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The Double Top Dollar slot machine is a classic by IGT that most casinos have!

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The top jackpot on most slot machines is around 1000 times the amount you bet. So, if you bet a penny per spin, the most you can win on most machines is around $10.00. If you bet a dollar. Double Top Dollar Slot Video - Progressive $10 $20 $50 Max Betting! Tuesday, December 12, 2017 Double Top Dollar remains a classic slot machine that I expect will be around for a long time to come, and is a favorite of high-limit slot players. Top Dollar slots is one of the most popular slots machines in USA. Top Money offers all its charming to you with real graphics that will amaze you. Try your luck with this classic, real slot machine and feel like you are in Downtown Las Vegas. This Top Dollar slots-based machine will allow you to start with a FREE welcome pack to join the party and enjoy Free Spins, Bonuses, Wheel of Fortune Spins and more.all the features of a real Casino Slots await you in this free slot machine. Love these top dollar machines, had and monster hit for 25,000 a month ago on the back up spin, after hitting bonus and only getting 625.00, hit back up spin bonus again and first offer was 1000 credits!

And it's is a favorite high-limit slot that people play at the $25 and even $100 denominations: it's very volatile and your outcome is generally nothing although occasionally you can be lucky and get the bonus, which then provides you 4 offers. The first 3 you can either accept or reject with the machine informing you of the best play, by the odds. A feature of Double Top Dollar is that besides amounts, you can also get 2x multipliers to increase the value of your bonus although as you will see, 2x or even 4x a small amount is still a small amount!

The top award is 1000 credits which is automatically accepted although can also possibly be given the multipliers for a Huge Jackpot. This Double Top Dollar slot video shows me betting $50 a spin(every now and then I take a shot!) and wouldn't you know it, I was able to get the bonus! What did I get? Watch to find out, Enjoy!


South Jersey Gambler

Have you ever found a top dollar in 1$ denomination ? I’ve only seen this game in person a few times, and at big denom’s

Choose a number of spins to turn automatically or set it to stop if you reach a certain win or loss level, or if you activate a bonus feature. If you don’t want to have to keep clicking Spin, there’s also an autoplay button right next to it. /zeus-lightning-bolt-slot-machine-rtp.html.

Tigers Fireworks

Has anyone calculated approx how much money it takes in a $10 and $25 double top dollar before getting 'top dollar'. I know there is no exact way to know as it is all random. Any replys and info would be greatly appreciated!

topdollar50 slots

Love these top dollar machines , had and monster hit for 25,000 a month ago on the back up spin , after hitting bonus and only getting 625.00 , hit back up spin bonus again and first offer was 1000 credits !

Josue Ayotte

you got on me on that one. I would have taken the $500 on the third offer lol!! workedddd

Top Dollar Slot Machine 2018 Full


I feel cheated with no backup spin. LoL j/k


What was the initial buy in? It looks like you had 4 credits on the machine, did you hit within the first two spins?

Susie Smith

Top Dollar Slots 2019

I was nervous for you on 3rd offer when you went for last one! But congrats. Do you ever read what they say best offer is? If so ever pay any attention to it? Lol

Jennifer Goodwin

You took a chance -- and didn't win the $25,000. Darn! I thought you would! (LOL) I bet if they'd given you a back-up spin the big win would have been yours. (Not bad anyway - but oh such scary bets!.)

Mark Lepage

I love watching you but how much do you really pay out to get those bonuses

Real Angel OfGod

Top Dollar Slot Machine 2018 Wins

I like your voice sounds like a host on a game show.

Top Dollar Slots

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