Treasures Of The Acropolis Slot Machine

12January 2010

Today they applied a small patch that fixes an issue with the Rogue's 'Poison' skill.

  • In the event the Acropolis Master becomes unavailable for any reason, an election will take place and one of the Acropolis Slaves will be promoted to Master. This can be achieved because Acropolis data is stored in a fully distributed Cassandra database which is protected by the Distributed Storage Fabric.
  • It can substitute all other symbols on online Legend of Zeus slot machine except the Scatter symbol. When Zeus appears, The Artifact Feature is unlocked in your slot. The Acropolis is the scatter symbol of Legend of Zeus and the appearance of 3 or more Acropolis symbols signals the arrival of the Free Spin mode of Legend of Zeus.

A bug caused the effect to disappear when the buff status icon was no longer displayed. This has been fixed, the effect can now remain even if the icon has disappeared.

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Not to forget:The server-side patch added a few routines for data logging to determine the cause of issues that can occur during teleport-attempts.


22 December 2009


  • Lair of the Demon Dragon: Fixed a respawn issue with some of the monsters.
  • Winter Festival
    • Gathering the Magical Stones for the Winter Festival is now working correctly.
    • The Goblin bank robbers have been adjusted in toughness. They hold their ground longer now.
  • A new on/off option for the 'automatic texture detail reduction'-feature has been added. The default setting is 'off'.
  • Malatinas Dungeon (Part 2)
    • The time has been extended from 10 to 15 minutes.
    • The time limits for appearance of the special treasure chests (after round 1 and 2) have been extended by one minute each.
    • Normal treasure chests can now contain Phirius Tokens.
  • Goblin Minigame: When the back-pack is full, a message will appear when the player tries opening a treasure chest. The chest will remain closed until the backpack has a free slot again.
  • When a player in a party is using a High Quality Experience Potion and have killed a monster of a higher level, they now get the correct experience points.
  • Updated several texts and descriptions.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest buff “Tatasha's Prediction” would prevent equipment drops in PK.
  • Fixed the problem that equipment locked with the Equipment Lock could be traded or disenchanted. Also added the message 'Item is password protected' message to appear whenever the attempt is made to trade, disenchant, refining or expand the rune slots of locked equipment.

Acropolis Map

17 December 2009

The patch for today should include the solving of the known issues, and also to add fixes for these issues:

  • Auction House
  • Item Shop
  • Housing Interface
  • Chat

Patch Notes 2.1.5: Gates of the Acropolis
16 December 2009

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  • Elite Instance - Naga Acropolis Zurhidon District
  • Epic Story 3 - Thousand years Tangle
  • Elven class Lv 35, Lv40 Elite Skills
  • Planting System II
  • Warm Winter's Holiday in-game Event


  • Added Snowflake Festival furniture.
  • Added a new auto mechanism to improve client performance in heavily populated areas. The client automatically reduces the texture details when the client's performance decreases.

Changes to Instances and Minigames

  • All Raid-Instances (6+ players) now warrant the effort! All item rewards have been upgraded so they have more and better stats than the items found in group instances (max. 6 players). This should make these instances more appealing.
    • Item now have unique additional attributes. Equipment found there now has additional attributes. Besides raising the basic weapon attack and armor defense values, each raid instance grants a special, unique attribute.
    • In this first step the attributes of the Hall of Survivors and Lair of the Demon Dragon items were greatly enhanced. This change replaces the additional attributes of dropped equipment in the HOS and LODD instances – essentially leading to stronger attributes and better equipment.
  • Changed the item drop rate zone elite boss 'Buriz' (Ravenfell). It will decrease according to the level difference.
  • Changed the skills of Boss 'Will's Curse' of 'Treasure Trove':
  • Removed the 'Curse of the Golden Goblet', which turned the targeted player into a golden goblet.
  • Bloody Gallery: Count Hibara will now respawn every 5 minutes instead of every 2 hours.
  • Ice Dwarf Valley: Ayson will now respawn every 10 minutes instead of every hour.
  • Raised basic stats of 'The Origin' equipment: raised the damage of purple equipment and raised armor defense and magic defense values.
  • Raised stats of 'Cave of the Water Dragon' equipment: raised weapon damage value and armor defense and attributes are now pure yellow.
  • Raised equipment drop rate of 'Count Hibara' in the Bloody Gallery.
  • Raised equipment drop rate of 'Ayson' in the Ice Dwarf Valley of Dragonfang Ridge.
  • Malatina's Dungeon
    • Now players of all levels (up to lv. 55) will find a challenging fight and rewards for their level.
    • There is now better loot to find too:
    • By opening all Treasure Chests and floor tiles, player can get their titles but also find one Arcane Transmutor charge. Players of lv. 40+ may find Repair Hammers (restores durability of items) in one of the treasure chests.
  • Malatina's Dungeon: Course of Terror
    • Added new rewards:
    • Players of lv. 40+ may find Repair Hammers (restores durability of items) in one of the treasure chests.
    • Players of lv. 40+ can find 1-2 Transmutor charges and 1-2 repair hammers in the Special Treasure chest.
  • The Goblin Mines
    • Characters of lv. 45+ have now a chance to loot 1 Repair Hammer (reparing the durability of equiped armour and weapon items) plus 3 Arcane Transmutor charges.

Skill changes

  • The Rogue skill “Blind Spot” could originally only be used with a dagger-type weapon. Now it can be used with other (non-dagger type) weapons.
  • The mana cost of the Warden skill “Savage Power” has been reduced from 150 to 40 mana.
  • A bug with the cooldown timers of the Rogue/Knight Elite Skills “Lion's Protection” (lv. 25) and ”Power of the Lion” (lv. 40) has been fixed. (When using the “Hall of Dead Heroes”-skill before casting the Elite skills could lead to broken cooldown timers)
  • Warden’s rebirth ability: the casting time has been changed from 6sec to 5sec.

Item Changes

  • The item 'Tatus' Necklace' is now not automatically given to player that killed Tatus but randomly to one of the players on his aggro table.
  • Those following items rarity has been increased from lv. 1 to lv. 2. Some attributes were increased from one to two.
    • Swordsman Energy Headscarf
    • Swordsman Sharp Hat
    • Swordsman Hero Helmet
    • Swordsman Battle Helmet
    • Carey's Sword
  • The lv 27 Apprentice Shoulder Armor will not bind on pick-up.

Changes to Quests and Mobs

The Acropolis Museum

  • 'Mammoth King'-quest in Dragonfang Ridge: If Rhys is not killed within 5 minutes after he was summoned, he will now disappear automatically.
  • Windmill Basement, 'Gomio' removed the 'Rebounding Shot' from the skills list. (He used to cast this when his HP were below 1/2.)
  • Enhanced the lvl 35 and lvl 50 'Icebound Guardians' in the Ice Dwarf Kingdom: Their 'Isolation Barrier' buff is now instant.

Changes to the Planting System

  • Planting system: The amount of Green Leaf Dewdrops for any given recipe has been reduced from 3 to 1. This is a reaction to the rarity of Green Leaf Dewdrops.
  • The Planting system NPCs Ayra Glin, Leid Glin, Diya Sega have - after quickly changing into fresh clothes - moved from Varanas Central Plaza to the Lower City West, near the House Maid.
  • The Planting Title Manager Dina Sega has hired some aids and moved to the Crafting Square in Obsidian Stronghold.
  • The Magical Seed Irrigation: The fertilization decrease has been reduced from 30 per hour to 6 per hour.
  • Fixed issues with the planting apprentice quest 'First Time Planting':
    • The quest item 'Magical Seed' no longer grants any planting experience.
    • The NPC gives the player a 'Planting Study Packs' that includes 'Magical Seed'. When abandoning the quest, the player would not receive the Magical Seed again. Instead the player will need to collect items to acquire the “Magical Seed”. The option now remains until the quest is finished.

General Changes

  • It is now possible to gather materials in one go. You don't have to click several times to harvest all of a given resource.
  • Dust Devil Canyon: the 'Thief Boss' is no longer human but humanoid and 'Wattken' is now Undead.
  • The Taborean mail service has set up a new mail box at 'The Distillery' tavern in Aslan Valley.
  • Now the attribute 'Wisdom' increases Magic Resistance.

Fixed Bugs

  • Quest: 'Memories': Fixed an error that players could not talk to Taburen after they defeated Taburen and Lorlin.
  • Fixed planting item bug - Lv 19 plant Wood 'Hard Cotton Seed'. The harvest experience was lower than of other seeds of the same level.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when two players tried mining the same ore.
  • Fixed the quest 'Bringing the Dead Back to Life' in the Ystra Highlands:
    • The 'Fire-eyed Snow Ferret Oil' droprate was increased from 75% to 100%.
    • Due to the quest being repeatable, players no longer gain Experience, TP or gold from this quest.
  • Fixed an error with Grass Tree Seed and Trampled Seed that used to have the same icon. Now Trampled Seed uses a different icon.
  • Fixed a bug with the interface so that players can open the backpack window even with many other windows open.
  • Quest 'Warrant': Fixed an error that solo players who killed Telaskir did not receive their quest item.
  • Quest 'New Moon Camp Hunter'
    • Fixed the bug that the patrolling NPC in New Moon Camp of Aslan Valley, would stop patrolling. Also the random appearance of the Phantasm was changed to a regular schedule.
    • Fixed the problem that Barrett in New Moon Camp of Aslan Valley could die when the Phantasm attacked.
  • Fixed the information of the 'Curse Scroll (Time Extension)' in the second part of Malatina's Game. The original description has been corrected and now reads:'Malatina_Course of Terror game time was changed from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.'
  • The Red-tailed Hook is now not only a pure Off-hand Dagger.
  • Priest Nadansa's story about the priest class has been revised a bit to make it fit the background story.
  • The Treasure-Hunting Thief will call the Bandit Leader when he's nearly defeated. The Bandit Leader will stay for two minutes.
  • Several mounts that could not correctly jump in shallow water-puddles, have now lost their fear of water.
  • Fixed the bug, that when wearing accessory Wings or Feathers while swapping, the accessories would become transparent.
  • The remains of Masso, Gorn, Ordig in Cyclops Lair will all show now when they have been defeated in the same area at the same time.
  • Ystra Highlands, Quest 'Smelly Gatherer': The herbs and white flowers behind Kinger couldn't be picked up. These items have therefore removed from the quest.
  • The quest 'Food Supplies' from Awerka Tundra in Dragonfang Ridge can not be finished without Perilla Oil. Now players that do not own Perilla Oil on their character when accepting the quest, now have the chance to acquire the necessary Perilla Oil.
  • The players are now informed that to finish the daily quest 'Poison Mushrooms' the quests 'Helping Others', 'Wilderness Survival Code', 'Terrifying Paralyzing Mushroom' and 'Spore Grove Resource War' have to be completed.
  • The quest 'Wilderness Survival Code' no longer requires to collect the 'Dark Brown Mushroom'.
  • A possible exploit in The Heart of the Ocean has been fixed.
  • Quests 'Altars in the Lake' and 'Spirit Compass': When both quests are open, it is now possible to finish both quests when clicking the Ancient Altar. If a player already has the Buried Evidence for 'Altars in the Lake', but hasn't gotten the Strength of the Water Spirit required by 'Spirit Compass', they should turn in the item to Audy.

Item Shop changes

  • New service available in the Styling Shop: Body Sculpting.
  • Changed the how the Golden Repair Hammer worked:
    • Now the 20% bonus expires if the durability is reduced to either below 100 or below the item's original durability.

Known Issues

  • Scout skill and elite skill “Lasso”. In PVP, the skill can hit more than one target.
  • The door is not opening after the last boss messenger died in Zuhidon.
  • The Transformation Potion 'Gingerbread Man': After using the potion, the effect will not follow the player and stay there.
  • The Bank robbery event may not run correctly through.
  • Not all quests in the Epic quest line may work as expected.
  • The broadcast for the Winter Event does not work correctly.

They are working on a fix already. They hope to have it ready by tomorrow.

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Treasures Of The Acropolis Slot Machine

Max bet on Plataea is 25 coins per spin which might seem a bit odd considering the game has 50 lines. To make the game more low roller friendly WMS have gone with a 'One coin buys two lines' format.

Treasures Of The Acropolis Slot Machines

The stand out feature on Plataea is the Hot Hot Super Re-Spins. This bonus is triggered with the stacked Shield symbols that appear on all reels. Get four Shields on the first reel and the rest of the reels re-spin three times with any extra Shields of wilds held. Once the re-spins are complete the Shields reveal any symbol except the wilds or Acropolis.

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The wild symbol on Plataea is the Soldiers face. The wild only appears on the last four reels so there is no way to get five wilds. The wild does however come in handy by both making up winning combinations and being held on the re-spins.

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