplayers would get. These sorts of slot machines have beendiscontinued. Now, fruit slot machines payout cash prizes like otherslot machines. You can get bubble gums from your regular vendingmachines or chewing gum dispenser.

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  • Standard Reel Slot Symbols

The standard reelsymbols include but are not limited to symbols of Tens, Kings, Aces,Jacks, and Queens. They are as old as the slot machines themselves.The classic slots of old still come with these standard symbols butthe more modern slots like the video slot machines come with so manynew and beautiful symbols.

  • Bonus Symbols

Every modern slotmachine comes with bonus symbols which give players numerous bonusamounts each time they appear on the reels.

  • Scatter Symbols

You’ll also see thescatter symbols which can either pay your regular amount or give youyour regular amount along with a bonus.

  • Wild Symbols

Let’s not forgetabout the wild symbols that are of different types and typicallyrepresent a winning combination. Having a wild symbol or two alongwith another symbol can give you a winning combination. Wild symbolsin slot machines can be compared to wild cards in card games.

The Meaning Of Bar On A Slot Machine Machines

These are just themajor categories of slot symbols that you should expect to see in atypical slot machine. Each machine has subcategories and designs thatrepresent their theme. With the production of new slot machines, itis a surprise that classic symbols are still in existence today.There are still many regular players who would rather not play a slotmachine game than play a game without classic slots. These are thepeople that keep the tradition going and help them retain theirrelevance.


Whether it is theBAR symbol, card symbol or any other symbol listed above, you cannottalk about the origin of slot machines without talking about slotmachine symbols. Slot machines are here to stay. To make things evenmore exciting, you can play a slot game with your computer or mobiledevice when you don’t have the time to visit a landbased casino. Thecreation of online slot machines has only helped in promoting andmaintaining this game that has become a crucial part of the gamblingculture. As a final note of caution, you must gamble responsibly. Youmay not need a lot of money to play a single slot game but the amountcan pile up quickly. To minimize losses while playing slot games, gofor machines that offer unconditional free spins. This will help yousave money. Most importantly, make sure you play within your budgetno matter how interesting it is.