Hd Flexo Printing Slotting Machine

  • Mark & model: GSYKM405/290 high speed automatic flexo printing slotting and rotary die-cutting machine, transmission gear is made of polished 40Cr alloy steel and being processed by thermal treatment.
  • Origin: Asia and Pacific Area China.
  • Quality standard: International.
  • Submit date: 2013-05-03.
  • H.S. Classification: Machinery & Electronics Machinery for Printing, Textile Machines 8441 Machinery for making up paper pulp, paper or paperboard nesoi (incl. cutters) & parts thereof.

Product profile: flexo printing slotting and rotary die cutting machine

Classification: Machinery & Electronics Machinery for Printing, Textile Machines 8441 Machinery for making up paper pulp, paper or paperboard nesoi (incl. Cutters) & parts thereof. Product profile: flexo printing slotting and rotary die cutting machine. Functions and characteristics: To the place to go to the lavatory reliably.

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Functions and characteristics:

  • To the place to go to the lavatory reliably.
  • All drive rollers are high grade steel, plate with the hard chromium, abrade outside.
  • Drive gear adopt 40 Cr high grade alloy steel to grind the day afer tomorrow but becomes, and goes through 50 degree of heat treatment Rockwell hardness greater than.
  • Rectifies machine every electric part for, pneumatic aircraft crew locking, pneumatic general locking, sustained bang bell warning, ensures operation personnel safety when going on foot.
  • Equipment gets it in gear and stops pointing out that be unlike a tinkle of bells occasionally.
  • Lead plane both hands starts a button, ensures that handling person safety.
  • In front, middle and the end, the queen mixes equipment respectively have stopping a switch very urgently.

equipment electrifies, awaits the opportune moment to have guiding lights to instruct (three-colour guiding lights of LED) respectively, when moving round, abnormally. Every element inner sets up a complete machine stopping a switch urgently, may stop electric displacement of aircraft crew in the inside, ensures that inside operation personnel safety (gives exegesis or explanation: Every aircraft crew moves that machine being drug moving by paper feed group).

Flexographic Printing Machine Manufacturers

The complete machine electrical equipment adopt the famous brand of international, the complete machine zero without exception, wipe printing plate memory and the in advance be placed in function, printing, eager model phase zero, exchange and adjust accurate, adjusting a function to place frequency conversion, makes phase adjustment time contraction and accuracy height print, the model cuts.

Technological parameter:
Data1200 × 20001200 × 22001200 × 2400
Max. mechanic speed (pcs/min)120120120
Max. feeding size (mm)1200 × 22001200 × 24001200 × 2600
Min. feeding size (mm)320 × 650320 × 650320 × 650
Min. slotting sizeSlotting
type R.(mm)
160 × 160 × 160 × 160160 × 160 × 160 × 160160 × 160 × 160 × 160
Slotting type L.(mm)260 × 80 × 260 × 80260 × 80 × 260 × 80260 × 80 × 260 × 80
ax.slot depth (mm)320320320
Max.thickness of board (mm)121212
Max.printing area (mm)1150 × 20001150 × 22001150 × 2400
Thickness of printing plate (mm)

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High Speed Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

  • Business contract can be saved in computer system; can be quickly changed, and easy for operation(on separate PC platform).
  • Additional computerized remote maintenance; which can quickly resolve equipment fault, improve repairing efficiency, and lower maintenance cost.
  • All driving rolls are made of high quality steel, galvanized with hard chromium, with surface grinded.
  • All driving gears are made of grinded high quality steel, Rockwell hardness > 60 after heat treatment.
  • Units of the machine can split either in auto or individual; bell rings during movement, ensure safety for operators.
  • Scram(E-stop) button is arranged for each unit, which can stop movements and ensure personal safety of operators in that units.
  • Lubricant auto balancing device, is enable to keep engine oil of each unit in a same level.
Hd flexo printing slotting machinesSlotting
  • Continuous feeding or skip feeding (with counter) are available.
  • Lead-edge feeding with larger suction flow volume; enable paper feeding more smooth and
  • Vacuum air and pressure is controlled by inverter, to fit various paper size.
  • Feeding stroke is adjustable, reduce tension on paper feeding rubber roll.
  • De-dusting unit, brush and blower can remove debris from paper.
  • Manual gap and pressure adjustment
  • Position of left and right paper guard, is adjusted by computer and numeric control.
  • Rear paper rack is electric controlled, setting speed is fast.
  • Interlock for main motor protection(machine is not lock in, motor cannot start running).
  • Locking device at both left and right for reeled plate mounting, provide an accurate plate alignment.
  • Pneumatic clutch is provided for anilox roll, while unit is engaged in printing, the speed will be synchronized with main machine; while not engaged in printing, anilox roll can stop running, this may reduce wearing of rubber roll and anilox roll, and no need to be synchronized with main motor during cleaning.
  • Speed difference is set between rubber anvil roll and anilox roll, therefore rubber anvil roll can provide function as doctor blade.
  • Printing registration, is adjusted by computer and numeric control.
  • Traverse registration, is adjusted by computer and numeric control, at range of ±10mm.
  • Roller gap and pressure adjustment are done manually.
  • Electromagnetic clutch is applied to braking mechanic for positioning of printing registration.
  • Auto switch cleaning device, more water ink is recycled.
  • Auto system recovery after cleaning printing plate.
  • Water and ink saving function, changing ink color or cleaning of each unit every time can save water and ink 0.4-0.5 kg.
  • Double slotting knives in single shaft, carton height adjustment is achieved by internal gearing mechanic, therefore lubricant will not smear carton easily.
  • First row of creaser wheel can guarantee that carton will not crushed after pre-creasing.
  • Traverse moving mechanic of slotting knife, with screw and linear guide sleeve cooperated,
    movement shall be more agile and accurate.
  • Upper and lower knife seat is connected with coupler, knives are aligned, which ensures a long service life.
  • Slotting registration and carton height, is adjusted by computer and numeric control.
  • Traverse movement of pre-creasing wheel, creaser wheel, slotting knife base, is adjusted by
    computer and numeric control.
  • Gap between slotting knife shafts, is adjusted by electrical device.
  • Gap and pressure adjustment are done manually.
  • Anti-crash device is equipped in slotting knife equipment for carton height adjustment, which
    protects the machine.
  • Elastic edge trimming mechanic, is capable of cutting three-layer, five-layer carton without
    adjustment, easy for operation.
  • Mechanical commutation gear of rubber anvil roll is 50mm movement.
  • Slotting registration, is adjusted by computer and numeric control
  • Traverse registration, is adjusted by computer and numeric control, in a range of ±10mm.
  • Gap and pressure adjustment are done manually.
  • Self-lock is applied for transfer roll adjustment.
  • Separate motor driving is applied for compensation of rubber anvil roll, which controls speed of rubber anvil roll, range of compensation is ±3mm.
  • Rubber anvil roll trimming mechanic, keeps the rubber anvil a smooth surface.

Flexo Press Machines

Max design speed250200220200180160140
Max feeding size900×2000900×24001200×20001200×24001350×24001600×24001600×2800
Min. feeding size320×600320×600380×600380×600420×600450×600450×600
Max printing area900×2000900×24001200×20001200×24001320×24001600×24001600×2800
Skip feeding1200×20001200×24001500×20001500×24001700×24001900×24001900×2800
Min. Slotting Distance (Forward Knife)150x150x150x150160x160x160x160160x160x160x160160x160x160x160160x160x160x160160x160x160x160160x160x160x160
Min. Slotting Distance (Reverse Knife)260x60x260x60260x60x260x60260x60x260x60260x60x260x60260x60x260x60260x60x260x60260x60x260x60