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A live casino is one of the proportions of an online casino that resembles a brick and mortar casino in which a dealer presents the cards to the players at their desktops. The first type of Asian Live Casino was a physical casino with slot machines and other casino games in which people would go to gamble.

Apart from gambling, the other reason why people used to go, and are still going to casinos is to enjoy the food, the environment and the sounds of people competing and also the energy from the players.

As time went by, gamers started preferring playing at online casinos which started appearing around 1996. This led to the rise of Malaysia Online Live Casinos. They then became extremely popular since they were more convenient than brick and mortar casinos.

As technology advanced, graphics improved but people needed something more appealing. This is when the live dealer came in. He could deal, pay and communicate with the player via his desktop or laptop.

Since time flies so quickly the current live casinos have a variety of games unlike before where there was one dealer, one table and one game. Some of the common live games include baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

An additional advantage is that you can enjoy yourself with a side game awaiting the live game to start at any live casino in Malaysia. Such factors have made live games to be popular and loved by many gamblers.

Here is a brief description of some of the games offered at

1. Baccarat Game

Online Baccarat Malaysia is a card game in which cards between the players and bankers (dealer) hand are compared. There are three possible outcomes when playing this game. It is either the player or banker has a higher score or there is a tie between both of them.

As you come up with a strategy, players can place a wager on any of the three wagers including the one you lose and the banker wins. As much as playing baccarat relies on chance, having a strategy can save you a great deal.

The game starts with the dealer giving the players face-up cards to the players and himself. The value of the cards is then tallied in which numbered cards cost their value and 10s and face cards with a value of 0 points.

The maximum points in this game are 9 and ace is the one with the lowest score so in case the total value of the cards that you have is above 9 it needs to be subtracted by 10.

Players whose cards have a value of less than 5 have to draw the cards until the outcome is close to 9. Players with an outcome of 6 or 7 will have to stand and leave the winner who has the highest number. You can also be lucky and get a hand that adds up to 8 or 9 which lead to straight-up wins.

2. Roulette Game

Online Roulette Malaysia is another casino game in which players play using a roulette wheel and a table. In this game, players place a wager on a single number, various groups of numbers, odd or even numbers, red or black colors or if the numbers are high or low. High numbers range from 19 to 36 while low numbers range from 1 to 18.

For a winning number to be determined, the croupier who is in this case replaced by the computer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. The ball eventually loses direction and falls in one of the 37 or 38 numbered pockets.A marker is used to point the winning number on the table and the player who had placed a successful bet wins and is paid.

3. Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo is a game with Chinese origin that is played using three dice. It is a fan easy game to play. The first condition is that the dice must be rolled all at once. The player places a wager on the numbers that he speculates will be rolled. This is done by placing chips on the corresponding area of the Sic Bo table.

After bets have been placed the dealer picks, closes and shakes a small chest containing the dice. The dealer then opens the dice and reveals the outcome. Since there are different payouts based on probability, the player whose bet has won is paid. You can place as many bets as you want in this game.

4. Blackjack

For decades now, this game has maintained being a favorite among many casino fans all worldly. The objective of the player in online blackjack Malaysia is to beat the dealer. The first step is players placing their bets before being given the cards by the dealer.

The dealer then distributes two cards to each player and is left with two for him. One of the dealer’s cards is turned face up for the players to see while the other one is turned face down. During this time, you see your cards.

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After knowing your total score it is now the time to stand, hit, split or double to achieve a score closest to 21 without exceeding it and beating the dealer. You must know the respective card values.

5. Dragon and Tiger

Online Casino Malaysia

Dragon and Tiger is a simple gambling game and is basically a two-card version of baccarat. To be precise, two cards are drawn, one to the dragon and the other to the tiger.

Players place their wager on which side will be higher. The hand with the higher card wins and ties lose a half. There are some rules in this game such as any number of decks can be used and cards are ranked as in poker. The only difference in the ranked cards is that aces are always low.

Apart from the bets of the dragon and tiger cards, you can place your bet on other proposition bets available on live casino online Malaysia.

6. Fan Tan

Fan Tan is also known as sevens since it is a card game in which players build on sequences of sevens. This game consists of a deck of 52 cards which are distributed between players in a clockwise direction, one at a time until there are no more cards in the deck.

Some players might receive fewer cards thus they should add an extra chip to repay the advantage. A minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 8 can play this game however 4 to 6 players would be better. You need to learn all the rules and procedures of this game before playing for you to win.

7. Poker Gold slot machine vegas slot.

Online poker Malaysia is a casino game which not only requires gambling experience but also requires some particular skills. There are two types of poker which are, stud poker and draw poker.

In stud poker, the players are given five cards and players assess the value of cards in their hands then place a wager accordingly. The player who bids the most chips then wins.

In draw poker players also have five cards but the rules of playing it are a bit different. The bottom line is that the one with the best hand wins.

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8. Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a form of poker in which you play against the house. It is a relatively new game in the industry since it dates back to the ‘90s. The rules of casino hold’em are similar to those of Texas hold’em it is only that you play against the dealer and not against other players.

This game is the best to play when learning how to play poker thus you should know the basic rules and steps to take. Terms like calling, folding and ante bet are common in this game.

Why Should You Play Live Casino Games?

Many people like playing live games, especially at live casino online Malaysia due to the variety of games offered. Besides, dealers are professional and know how to handle players.

To play live casino in Malaysia, you only need to choose one of the suites from the ones given since each of them has unique features. We have so far received positive feedback from our customers and we are glad that they are enjoying playing at our live casino.

The best thing about playing at is that you do not have to travel for miles to go and play the game live. You only need to have your laptop or desktop and you will play the game at your convenient place.

Additionally, we have various suites thus you can try all of them and establish a favorite one or change according to your preference unlike having one suite. Having one suite can lead to boredom since monotony leads to boredom.

The other thing is that you can communicate with the live dealer or other players in this game. This will give you a great casino experience in Malaysia and saves the time and money you would have spent going to a brick and mortar casino.


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