Top Ten Online Casinos In The World

The company is one of the most well-known providers, and their games can now be found at many of the world’s best online casinos. The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot is one of the most famous online slots out there today, having entered the Guinness Book of Records when it paid out a record-breaking €17,879,645.12 back in October 2015.

If you are looking to play Poker or any other gambling games in the casinos, then you have to visit at least once to the Casinos I’m mentioning in this blog. These are some of the Best Casinos of the World.

These Casinos feature a lot of games and you can enjoy your visit for sure. Many of these casinos are built around the resorts where you can spend some quality time with your family or friends.

All these casinos can be trusted and all of them are legal casinos and are open 24 x 7, 365 days.

So, here are the top 13 Best Casinos of the World.

Top 13 Best Casinos of the World

1. The Bellagio Resort

The Bellagio is definitely #1 Best casinos of the world. Bellagio is located on the Las Vagas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is a Resort, Luxury Hotel, and a Casino all in one. Since this is a resort and a luxury hotel, you can have a great time with your family or your loved ones. Online casino no deposit codes 2015.

There is a huge lake between the building, as well as a beautiful dancing fountain called the Fountains of Bellagio. This Dancing fountain itself attracts thousands of tourists to this place.


The Luxurius Restaurants in Bellagio offers delicious food and there is something for everyone who visits here. There are a total of 14 Luxurious Hotels in Bellagio. There are options to dine in beside the pool too.

Here many of the poker players prefer to play-calling it their home base (or more commonly “The Office”) because of the high stakes the Casino offers. Bellagio has also partnered with the World Series Of Poker and has conducted several tournaments in it.

The other major attractions in Bellagio is the Arts Gallary called the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Also, there is Conservatory and Botanical Gardens which is very pretty and deserves a visit for itself.

These were some of the main features that the Bellagio Offers and you are guaranteed to enjoy here without any worries.

Website:Bellagio Resort

2. WinStar World Casino

Winstar World Casino is the #2 Best Casinos of the World. It is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma, near the Oklahoma–Texas state line. It is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation. It was opened in the year 2004.

Winstar World Casino is the largest casino in America with an sq. ft of 600,000. Other than Casinos there are other places to visit like the Winstar Golf Club which is massive and also it has a Winstar RV Park where 200 RV can be parked out there and people can park their RV and stay there for a night.

There is Bull riding too where Professional Bull riders bring their bulls and showcase their talent. All in all, Winstar World Casino is a fine place to visit and have a great time here.

Website:Winstar World Casino

3. Ponte 16 Resort

Ponte 16 Resort is #3 Best Casinos of the World. Ponte 16 is located in Macau, China. It was opened in the year 2008. It has Casino, Resort, and hotels just like the Bellagio. The Ponte 16 in the center of Macau and has access to all the transport facilities which makes the lives of travelers easy.

A lot of shows are performed here including the international groups from South Africa, Taiwan and more places.

The Casino in Ponte 16 Resort has a lot of gaming tables and Slots Machines to have a great time.

Website: Ponte 16 Resort

4. MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas is the #4 Best Casinos of the World. It has a restaurant and a Casino built-in. It is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. MGM Grand Hotel is the largest Hotel in America with around 7000 rooms.

The Casino in MGM grand is around 175,000 Sq.ft being the largest Gaming floors in Las Vegas. There are around 150 poker tables to play poker and other table games. There are around 2500 slots machines to play Slot games.

There are a lot of entertainment venues including the famous David Copper Field Theater. There is an MGM Grand Garden Arena which hosts several concerts and has also has hosted the Latin Grammy Awards.

As in whole, MGM Grand Las Vegas has something for everyone to enjoy and have a great time.

Website:MGM Grand Las Vegas

5. Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino is the #5 Best Casinos of the World. It is located in Monaco. It includes a casino, a Monte Carlo Theatre, and the office of Les Balles de Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo Casino was opened in the year 1863 which is 156 years ago.

The Casino in Monte Carlo has a variety of games like Roulette, Poker, Slots, Black Jack, Craps and many more.

Website: Monte Carlo Casino

6. Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa is the Number #6 Best Casinos of the World. Casino Lisboa is located at the Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations) in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The Casino opened in the year 2006. Casino Lisboa was owned by Stanley Ho. There is a casino with the same name in Macau owned by the same owner.

Casino Lisboa is also the 9th most largest Casino in the world. It is built around 165,000 sq.ft. It features many games and famous ones are the Slot Machines and the Table games. They have a Theater too that can hold up to 600 people at once.

This is one of the best places to visit and you can have a great time here.

Website: Casino Lisboa

7. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is the #7 Best Casinos of the World. It is located in Singapore. It was opened in the year 2010. It is an integrated Resort with built-in Casino. Marina Bay also contains Seven Celebrity Restaurants.

The Casino in Marina Bay is around 200,000 Sq.ft. Lot’s of Games are featured here with Board games being the most famous ones. It has 600 gaming tables and around 1500 Slots machine for you to play. Tourists can enter here for free but the locals need to pay 100$ entry fees for the privilege.

The other attractions in Marina Bay include the Sands Sky Park, the observational deck which provides the panoramic view of the Bay. It also includes an Art Science Museum, Dragon Fire Boxing and many more. It also includes a Shopping Mall at the center of the Bay.

Website: Marina Bay Sands

8. Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino is the #8 Best Casinos of the World. It is a hotel and a casino complex located in Ledyard, Connecticut. Foxwoods Resort Casino includes 6 casinos with the land area of 9,000,000 Sq.ft including the resort. The gaming area itself is 360,000 Sq.ft, which is the third most largest Casino in the world.

The Casinos have more than 250 Gaming Tables and around 6,000 Slots Machine. The games include Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Poker. The poker room known as the World Poker Room includes several versions of poker with Omaha and Texas hold’em Poker being the most popular ones.

There are a lot of sports events happening here with UFC Fight Night and Mixed Martial Arts being the famous ones.

Website: Foxwoods Resort Casino

9. City of Dreams Resort

City of Dreams Resort is the #9 Best Casinos of the World. It is a resort and a casino located at Macau, China. It was opened in the year 2010 and is owned by Melco Crown Entertainment Company.

City of Dreams has around 400,000 Sq.ft. gaming space with around 450 gaming tables and 1500 Slot machines. It has also around 20 restaurants and bars where one of the restaurants is the biggest in the city.

Some of the main attraction includes Aquariums, The Bubble Fountain and the Dancing Water Theatre. There is also a shopping center inside the resort. It is ideal for any age group to visit here and have a great time here.

Website: City of Dreams Casino

10. Sun City

Sun City is the #10 Best Casinos of the World. Sun City is a luxury resort and a Casino built inside the Resort. It is located in Rustenberg, South Africa. It was opened in the year 1979.

In Sun City Casino, the table games include craps, stud poker, and baccarat, along with just short of a thousand slot machines.

Sun City also has two international standards 18 -hole golf courses, the Gary Player Country Club and the Lost City Golf Course, both designed by Gary Player.

Some of the facilities in the Sun City include The Valley Of Waves, The Gary Player Country Club, Zip 2000, SunStar, Sun Central, The Maze Of The Lost City. There are many more facilities available and spending one day there won’t be enough to see the whole resort.

Website: Sun City

11. Casino Baden-Baden

Casino Baden-Baden is the #11 Best Casinos of the World. Casino Baden-Baden is located in Germany and is around 250 years old. The interiors of the Casino Baden-Baden is so beautiful that many people visit the place just to see the beauty of artwork inside the building.

The Casino in Baden-Baden includes over 150 Slots machines and also includes Poker rooms as well as Rooms to play BlackJack. French and American Roulette is available too if you’re interested in that.

Overall, Casino Baden-Baden is a Masterpiece when it comes to interior design and deserves a visit just for the Design. Also, Gambling lovers can also spend awesome time here for sure.

Website: Casino Baden-Baden

12. Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is the #12 Best Casinos of the World. It was opened in the year 1990 by Trump in Atlantic City, United States. It is now known as the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino after Trump lost the Ownership of the Casino in the year 2016.

In terms of gaming space, Hard Rock Casino has around165,000 Sq.ft. The casino has around 2000 rooms to play a variety of gambling games. The games included Poker, BlackJack, Roulette, and Slot Machines.

The probability of winning on the old machines is easy to compute. Did the jack casino get new slot machines.

Even though there were some controversies involved here, it is still a wonderful place to visit and play some poker.

Website: Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

13. The Empire

The Empire Casino is the #13 Best Casinos of the World. The Empire Casino is located in London and was opened in the year 1884, 135 years old.

Only opened as recently as 2007, replacing the old Empire Ballroom, the Empire Casino is one of the finest Casinos of England. With bright, artificial lights and no windows, this casino has an almost Las Vegas feel.

Along with its bars, restaurants and two floors of table games and slot machines, the venue also has a poker room that hosts World Series of Poker events on a regular basis.

Website: Empire Casino

These were the top 13 Best Casinos of the World. Hope you guys learned something today. Thanks for reading.

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