Which Online Casinos Accept Discover Card

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Online casinos have become more and more popular over the last five to ten years and players all around the world are discovering the thrill of virtual table games. One of the many factors driving new registrations at online casinos has been the increasing ease of using various different types of payment methods to fund accounts.

Best Discover Card Online Casinos

Unfortunately not many online casinos accept Discover but the good news is the below Discover online casinos accept USA players and get USA Discover credit cards approved. Make a deposit to the USA Discover credit card casinos below and get your deposit approved and enjoy playing the best USA online slots for players from all around the world.

In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular options out there: the Discover Card. The Discover Card is one of the most widely used cards online with over 50 million cardholders. We’ll cover everything you need to know about online casinos that take Discover Card from the type of casinos that offer the option to the types of games you can use it to play.

Let’s start with a look at the history of the card itself.

Some Background on Discover Cards

The Discover Card was originally launched by american retail giant Sears back in the 1980s in an attempt to rival perennial payments giants such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express. The card quickly gained popularity, helped in large part by innovations such as having no annual fee and offering “Cashback Bonuses” to its users.

Under pressure from businesses such as Wal-Mart in the late 1980s, Sears eventually divested its interest in the Discover Card but, after passing through ownership by Morgan Stanley along the way, it exists to this day as a popular credit card option for all many of purposes.

What Should You Look For In Online Casinos That Take Discover Card?

When it comes to using your Discover Card in an online casino, there are a number of factors you should be on the lookout for.

The first is that you are looking for an online casino with a solid track record and online reputation. It’s increasingly easy set up an online casino and, while this is generally good news for players, it does mean that you need to exercise some caution in terms of due diligence before you open an account.

You’re looking for an online casino that has been in operation for at least a couple of years, ideally with some sort of verifiable offline presence as well. You’ll also want to see that it has a solid online reputation on gambling forums and in the industry.

The second thing to look out for is a full range of gaming options. Unless you’re specifically looking for a dedicated one-game environment (a poker-only site for example), you want to see that an interesting range of table and non-table games is supported. At a minimum, most online casinos should have full options for blackjack, roulette, poker and slots players.

Last but not least, look out for signup bonuses on offer. The majority of casinos will offer deposit and no-deposit bonuses of varying percentage amounts for new sign-ups. Many will also offer attractive ongoing bonus offers to keep play interesting over the lifetime of your account. Customer support should be the next item on your checklist. When you’re using your Discover Card to fund your account, you want to be certain that you can get quick questions to any account questions you may have at any time of day or night and not be bounced around email queues. Make sure that your online casino offers email, telephone and live chat support options before signing up

What To Watch Out For In Online Casinos That Take Discover Card

Moving on to Discover Card specific options, there are a couple of things you need to be particularly aware of when choosing an online casino.

The first is simply that you’re staying on the right side of the law. The Discover Card is particularly strong in the United States but american online gambling laws are among the strictest in the world.

It’s outside of the scope of this article to go into the various ins and outs of state by state gambling law in America but, as a responsible gambler, you want to be sure you are not flouting any regulatory requirements that may apply if you are resident of or based in American.

The second thing to watch out for are account fees. Be very sure that you’ve thoroughly checked exactly how much of each funding or withdrawal transaction will be lost to processing fees from either the online casino or the Discover Card itself.

Advantages Of Using Discover Card In Online Casinos

With those minor caveats out of the way, let’s move on to the advantages using a Discover Card in online casinos bring.

The first is that you’re dealing with a truly major provider. Discover Card has been in operation for decades and is a reliable, long-term business you can trust. They have admittedly had some ups and downs over the years – a $200 million telemarketing related fine in 2012 for example – but their overall track record as a credit card provider is very strong.

The second major plus point is that Discover Cards typically carry no annual fee. The card was one of the first operators to offer this though the option is more commonplace these days.

Discover also offer various levels of reward programs which may entice many users. These range from 5% to 20% cashback bonuses at selected online retailers to special deals and “Refer a Friend” bonuses. Prepaid Discover Cards and Gift Cards are also available.

How To Sign Up To A Discover Card

Discover Cards are one of the Big 4 credit card providers and fuelled approximately $129 billion in payments in 2014.

Registration for a Discover Card can be carried out either directly online or through partner providers such as Walmart or the NFL. As with any other credit card provider, you’ll want to review the Terms and Conditions on offer closely before signing up to any particular deals and also consider the credit rating implications

Alternative Online Casino Account Funding Methods

Discover Cards are of course not the only option available for funding your online casino account. Let’s have a quick look at other popular options available to you:

  • Visa: As one of the most popular credit cards in the world, Visa arrives with a bulletproof record of reliability and security and is accepted by the vast majority of online casinos.
  • Mastercard: The other half of the Big Two, Mastercard is accepted globally, available via a vast range of partner providers and another popular option for casino players across the globe.
  • Amex: American Express may not quite have the reputation these days that it once enjoyed but it’s still one of the payment methods of choice for high-rollers across the globe. Their extra offers for members are also legendary.
  • Paypal: The ubiquity of Paypal online means it’s very much worth having an account set up in the background, even if it’s not your primary casino funding methods. The majority of casinos are happy to accept Paypal and the speed of funds transfer makes it an attractive option for gamblers.
Which online casinos accept discover card balance

Games On Offer In Casinos That Take Discover Card

Which Online Casinos Accept Discover Cards

What about the actual games on offer when it comes to using your Discover Card to play in online casinos? Here’s a quick list of the main candidates:

  • Poker: Poker is the dominant online casino game for a very good reason – it’s hard to beat its unique combination of strategy, skill and global player pool. You can expect to find a huge range of pot sizes on offer and a mixture of live dealer and automated play.
  • Roulette: The cinematic appeal of roulette has long lent it a unique glamour in casinos offline and much of that kinetic excitement can now also be savoured online thanks to a new breed of 3d titles from software manufacturers such as Betsoft and Microgaming.
  • Blackjack: Blackjack appeals to savvy gamblers with a head for maths who like to pit their wits against the house and other players. You’ll find a full range of blackjack games online with one, two and four decks with either live dealers or automated play.
  • Slots: Slot machines are a great way of unwinding with a little low-stakes fun. The latest generation of online slots titles have considerably upped the entertainment factor with immersive storylines and innovate gameplay.

Finding online casinos that accept Discover Card is your passport to a world of entertaining and potentially lucrative virtual action. The card itself is a rock-solid payment provider and accepted at many casinos online. Use it today to sign up for a new account and good luck out there on the tables!

Check Out Our List Of The Best Discover Card Online Casinos!

If you are sick and tired of getting your favorite credit card declined at online casinos and you don't have other online casino deposit options to use, then you need to find online casinos that accept prepaid credit or debit cards. Prepaid credit cards are very similar to credit cards except that the credit card’s limit is determined by how much cash is loaded onto the card ahead of time. Otherwise, everything about a prepaid credit card is the same as using a credit or debit card. Your prepaid credit card can be used to deposit into any online casinos that accept the brand of the prepaid card, and you make purchases by entering the card number at an online vendor or swiping the card on a credit card machine.

How to Get a Prepaid Credit Card That Works at Online Casinos

Buy the Prepaid Credit Card Straight From The Casino - Getting a prepaid credit card is easy, and requires a lot less hassle than applying for and getting a traditional credit card. Prepaid credit cards are issued by traditional credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions. Finding prepaid credit cards is also easy since almost every online casino has a prepaid credit card that their players can buy straight from the casino website. Just log into the cashier and click on the prepaid card option and they will have one that you can buy. The prepaid cards you buy from the company they recommend are guaranteed to work and you can buy them with any credit card just about.

Of course, they can also be found on sale at drug stores, grocery stores, and other retailers. Often these stores have a selection of different cards, each with their own features. Some prepaid credit cards come with a set amount of money loaded onto the card, and others allow you to add money on your own. Getting a prepaid credit card is as easy as picking the card you want and buying it. The salesperson will activate the card at the time of purchase; once the card is activated, you’re ready to use your prepaid credit card. The problem is that many online casinos will not accept these cards and it is completely hit or miss.

See our Vanilla Visa Casinos page for a list of casinos that use this fast growing prepaid card.

Advantages of Depositing with Prepaid Credit Cards at Online Casinos

Online Casinos Accepting Discover Card

Top Online CasinosUSA?Bonus
Lucky Red CasinoYes400%
Slots.lv CasinoYes400%
Club USA CasinoYes100%

Making a prepaid card deposit to any of the top online casinos that accept prepaid cards comes with all the benefits of other credit cards: your deposits will almost always take place instantly, meaning you’ll have immediate access to your deposit. At some online casinos, depositing with a prepaid credit card can earn you an additional bonus. Another benefit of depositing with a prepaid credit card is that you can easily manage your online gambling spending because the cards are limited in terms of how much you can deposit at a given time.

Disadvantages of Depositing with Prepaid Credit Cards at Online Casinos

A big disadvantage that comes with using prepaid credit cards for your online casino wallet is the fees associated with it. Depending on the site, the fees may be higher or lower, however, like any other payment method online casinos will charge you a processing fee. Therefore, on top of paying for the prepaid card, it is important to also note the additional processing fees you will have to account for.

Can USA Players Deposit Into Casinos with Prepaid Credit Cards?

As of this writing, the answer to this question is unclear. Some online gamblers in the USA report having no trouble using prepaid credit cards to deposit to their online casino player account, while others say their transactions involving online gaming sites and prepaid credit cards are consistently rejected. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. The only way to know if you’ll be allowed to deposit to your online casino account with a prepaid credit card is to give it a try. Generally, if one of our casino reviews says that they accept the brand on the front of your prepaid card, you should be able to make a deposit, even if you live in the USA.

Best Casinos With Prepaid Credit Cards

All of the online casinos that we have on our list below will have a prepaid credit card of their own that they use and suggest. This company is never owned by the casino but is always a trusted company that is secure and will keep your information safe. Some online casinos will even offer the chance to buy ones that you have heard of like Greendot or MST Gift Cards. Here are two of our favorite casinos taking prepaid credit and debit cards as well as a list of all casinos with prepaid cards.

Lucky Red Casino

400% Casino Bonus To $4,000

Lucky Red Casino accepts deposits with prepaid credit cards, and thanks to a wide range of bonus and promotional offers, from time to time; you can earn a special credit card deposit bonus when you deposit cash to your Lucky Red Casino account using a prepaid credit card.

The cards that are accepted at Lucky Red are Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards. These will be easy to tell by the logo of each company on them. There will be a designated amount, but the transfer of funds takes place just like any credit card action would. Players simply input the number and other information required, and the deposit is made instantly. Lucky Red account holders will be able to bet within seconds.


Consistently Rated Among Best Casinos Taking Prepaid Cards

Among the several types of deposit options that are offered at Slots.lv, one of the most popular of is their prepaid card option. To utilize this method, the card will need to have a Visa logo, as Slots.lv accepts many different kinds of Visa cards.

Which Online Casinos Accept Discover Card Balance

The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete, and unlike some other deposit methods, there is no waiting period for a Visa prepaid card deposit to go through. The approval and transfer should only take seconds, and then the world of Slots.lv Casino games are open to you, whether it's slots, table games or more.

Club World Casino

100% Casino Bonus To $777

Club World Casino is another one of the top online casinos that accept prepaid cards. Real Time Gaming software makes Club World Casino a popular place to play casino games, and the ability to deposit with prepaid credit cards (and occasional bonuses for players who use credit cards to make deposits) makes Club World Casino an ideal gaming spot for gamblers.

Lucky penguin slot machine. In fact, if you just go to the cashier and click on prepaid credit card, they will send you to the one that they use the most often and one they know will work. Club World Casino truly cares about their players and that is made clear immediately.

USA?Prepaid Credit Card Casinos1st Deposit BonusSoftwareVisit Casino
500% Up To $5000RTGVisit Casino
100% Up to $500RTGVisit Casino
100% Up to $500 (10x)RTGVisit Casino
400% Up to $4KRTGVisit Casino
100% Up to $777RTGVisit Casino
100% Up to $747 (2x)RTGVisit Casino
200% Up to $2,000RTGVisit Casino
100% Up to $787RTGVisit Casino
200% Up to $2,000RTGVisit Casino
100% Up to $747NuworksVisit Casino
USA?Prepaid Credit Card Sportsbooks1st Deposit BonusVisit Sportsbook
25% Bonus To $1,000Visit Sportsbook
50% Bonus To $500Visit Sportsbook
50% Bonus To $250Visit Sportsbook
25% Bonus To $500Visit Sportsbook

FAQ's About Using Prepaid Credit Cards At Online Casinos

Because prepaid credit cards are loaded with funds by the owner, and not actually tied to any bank account or another funding source, you cannot make withdrawals from your online casino account back to your prepaid credit card.

Using a prepaid credit card is as safe as using any other credit card product. If you choose an online casino with a good reputation, you’ll have that casino’s customer service department and your prepaid card company’s customer service department to help you should you have any concerns about using the product.

The answer to this question depends on the online casino you choose. Some online casinos charge extra fees for prepaid card deposits and some don’t. Check with the casino before you make your deposit to find out.