Tower Of The Temple Free Slots

The Exotic East Combined with Colossal Reels

10 min online casino for usa. This slot has a distinctly Eastern theme. On the reels you’ll find tall pagodas, elephants with a head dress and an exotic Eastern dancer. When you hit the main bonus feature, an enchanting sitar-based tune plays.

Dragon Temple Slot

There are two sets of reels, each one labelled. On the left you will find the 5×4 setup of the ‘main reels’. On the right the ‘colossal reels’ have a huge 5×12 setup. Like several slots using this setup, wilds can replicate between the two reel sets.

Here are the key features which make Towers of the Temple slots worth a spin:

  • Dual-Reel Setup: 100 win-lines cover two linked (and very different) sets of reels
  • Stacked Symbols: Several of the high paying symbol, plus the logo wilds, are stacked – making multi-line hits easier to come by.
  • Free Spins: Get additional replicating wilds during the main bonus feature
  • Easy Retriggers: Just two bonus symbols add to your free spins

The free online Tower Quest slot machine has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This modern online video slot is made by Play’n Go vendor. This modern online video slot is made by Play’n Go vendor. The whole story is based on gaming, so if you are a gaming battle enthusiast, this is the right casino machine for you. The free online Tower Quest slot machine has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This modern online video slot is made by Play’n Go vendor. This modern online video slot is made by Play’n Go vendor. The whole story is based on gaming, so if you are a gaming battle enthusiast, this is the right casino machine for you. Free Play Towers of the Temple Slots Game, Review & Real Money Casinos Towers of the Temple is a video slot machine made by WMS which is available in most Las Vegas casinos as well as online. The Towers of the Temple slot game is also available to play for free or real money on mobile devices. The Towers of the Temple slot machine might be one of many Asian themed slots on the casino floor, but this game is certainly one of the most original. The most striking feature, both visually and in gameplay, are the colossal reels found to the right of the main set of reels. Play Dragons Temple free slot and enjoy the latest slot of IGT that takes you to an Asian adventure and gives you a tremendous amount of winnings. Set in the Far East design, this pokie has five dancing dragons that vow to give you good luck all year round. The gamble has an Auto Play, audio and graphics settings that you can adjust to suit how you play the game.

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Two Linked Reel Sets

If you have not come across colossal reels before – then the setup will soon make sense. On the left is a standard set of reels. This has 5 reels, each with 4 rows of symbols. There are 25 win-lines on this one.

Over on the right is a taller, thinner set of reels. This has the same 5 reels, only this time they are each 12 symbols tall. There are an additional 75 win-lines on this set for 100 in total. You don’t need to bet 100 credits. The minimum spin is just 50c – though bet multipliers are possible.

Wild symbols link the two sets of reels, though only when they completely cover one or more reels on the main (smaller) set. You will see an animation where these wilds move over to the right. They make the matching reel on the colossal reel set into a wild reel – giving you plenty of opportunity for those big wins.

Towers of the Temple Free Spins with Added Wilds

Elephant symbols are your ticket to a free spins bonus. These appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 on both sets of reels. You need a minimum of 3 (between the two sets) to trigger the main bonus feature. More get you extra spins and bigger scatter prizes.

Sitar music plays during the free spins bonus – though this is not the only extra. Pagoda symbols, which are stacked 4 high on the main reel set, can get you additional wilds. When you get one completely on the reels, this replicates as if it was a wild onto the bigger set on the right. These work alongside the normal wilds, which show the slot logo.

As an extra, you can get 5 extra free spins on your current total with just 2 additional scattered elephant symbols.

Winning Combinations on the Towers of the Temple Slots

Wild symbols can appear individually, as well as in stacks. These will link wins together, only replicating to the right if they fully cover a reel. These logo wilds replace everything except the elephant bonus symbols.

Your biggest wins will come from the temple symbols, these are tall, and show multi-tiered temples. There are two variations. An exotic female dancer comes next on the prize list, with golden ingots, flowers and a traditional head-dress next. Playing card symbols are used for the minor wins.

Beautiful Near-East Design

While the two sets of reels do take up a lot of the screen space, there is room for the logo on the top left. This shows a scene framed by cherry blossoms, with greenery and a temple in the distance.

On the reels, the quality of the designs is excellent – as you would expect from WMS. The ornate temples stand out, rising with multiple tiers into the sky. The female dancer is seen from behind, silks flowing as she dances.

Like the other colossal reel slots from WMS, there are not many animations. Only the replicating wilds bring the reels to life. Sounds are electronic for the most part, with the on-theme sitar tune playing once you trigger the free spins bonus.

Is Towers of the Temple Worth a Spin?

The range of slots from WMS using the colossal reels setup continues to grow. This is the first time an exotic eastern theme has been used for this range. The production is top-quality, and there is plenty of opportunity to win over many of the 100 win-lines.

Your free spins bonus differs from Lil Red or Van Helsing (other popular colossal reels slots). This time extra wilds are available. If you manage to get 2 or more wild reels on the bigger right-side reel set, your bankroll could be given a huge boost.

The Towers of the Temple slot machine by WMS is a Colossal Reels classic!

Colossal Reels slots have two reels: the Main Reel Set and the Colossal Reel Set with different games generally differentiating themselves during the bonus although two standard features seem to be the following:

  1. If you fully land a wild reel in the Main reel set, it will transfer to the Colossal reel set.

  2. Bonus symbols only appear on odd-numbered reels, and you need to land them on at least 3 reels to trigger the bonus.

In Towers of the Temple‎, the bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for 8, 12, or 20 free games plus a scatter award of 2x, 5x, or 20x respectively. During the bonus, any 'Tower Symbol' that lands fully or within one position of landing fully will nudge wild and then transfer to the Colossal reel set wild! Retriggers for 5 additional spins are possible if you land only two bonus symbols, which is a great feature, Enjoy!


My boyfriend played this one night and got about 60 free spins in one go.just kept giving them to was awesome

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Shawnpaul Clark

Does this game re-trigger on two symbols? I've played this maybe once and never got the bonus. :(


I wouldn't play this game with my neighbors money. Haha it is brutal!! Good run though.

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Awesome bonus, that game has crazy potential!

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Hey Great session and a pretty good looking screen at the end there!

Kathie Greene

Dragon's Temple Slot Free

Lovely, lovely I love it when you win!!

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You and Vegaslowroller are the best of all of them👍

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What's not to like . Good win. Your the best.


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dan allen

you have a nice website , if you like tell us how it all started for you and what made you decide to do it and stick to it for so long if it is too personal for you - do not :-) still real good quality website - Surprise .. you are not selling anything - swag ? shmag ? Meh .. . this games ( Colossal) are hard i love and hate it equally .

Jennifer Goodwin

I like Colossal Reels games and I have played a lot of them, but I learned something that I never knew watching you play Towers of the Temple. I never noticed before that the bonus-triggering symbol only comes up on reels 1, 3, or 5 of both the Main reel set and the Colossal Reel set, and from what I read, this is true of all Colossal Reel games. See - that's another good reason to read your comments. There is much to learn and I'm sure the more we learn the more we will win. Thank you for taking the time to teach.

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How come you don't get involved with the slot community at all? Are you in our YouTube group?

Towers of the temple free slots
Andrew Wangman

This is my favorite Colossal Reel game and one of my favorite games over all. I play it in every casino I visit in every jurisdiction. I am happy it is still around after 5 years. Thanks for showing. Nice last spin hit in the bonus.