Treasure Temple Slot Free

The Temple Of Treasure Megaways slot, created as a result of a collaboration between Blueprint Gaming and Big Time Gaming, has appeared in online casinos in early 2019. In terms of content, the game offers much the same as many other Megaways slots, a special feature licensed by Big Time Gaming. Instead of pay lines, each round has a variable number of ways to win, and the maximum number can reach 117,649 pay lines, hence the name Megaways.

Temple of Treasure Megaways is an extravagant slot with massive win potential, a captivating theme, and lots of action constantly happening on the reels. The Temple Bonus Bet feature is a great option if you’re impatient to get to the free spins round and the addition of mystery symbols adds a. Full of Treasures is a slots game with an ancient Egyptian theme. You might not be familiar with Casino Technology slots, but this is a well-designed game that's fun to play and has cute animations and graphics. Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot Features. Temple of Treasure relies on the Megaways system, and winning combinations can be formed with the help of ways to win. The reels can get anywhere between 2 and 7 symbols each, considering that this slot has 6 reels; as many as 117,649 Megaways are possible.

Other specialties of Megaways games include the extra row at the top of the main reel board, the number of symbols that vary by round on the reels, in addition to which the winning symbols are explosive. Exploded symbols are replaced with new ones that allow multiple wins over a single round. In addition to versatile winnings, Temple Of Treasure Megaways slot includes four different free spins rounds full with winnings, mystery and wild symbols, and a bonus bet to be purchased separately. Read our article to get a closer look at the content of the game and spin the game for free on our website.

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Game pros and cons:

+ Winning opportunities from Megaways

+ Players get to select the free spins rounds

+ Bonus bet to buy the free spins package you want

– High volatility is not suitable for novice players

Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot RTP % and Volatility

Playing Temple Of Treasure Megways slot can be challenging for a novice player. It contains a great number of special features and symbols, which makes the game very different from the most classic video slot games. In addition, Megaways games always have high variance or volatility, which simply means risky gaming. The game distributes small and medium-sized wins only very rarely, which can cause the player to have to wait several rounds for significant round wins. Blueprint Gaming has set a return rate of 96.46% for the game, which can increase by 97.01% during the selected free spins package.

Theoretically, the Megaways special function is full of profit opportunities, but due to high volatility, or the risk of losing money, the player must be very careful with the bet. Fortunately for the player, slot’s betting level is remarkably low: the lowest round bet is only £0.10 and the maximum bet is £10. The size of the bet does not affect the chances of winning or the number of active pay lines, but the symbol winnings are paid in coefficients that indicate the bet used.

Theme and Layout

The theme of the Temple Of Treasure Megaways slot revolves around the ancient Aztec temple in the middle of the jungle and its riches. The spectacularly animated game screen and reels also resemble another well-known temple-themed coin game: NetEnt’s Gonzos Quest. This time, however, the basic symbols include a God mask and jewel-encrusted gold objects such as a chest, wrist and necklace. A pleasant rhythmic melody plays in the background, creating adventurous excitement in the game.

Symbols On the Reels In Temple of Treasure Slot

Symbolically, the Temple of Treasure Megaways is very rich. There are a total of ten basic symbols, with three different special symbols appearing on the reels: mystery, wild and scatter symbols. Basic symbols appear as small symbols or longer versions on a larger symbol site. The number of symbols that appear on the reels varies from two to seven, depending on the active Megaways pay lines. In addition to the image symbols depicting the treasures of the temple, the card number and letter symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 can be seen on the reels.

Special Symbols Of the Game

There are three special symbols. The Wild symbol is identified directly by the word ‘wild; on top of it. It comes with its regular substitution role meaning it will replace all regular symbols on the reels. Wild doesn’t convert to another special symbol. An almost identical special character is a mystery symbol with an amulet in the game, which turns randomly into a single game symbol at the end of the round, except the scatter symbol. The player’s luck determines whether the converted symbol helps in the winning row or not.

Temple of Treasure: Plenty of Free Spins

The most important special symbol is probably the scatter symbol, which is recognizable by the image of the pyramid and the ‘BONUS’ embroidery. It is the key to free spins, which are at the same time the main feature of the game. With four or more scatter symbols on the reels, the player moves to choose from four different free spins. Each additional scatter symbol won in the basic game, five or six scatters, increases the number of Free Spins won by up to five. Scatter also appears during free spins, when they add 5 or 10 extra spins to the already won spins.

Special Features of the Game

The Megaways function is the basis of the whole game, but the most interesting of the special functions are the free spins rounds. There are a total of four rounds that can be won with four scatter symbols, and their volatility, number of rounds and number of guaranteed minimum winning lines vary from one to the other. In addition, each round has an increased, unlimited payout ratio based on consecutive wins earned in one round, that is, unlimited multiplier. The player can also directly purchase the desired free spins package by paying a Temple bonus bet during the main game, the price of which varies depending on the bet used.

There are four free spins rounds, the first containing 15 rounds and at least 324 Megaways each round (low volatility). The second package offers 10 rounds and at least 2,304 Megaways (medium volatility) and the third package has only 5 rounds, but there are at least 10,000 Megaways (high volatility). The final package is a mystery package, in which case the player has to blindly select the minimum number of rounds and Megaways won from among the three options.

Betting Options and Winning Potential

The Temple Of Treasure Megaways slot uses round cartridges that can be easily selected from the wagering button on the left side of the game screen. There are a total of 10 betting options, starting from £0.10 and rising to £10. The wagering level is therefore very low compared to many other slot games and most of the options are bets of less than £1. The total bet used also changes the price of the bonus bet, which ranges from £10 to £1,000.

To win, a player needs at least three of the same symbols, and the maximum winnings come off with a combination of six of the same symbols. Only the God mask makes an exception, because it gives back the bet already with a combination of two symbols. Special symbols don’t make wins. The maximum symbol gain in the game comes off with 6 masks, multiplying the player’s total bet by 50.

Mobile Version Of the Game

Temple Of Treasure Megaways can be played on all tablets and smartphones. The game uses NYX Gaming’s casino gaming platform, which allows it to be played Mobile on its own full-page browser page. This mode of play offers the best mobile gaming experience possible and allows convenient gaming – even as a free demo version which you can play here on our website. There are no differences between the full version and the mobile game, but the same graphics and game play are also repeated on smaller screens.

Treasure Temple Slot Free

Try Out Similar Slot Games For Free In Demo Mode

Megaways are already familiar to many gamers. Big Time Gaming introduced it for the first time in its own Bonanza slot game in 2016, and also offers it in the form of licenses to other game studios. It is one of the most popular game formats, which has become the equivalent of the 243, 720, and 1,024 ways of winning offered by larger game studios. Blueprint has also used it in the latest Vikings Unleashed Megaways and Big Time Gaming in its White Rabbit Megaways slot.

The ancient Aztecs, seen as the second theme of Temple of Treasure Megaways, are also a much-used idea. The best known probably is the previously mentioned Gonzos Quest, whose popularity has spawned similar-style games such as Microgaming’s Jungle Jim El Dorado. The theme is easy to use in money-winning games because the ancient Mayans and Aztecs were believed to be prosperous.

Summary of Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot

The Temple Of Treasure Megaways slot game, released in early 2019, features a Megaways special feature licensed by Big Time Gaming that provides the basis for good odds of winning.

However, the promised 117,649 pay lines may have to wait longer, as very rarely the number of pay lines in the round increases to a few thousand. Due to the choice of free spins and high volatility, this slot can be considered one of the best Megaways slots, supported by a return rate of 96.46%. So this is a game that you should definitely try. It offers great entertainment, especially for a slightly more experienced casino player who is perhaps a little tired of traditional slot games.

Treasure temple slot free slots

Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot (Blueprint)

The megaways system is increasingly becoming crowded, but this has not stopped developers like Blueprint from coming up with great titles based on this concept.

Their latest megaways release is titled Temple of Treasure; a slot that uses Aztec as its theme.

I love trying out the megaways slots, and after severally playing the Temple of Treasure megaways, I’m here to share my experience with you:

Game Set-Up

The slot has a game area that provides you with 6 reels and up to117, 649 megaways.

Temple of Treasure uses a number of features that include mystery symbols, unlimited multipliers, free spins, as well as guaranteed megaways options.

Betting and Prizes

Regardless of the number of megaways that are available, you will get the opportunity to select a bet value. The least that you can spend per spin is $0.20, while the highest is $100 in a single spin.

For the prizes, Temple of Treasure offers a jackpot of 10,000 xs, however, this is capped at $250,000.

The RTP of 96.46% that Blueprint has offered for this slot comes in handy when you want to tame its high volatility. Additionally, the developer allows the adjustment of the RTP to as much as 96.85% if using a Bonus Bet option.

Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot Features

Temple of Treasure relies on the Megaways system, and winning combinations can be formed with the help of ways to win.

The reels can get anywhere between 2 and 7 symbols each, considering that this slot has 6 reels; as many as 117,649 Megaways are possible.

This slot has massive potential, and the least number of ways to win that you can get is 64 Megaways for 6 reels.

Temple of Treasure Megaways uses the cascading wins. This means that winning symbols will be removed and replaced with new ones. It can even help you get paid again.

Free Spins are always welcome, and on this slot, you will gain access to them by acquiring four bonus scatters. The best part about the free spins is the fact that they will be accompanied by a guaranteed minimum number of ways to win.

Depending on which version you select, you can get15 free spins (+324 Megaways), 10 free spins (+2,304 Megaways), or 5 free spins (+10,000 Megaways).

Cleopatra Slot Free

The other feature is the Mystery choice, and it’s a random symbol. It works by randomizing both figures, where the best get 15 spins and up to 10,000+ Megaways.

Theme & Design

Blueprint has chosen a simple Aztec temple design for this slot machine. Luckily, the design that has been used is not outdated.

Most of the Megaways slots that I have come across are rather boring, but Blueprint has done a very good job with the design of this game.

Temple of Treasure uses several symbols that include Royals, temples, gold jewellery, and some statues.


Temple of Treasure is an excellent choice for players who treasure the megaways concept.

Temple Slot Game

Although the payouts are great, the slot has very high volatility which makes it a relatively risky game to play.