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Feb 26, 2017 On the 31st March 2017 software developer Playtech will be discontinuing all of their Marvel branded slot games. That means that titles themed around the company’s comic books, films and superhero characters will be removed from all online casino sites. From the 1st April, punters who currently enjoy playing Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men or.

By Brodey Sheppard - November 30, 2016

When you’re playing online slots for real cash, of course, you would want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. When we play online and encounter dry spells, we can’t help but think that the game has been rigged. Slot machine candy dispenser uk. So, does this actually happen in online slots? How can you ensure that you are playing in a fair and secure online casino? Well, we’ve researched all the qualities that make a game or an operator fair to make sure that you get the most out of your money when you’re playing slots online.

Regulated Online Casinos are Guaranteed to be Fair

The sad reality about online slots is the fact that there can be sites and games that are rigged. Like we always say, not all slots sites are made the same. So, when choosing a site to play at, the first thing you have to consider is if the site offers a secure and fair gaming environment. The best way to ensure this is by checking whether a site holds an operating license and if it is registered under a regulatory board. Before these sites acquire their license, they have to go through rigorous testing procedures. Their software and games are tested to be secure and fair. The following are the gaming authorities recognised by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR):

Is Online Casino Software Rigged

Is Online Casino Software Rigged For Real

  • Curaçao: Curaçao Gaming Control Board
  • Alderney: Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • France: Autorite de Regulation Des Jeux en Ligne (ARJEL)
  • Gibraltar: Government of Gibraltar, Gaming Division
  • Isle of Man: Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Italy: Agenzia Delle Dogane e Dei Monopoli (formerly AAMS)
  • Malta: Malta Gaming Authority
  • United Kingdom: Gambling Commission

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Is Online Casino Software Rigged Games

Traditional Slot Machines Vs. Online Video Slots

Slot machines were initially used in brick-in-mortar casinos as an alternative game for casual players since they did not need much strategy or skill. All they have to do is pull a lever and they can start playing. Traditional slot machines in land-based casinos are composed of an elaborate configuration of levers and gears. There is a metal shaft which works as the central element and support of the reels. The reels move, thanks to the shaft which is connected to a handle mechanism. The reels stop spinning through the braking system. Sensors then communicate the results to the payout system. It is common knowledge that every pull of the handle keeps the reel combinations random and fair.

When video slots were created, they were designed to resemble traditional slots. However, there’s a different process working inside these games to make the combinations random. Video slots in brick and mortar casinos use micro-chips that are designed to use software which carry a random number generator (RNG). Whether you’re playing in a land-based casino or an online casino, you can rest assured that the RNG will give you a fair chance at landing a winning combination.

Online Slot Machines with Random Number Generators (RNGs)

Is Online Casino Software Rigged Game

If you want to know how online slot machines work, you must learn about Random Number Generators (RNGs). Online slot games that have been tested for fairness use an algorithmic computer system also known as RNGs. This system ensures that the player will only encounter a fair outcome when playing online. Moreover, RNGs also ensure that all players have equal chances of winning. Whenever a player clicks the Spin button, the system provides a random set of “numbers” which are then translated into the results on the screen. Is slot machine in neighborhood allowed.

How do RNGs Work?

As soon as you click the Spin button, the RNG starts working, spitting out random numbers. The system takes a starting number – also referred to as the ‘seed number’ – and then utilises a complicated algorithmic system to calculate a random number based on it. The new number then becomes the seed number, and the same algorithm churns out a new number. This process repeats over and over and there is no way to predict the number that will come up next. Now, it is important to mention that these numbers can be huge. In the industry, the typical RNGs work with random numbers that have over 200,000 digits! There are countless possible outcomes, making it virtually impossible to predict.

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However, this system can be flawed. If a player has knowledge of the seed number, they can beat the system. It is worth noting that these numbers are kept secure by gaming software companies. On the other hand, there is still a possibility for an online casino to use a software to rig the numbers in their favour. That is why it is highly important that you only play on sites that use third party auditing services. As we all know, RNGs of online slots can only be as fair as the business that operates them. Make sure that you look for indications that the site has passed third-party testing and auditing. Check whether the site has an e-Commerce and Online Gaming Registration and Assurance (eCOGRA) seal. This organisation provide independent reviews of online casinos to ensure that players know about their level of reliability and fairness.

eCOGRA offers three types of seals:

  • Safe and Fair Seal
  • Certified Software Seal
  • Affiliate Trust Seal

Is Online Casino Software Rigged Games

Aside from the aforementioned seals, eCOGRA also provides three supplementary reports such as the Percentage Payout Report, a Randomness Review delivered by an independent auditor and the Certification of a Live Dealer. If you find an online slots site that has acquired any of the three seals mentioned above, you can rest assured that the operator follows fair gaming standards. Consequently, you will know that they will not, in any way, rig their featured slot machine games.