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First of all I would like to thank you for reading my post and allowing me to join your website.I just purchased what appears to me as a Aruze corp slot machine and the front display leds are not working. Credit,chance,bonus count and pay displays.I have done a search and found the reset procedure and tried it a few times but don't think this will solve the problem as these lights are suppose to be light during the reset.I have switched the fuses and it doesn't seem to be the problem and a fast check all the wire connections seem to be good. 2012-11-25 17.21.21.jpg2012-11-25 17.22.43.jpg2012-11-25 17.22.59.jpg2012-11-25 17.21.31.jpg2012-11-25 17.21.54.jpgLooking for any ideas of suggestions that the members here may have to help me get this new toy working.I got this machine from a friend and have seen it work in the past and it seems to have developed this issue after the machine was placed in storage for a year and not powered up. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Pachislo Slot Machine Wiring Diagram Relay

  • New to the forum. Just got a Magic Pulsar Slot Machine and it has an issue where the reels wont stop spinning after you put the coins in and pull the lever. The 3 buttons on the front of the machine do not light up, but if you press them the red indicators on the board inside the machine light up so it looks like it's sending the signal.
  • Ive got a IGT4402 machine that dosent keep the time. When we set the RTC setup, and put the machine in play, all the tickets are printed with the same date and ttime as it dosent move. I have some logic boards for 4402 that have problems. Is there a guide for the different problems when certain lights dont come on of the logic board?

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