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Austin, TX

[email protected]





Unity 3D Pro• 2009-Present • 9 years • Expert
C#, Shaders, Editor Scripts, VR/AR, Mecanim, Procedural Geometry, iOS/Android/WebGL deployment, native plugins.
Amazon Web Services
Terminal, GitLab, GitHub
Jetbrains IDE ecosystem
Luxology ModoAdvanced
Modelling, UV, Retopoligizing, Rendering, Baking, Normal Maps.


Apple XCode• 2011-2015 • 4 years • Mid
Objective-C++, CocoaTouch.
Autodesk Maya• 2003-2012 • 9 years
Modelling, UV Layout, Character Animation, Rendering, Baking.
Autodesk 3DS Max• 2002-2007 • 5 years
Modelling, UV layout, Rendering, Baking.
Pixologic Zbrush• 2003-2008 • 5 years
Digital Sculpting, Texture Creation.Unity Slot Machine Github
Mental Ray• 2002-2012 • 10 years
Rendering, Baking.
Google Sketchup• 2005-2010 • 5 years
Architectural Modelling.
Adobe Photoshop• 2000-2012 • 12 years
Image Manipulation, Texture Creation, Compositing.
Unreal 2 Engine• 2003-2005 • 2 years
Valve Source Engine• 2004-2007 • 3 years
Half-Life 1 Engine• 2000-2004 • 4 years
Plastic SCM
Microsoft Visual Studio


Microsoft - Redmond, WA

Unity Github Dots

VR Software Engineer II.August 2019 - Present
Social VR.

Fjord XR - Austin, TX

Senior XR Developer.August 2017 - August 2019
Developing applicatons and systems to support AR and VR in enterprise.

Meta Vision - Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Software Engineer.May 2016 - August 2017
Developed production codebase and contributed core architectural designs for Meta Operating Environment. Prototyped UX for AR applications and contributed components to Meta 2 SDK.

GSN Games - Palo Alto, CA

Full Stack Unity3D Developer.UnityJanuary 2016 - May 2016
Developed backend tools and implemented front end UI in mobile games.

Tap Slots - Las Vegas, NV

Senior Unity3D Developer.June 2015 - December 2015
Implemented internal networking systems in Unity casino game framework. Setup continuous integration pipeline with Jenkins for Unity and asset bundles.

Vizwerks - Portland, OR

Unity3D Developer, iOS Developer, 3D Generalist.November 2010 - June 2015
Developed 3D interactive and iOS applications for enterprise mobile and kiosks.

ICON architecture/planning - Lake Oswego, OR

Visualization Artist.March 2005 - August 2009

Unity 3d Github

Produced final 3D renders of buildings for marketing purposes.

Builder's Media Group - Lake Oswego, OR

Unreal Developer.January 2004 - April 2005
Created interactive presentations for real estate marketing utilizing the Unreal 2 engine.

Selected Projects

In chronological order:

VR Engine Assembler - Unity VR Application - 2018

A prototype built off the XRInteraction library which demonstrates ideal UX for VR training application. Developed all systems in the application, including the XRInteraciton library which it is based off of. Project done through Fjord.

XRInteraction - Unity VR Library - 2018

Architected and developed a library for unity which enables one to create VR applications for any headset and controllers via one unified set of abstractions. Also includes components to setup how the user interacts with objects in complex ways, like using a wrench on a bolt. Also enables the sequencing of those interactions. Library is open sourced under the MIT license and is sponsored by Fjord.

Library on GitHub

VR Terrain System - 2017

Developed a system for VR which procedurally generates 3D terrain meshes off of satellite data streamed from a server. System intelligently caches and recycles generated mesh data allowing the user to zoom in/out of the map and scroll any direction without limitations. System was utilized as a component in VR enterprise applications at Fjord.

Video and images can be shown upon request in person.

Meta Workspace - Operating Environment - 2017

Developed production C# code, CG shaders and created core architectural designs. Project won 'Best Of Show in AR' at Augmented World Expo 2017.

Hit play to watch video.

GSN Grand Casino - Unity Android/iOS Game - 2016

Implemented server side admin tools with Angular2 Typescript and Java Spring for Unity3D casino game. Implemented user facing UI for slot machines in Unity. Done at GSN Games in Palo Alto.

Google Play Store

Slots Of Fame - Unity Android/iOS Game - 2015

Implemented internal systems related to build automation, asset bundles, user acquisition and analytics. Collaborated with other engineers to finish the MVP release. Done at Tapslots.

Google Play Store

Adidas Gearcase - Unity Interactive Installation - 2014

Transparent LCD screen that could have product placed behind it so you could then overlay video and an interactive UI on top of the product. Developed the user interface in Unity for multiple seasons. User interfaces consisted of multiple HAP encoded videos overlaying each other, and being mixed together, or played in different directions based on user input. Programmed desktop application in Python that ran as a seperate process, which allows a person to automatically update the user interface by plugging a USB stick into the system. Done through Vizwerks.

Hit play to watch video.

Nike Retail Training App - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2014

Developed app in Unity that allows the construction of a retail shelving system, and the merchandise on it, on a multi-touch screen in 3D. A database of 3D items is shown in a menu, each item contains tagging information on where it can and cannot go, and also how it should be folded or hung where it is going. Thus allowing a person to drag any item out into the environment and place it in a manner that is always correct. App was used as a training tool for Nike to teach employees how to properly construct shelving systems. Done through Vizwerks released for internal enterprise use only.

Hit play to watch video.

MTI App - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2014

Developed Unity iPad app to present information about MTI products. App consisted of a 3D interactive store in which the user could navigate around, and go to tables and tap on products to bring up more information. Users could then enter into a product presentation view which presented annotated 3D merchandise. All 3D modelling and baking done in Modo. Products close-ups lit with Marmoset Skyshop. Programmed a server-side system to authenticate the app with passcodes using Python and Django. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

Hit play to watch video.

Adidas Texas AM - Unity Interactive Installation - 2014

Interactive installation in the new Texas AM Football stadium funded by Adidas. Developed the user interface in unity. Programmed system to control the LED lighting through an arduino. Programmed system to utilize an array of Microsoft Kinects to recieve touch data and forward to the user interface. Done through Vizwerks.

partak - Unity iPad Game - 2013

Created modern remake of an old GNU game called 'Liquid Wars' in Unity. Implemented Dijkstra's pathfinding alghorithm optimized with a quadtree and multi-threading, the core game mechanic is built off this pathfinding sytem. Programmed entire game, created all art assets and sounds without any third party packages. Rated 4+ Stars with 3,000 peak MAU. Blog writeup covering technical aspects. - iOS App Store

Hit play to watch video.

L3 Aerospace App - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2013

Developed an Unity iPad app to present a catalog of airplanes in interactive realtime 3D, allowing configuration of different features and provide technical information. Programmed custom GLSL shader to deal with realistic lighting of airplane fuselages. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

Video and images can be shown upon request in person.

Nike Golf iGTM Unity / Cocoatoch Hybrid Enterprise iPad App 2012

Enterprise iPad app used as the central system for distribution of internal documents in NikeGolf Division. Integrated the Unity engine into pre-existing Objective-C CocoaTouch codebase to be used for 3D interactive environments and 3D interactive product brochures. Programmed system on the Unity side of the app to allow all Unity content to be remotely edited and updated from a CMS. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

Interactive Brochures - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2012

Created a workflow to automatically convert extremely dense organic meshes into realistically lit representations that can run at 60 fps on an iPad 2. Programmed novel method of lighting products that rely on blurry reflections and specularity so as to appear like a high-end specularity based product render but can run at a solid 60 fps on an iPad 2. This technique relied on baking down a base diffuse layer of lighting, then baking down the specularity and blurry reflections from a multitude of different angles surrounding the object. Then blending between the different angles of baked specularity as the object rotated on screen. Created interactive brochures of retail products utilizing said techniques for multiple seasons that were released through the NikeGolf iGTM app. Modelled and baked the golf clubs in Modo. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

Hit play to watch video.

VZSpaces - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2012

Developed Unity iPad app to visualize interior office spaces while allowing the changing of color palettes and changing of cubicle layouts. Done through Vizwerks.

Hit play to watch video.

Realtime Retail Stores - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2012

Developed a workflow to allow the realtime rendering of an entire retail store, with all merchandise, and realistically lit, on an iPad 2 at a full 60 fps. Programmed a GLSL shader to make adjusting baked lightmapping levels easier on lowend mobile devices. Created 3D models of stores to be deployed onto an iPad for multiple seasons. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

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NikeGolf Footwear Planner - Unity Enterprise iPad App - 2011

Developed a system to allow users to load in a database of shoes that are synchronized over the web and then place them onto visualizations of different retail shelving units, and forwarded to the internal enterprise ordering system. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

psikart - Unity iPad Game - 2012

Developed futuristic weapons based racing game. No Asset Store packages used. Programmed the artificial intelligence, vehicle controls and weapons system from scratch. Created all 3D artwork and music. Available on App Store. iOS App Store

Hit play to watch video.

Nike Global Retail Brand - Unity / Cocoatouch Hybrid Enterprise iPad App - 2011

Enterprise iPad app used as the central system for distribution of internal documents in Nike Global division. Programmed a system to allow the viewing of panoramic image content, and attaching of info points to the panoramas. Programmed system on the app side to allow panoramic content to be remotely updated from a CMS. Done through Vizwerks and released for internal enterprise use only.

Video can be shown in person.

Private Residence Visualization - 2009

Custom private residence in Oregon. I was commisioned to produce visualizations from CAD floor plans. Modelled in Google Sketchup. Rendered in Maya Mental Ray. Post Processing Eyeon Fusion.

Private Residence Visualization - 2009

Custom private residence on Long Beach in California. I was commisioned to produce visualizations from CAD floor plans. Modelled in Google Sketchup. Rendered in Maya Mental Ray. Post Processing Eyeon Fusion.

Indie Game Models - 2003-2007

Rougly a decade ago I contributed dozens of models and textures to a handful of indie game efforts. This is a video showing a small sampling of work from that period. All content in this video was modelled, textured, rigged and animated myself using Maya and Zbrush. The turntable animations were recorded out of Unity.

Hit play to watch video.

Digital Paintball - Half-Life 1 Engine - 2000-2002

I was lead level designer and texture artist for the Half-Life 1 Modification Digital Paintball. I created dozens of textures and levels that were popular throughout the community for years and played by thousands of people.