Star Trek Timelines Free Crew Slots

Hello guys! Before getting to the Star Trek Timelines, we would like to talk a little bit about the game for those that are not much familiar with it. The developers, are commonly known for their few ultra popular games but from what we are able to see, Star Trek Timelines will most likely beat everything up! /fallout-slot-machine-pommel-horse.html.

As in most of the games, there are currencies in the game that you need to can keep things running. On slot machines what is 175 credits in dollars. In this case – Dilithium!

  1. I would suggest using the disruptor deams fane of thrones / timelines promo offer to get a free monthly card. Then use that free dilithium to purchase the 4th shuttle AND extra crew slots. I played free to play for months and saved all my dilithium for a few extra slots and my 3rd shuttle.
  2. Star Trek Timelines and cheats features. The Star Trek Timelines on our website is the most recent one. Here you have the listed features: Free Merits: Generate as much Merits as you need; Free Dilithium: Limited but huge amount to generate available; No charge: It is free to use without any hidden costs.

Upgrading, purchasing premium and buying Merits are some of the stuff you can do with the Dilithium. But there is one problem… It is pretty hard to get Dilithium by normally playing. That is why you should either pay from in-game (to support them) or you have to use virus-free and ban free hack (exploit). Or use cheats to generate some of the Dilithium and Merits.

Star Trek Timelines Crew Slot Sale Wild Worlds by NetEnt. Prize pool: 70% deposit match. February 8, 2019. Over 450 Casino Games; No Wagering on Free Spins; Mobile Casino; What is a free spins bonus? Tool for organizing your crew in Star Trek Timelines - iamtosk/StarTrekTimelinesSpreadsheet. Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository. Star Trek Timelines is one of those mobile games that can be sped up with real currency, but that can also be played at a competitive level without spending a dime. In other words, if you want to have fun with Star Trek characters and themes, but aren’t willing to crack open your piggy bank for it, you most definitely can.

Finding a working Star Trek Timelines is not quite easy as there are tons of fake ones around the web. It is essential for you to check what we have to offer before going elsewhere.

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Star Trek Timelines Free Crew Slots Free

Most of players might be curious to know about the actual working tactics of this Star Trek Timelines Hack tool. This software program actually decodes the game encrypted programming code and then generates the large amount of Dilithium or Merits as per your demand. You must have searched online about it and there is no doubt to say that currently millions of developers have uploaded their hack tools online.

Most of these are paid and others demand download so definitely they are not good for a real gamer. When you are able to get free Dilithium and Merits etc even without downloading any heavy file on your system so it is definitely good option. And the best part is that this online, free Dilithium generator tool works perfectly on android as well as iOS platform.

It is a universal tool so you need not to worry about your access. Many intelligent programmers have worked hard to develop this hack tool by using php, python and Dilithium like languages. They first developed a highly sophisticated code and then worked hard to update it day by day with wide set of features. The hack tools also always stays updated . Let me tell you’re the secret: you will definitely be able to cheat with high safety and with 99.9% guarantee.

Star trek timelines ship crew

Star Trek Timelines and cheats features

The Star Trek Timelines on our website is the most recent one. Here you have the listed features:

Star Trek Timelines Crew Chart

  • Free Merits: Generate as much Merits as you need
  • Free Dilithium: Limited but huge amount to generate available
  • No charge: It is free to use without any hidden costs
  • No download: The hack for Star Trek Timelines is online and you don’t need to download anything.
  • Safe and secured: Because it is online and self-explanatory, no viruses or problems can appear.
  • Instant results: Due to the algorithm, the outcome will be seen in matter of seconds


If you think that you will be able to generate unlimited amount of free Dilithium and Merits – you are lying to yourself. Like first, if you want to achieve something like that, then you have to do it no more than one time. Why? Bringing attention to your account will probably lead to stop the method from working. To an addition, no android gamer will be ever able to use this tool again. So because of that, most of the Star Trek Timeliness have limited usages per one account.

We hope that we cleared some things for you so you can better understand the game.
Thanks for reading, and have fun using the Star Trek Timelines tool!

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Star Trek Timelines Free Crew Slots

Disruptor Beam had a long history turning the world’s greatest entertainment brands into hugely successful games loved by highly connected customers. Since 2011, we have published three critically acclaimed titles — GAME OF THRONES ASCENT, STAR TREK TIMELINES, and THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR. During that journey, we learned what works and doesn’t work in game development.

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STAR TREK TIMELINES, is truly immersive free-to-play mobile game featuring hundreds of characters, stunning 3D ship battles, and an immense galaxy to explore. We sold the game to Tilting Point in February 2020. They continue to operate and grow the game, and Disruptor Engine provides the backend tools and technology for it to operate and scale.

Star Trek Timelines Crew Guide

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Star Trek Timelines Ship Crew

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Our award-winning first title, GAME OF THRONES ASCENT, concluded on January 3, 2019 after nearly six years. Players pledged themselves to the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, or others as they built their own great house, formed Alliances to wage war against other players, and enjoyed a 360-degree experience of HBO’s Game of Thrones through regular content updates.

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